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Annual Report of the Mayor


CITY OF ALLEGHENY, December 31, 1882.


To the Honorable the Select and Common Councils of the

City of Allegheny : GENTLEMEN :—Herewith I transmit to your honorable bodies the usual annual statement of the business of this office. The increase of the number of arrests, for petty offenses, and increase of income from fines and costs, will attract your attention. The net income from all sources being considerably in advance of the estimate made at the commencement of the year, and about thirty-three per cent. of an increase above the year 1881. This large increase of revenue does not indicate a corresponding increase of per cent. of crime, but rather the great increase of our population during the year just closed.


The police force was not numerically changed during the past year. Consequent upon the large addition to our population, and hence, a natural increase of crime, which may justly be anticipated, the Police Committee, at my request, have recommended and prepared an ordinance providing for an addition of ten men, and one lieutenant. I would respectfully urge favorable consideration by Councils, believing the safety and security of our citizens will fully justify your action. The condition of our present force, although inadequate, is thoroughly effective. Our system of drill is yet retained, the good effects of which have in such a marked degree added to their discipline and deportment. Much is due to both officers aifd men for their patient, careful and faithful performance of their duties, oftentimes most delicate and trying. We also request your attention to a further recommendation of the Police Committee, viz., the establishment of two additional lock-ups, one to be located at or near the base of Troy Hill, the other about the foot of Pennsylvania avenue, Sixth Ward. Many arrests might be made remote from City Hall, which are now deemed best to decline, in consequence of exposure to those districts, whilst officers are absent going from and returning to their beats.

The reasonableness of this recommendation will address itself to your good judgment, and needs no further argument.


The cramped and unsuitable apartments assigned for the use of the Mayor and Police Department in City Hall building, will deserve your attention. The room now occupied by the U. S. Government, at a nominal rent, for a Post Office, should not be re-let for that purpose. City Hall was built by tax payers, and designed solely for the use of the City Government. Surely the United States can afford to buy or build a structure worthy of her, and sufficient to transact her business, and take care of the many hundreds of thousand dollars annually collected at the dingy Revenue Office on Park Way, and from the unsuitable Post Office in City Hall. This room (the Post Office) is much needed by this department, and your refusal to re-let to the Government, besides supplying the want, yould compel them to do what would indeed be a novelty in this community, viz., to buy or build what they need, and what would be a credit to them and our city.

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