Documents Relating to the Priory of Penwortham: And Other Possessions in Lancashire of the Abbey of Evesham, Volume 30

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Chetham Society, 1853 - Church lands - 136 pages

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Page li - What but this, The universal instinct of repose, The longing for confirmed tranquillity, Inward and outward ; humble, yet sublime : The life where hope and memory are as one ; Earth quiet and unchanged ; the human soul Consistent in self-rule ; and heaven revealed To meditation in that quietness...
Page xxv - Edward's time, what the present value, and how much each free-man or soch-man had or has. All this was to be triply estimated : first, as the estate was held in the time of the Confessor; then, as it was bestowed by King William ; and thirdly, as its value stood at the formation of the Survey. The jurors were moreover to state whether any advance could be made in the value.
Page 121 - Anglie debito modo factas et sigillatas absque fine seu feodo magno vel parvo nobis in hanaperio nostro seu alibi ad usum nostrum proinde quoquomodo reddendo solvendo vel faciendo.
Page 40 - ... imperpetuum statuto de terris et tenementis ad manum mortuam non ponendis edito non obstante, (fol.
Page 6 - Christi fidelibus rationabiliter vobis indultas, sicut eas iuste ac pacifice obtinetis, vobis et per vos eidem monasterio auctoritate apostolica confirmamus et presentis scripti patrocinio communimus. Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat hanc paginam nostre confirmationis infringere vel ei ausu temerario contraire. Si quis autem hoc attemptare presumpserit, indignationem omnipotentis dei et beatorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum eius se noverit incursurum. Datum apud Vrbemueterem V.
Page 125 - Salutem. Sciatis quod nos de gratia nostra speciali, ac ex certa scientia et mero motu nostris dedimus et concessimus, ac per presentes pro nobis Hseredibus et Successoribus nostris, damus et concedimus Dilecto nobis in Christo Johanni Worthingtou Clerico Sacrae Theologiae Professor!
Page 127 - ante hac habentes vel possidentes, aut seziti inde eadem aut aliquam inde parcellam unquam habuerunt, tenuerunt, vel gavisi fuerunt, habuit, tenuit, vel gavisus fuit, seu habere, tenere, vel gaudere debuerunt aut debuit. Et adeo plene libere et integre, ac in tam amplis modo et forma prout ea omnia et singula ad manus...
Page 138 - Westminster, The Marquis of Wheeler, Benjamin, Exchange Arcade, Manchester Whitaker, Rev. Robert Nowell, MA, Vicar of Whalley Whitehead, James, MD, Manchester Whitelegg, Rev. William, MA, Hulme, near Manchester Whitmore, Edward, Jun., Manchester Wilkinson, Eason Matthew, MD, Manchester Wilson, Rev.
Page xxv - ... how many cotarii, how many servi, what free-men, how many tenants in socage, what quantity of wood, how much meadow and pasture, what mills and fish-ponds, how much added or taken away, what the gross value in King Edward's time, what the present value, and how much each free-man or soc-man had or has.
Page xliv - obtained from him a place called Haum, where the blessed " and eternal Virgin had first appeared to a shepherd named " Eoves. Afterwards she appeared likewise to me in the " same place, with two virgins attending her, and holding a " book in her hand. I set, therefore, immediately to work " and clearing the place from thorns and brambles, by the "blessing of the great God (praised be His Name), brought " my design to its deserved accomplishment.