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Annual Report


Chief Engineer 9 Fire Department.





CITY OF ALLEGHENY, December 31, 1882.

To the Honorable the Select and Common Councils of the City

of Allegheny : GENTLEMEN :-In conformity with the requirements of the City Ordinance prescribing the duties of this office, I have the honor to submit for your information and consideration the following report of the operations and condition of the Department under my jurisdiction for the year ending December 31st, 1882:

In the tabular statement accompanying this report will be found a record of all the fires and alarms that have occurred in the City since the first day of January last, the losses and insurance thereon, together with the cause of such fires, as far as the same has been ascertained ; and other matters of general information pertaining to fires, are shown as fully as I thought would be desirable.


The expenditures for the year have aggregated the sum of $59,938.81, apportioned among the different companies as follows:

Hope Engine Company, No. 1, .

$11,896 02 General Grant Engine Company, No. 2,

7,739 49 Friendship Engine Company, No. 3,

7,555 29 Good Will Engine Company, No. 4,

6,534 39 Lincoln Engine Company, No. 5, .

5,535 22 Columbia Engine, Hook and Ladder Company, No. 6,. 9,739 26 Ellsworth Hose Company, No. 7,.

3,680 97 Allegheny Hose Company, No. 8,

2,778 45 Fire Alarm Telegraph,.

671 55 General Department,

3,808 17 Total,

.$59,938 81

Of the above amount $4,500 was expended for a new engine, leaving $55,438.81 as the actual expenses of the Department.

For further information concerning the expenses of the Department I would call your attention to the tabular statement appended to this report.


The force of the Department at the present time consists of the following, viz.: One Chief Engineer, one Superintendent fire alarm telegraph, eight foremen, six engineers, six stokers, seven drivers, and twenty-seven hosemen; divided into companies as follows: Three engine companies of eight men each; one engine company of seven men ; one engine, hook and ladder company of ten men; one engine company of six men; one hose company of four men; one hose company of three men.


The apparatus connected with the Department is all in excellent condition, and consists of six second class Amoskeag engines and two first class Amoskeag engines. Two of the first class engines are stationed at the Allegheny Engine House, Troy Hill, and are kept in reserve, to be used in case of a large fire, or to take the place of any in use by the companies that may be undergoing repairs.

There are ten hose carriages in the service of the Department, two of which are drawn by two horses each, and eight by one horse each. Two of these hose carriages are used as supply carriages, one being stationed at the Hope Engine House, First Ward, and the other at the Grant Engine House, Third Ward. They are run to fires by districts in such a manner as to have ample supply of hose at all points to meet any emergency.

There is also connected with the Department one hook and ladder truck.


The houses of the Department are all in as good order as labor and care can possibly make them, the men in charge having been careful, watchful, and vigilant in taking care of the property entrusted to them.

I call your attention to the dilapidated condition of the Ellsworth Engine House, River Avenue. In tunneling for the influent pipe for the Water Works they have undermined the foundations, and it is now in a dangerous condition. The City Property Committee have taken action in regard to the building of a new house, and I would respectfully ask your honorable bodies for your favorable consideration.


The number of horses in service in the Department is twenty-seven, twenty-five of which are used to convey the apparatus to fires, and the remaining two are used as spare horses to be substituted for such of those in use by the companies as may become sick or disabled.

Two horses have been purchased during the present year to replace a like number disabled and sold. The Department is now well equipped with horses, although there still remains some three or four that have been in service for a number of years, and will soon have to be replaced by fresh horses better able to do the work required of them.

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