Food Tyrants: Fight for Your Basic Right to Healthy Food in a Toxic World

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Skyhorse Publishing, 2013 - Business & Economics - 242 pages
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When author and homesteader Nicole Faires decided toretrofit an old school bus and tour America's small farms with her husband andtwo small children, she expected to learn a lot, be inspired, and have somefun. But what she found disturbed her. Mismanaged small farms;clueless urbanites setting up shop to “get back to the land”; a mindlessdevotion to organic farming; and, ultimately, the discovery of just howdependent we are on corporations for our food. She began to understand how dangerous and fragile our foodsystem really is. Climate change. Farmers retiring or going out ofbusiness. Corporations controlling our food distribution system while beingprotected from the consequences when they endanger our health. Skyrocketingfood prices. Outsourced food production. With this admittedly bleakassessment of the current state of affairs Nicole and her family decided toabandon the bus trip and instead start a farm. “I couldn't tell peoplethe solutions to our food crisis while I was traipsing around America taking photos. I had to live it,” Nicole says. And so the seeds for FoodTyrants were sown.

Food Tyrants tell us why our basic right to healthy food is at risk. And what we can do about it.

Written in an astute, engaging style, armed with examples from her ownhomesteading lifestyle, small farmer, homesteader, and self-sufficiency guru Nicole Faires's Food Tyrants gives you the tools to fight the intangible battles, aswell as the practical ones. Understand basic soil care principles and organicstrategies to grow your own food, as well as urban farming policy and municipalbylaw changes. Armed with knowledge of the history of food security, you willhave a clear picture on the issues and why growing food is a responsibility ofthe many, and not the few.

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About the author (2013)

Nicole Faires is an adventurer, self-proclaimed eccentric, wife, and mother of three girls. She grew up in a semi-nomadic homeschooling family and spent her early years in rural Montana on a hobby farm where she raised chickens, grew her own food, learned to crochet, read out-of-print books by Masanobu Fukuoka, and dreamed of the Amish. She is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading and The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture and continues to seek new adventures and local food with her family in beautiful British Columbia.

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