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statement commits a serious educational error.

Another man placed 500 children here and there over a large state. There was no régular supervision, however they wished to know how things were going and a hurried visitation was made. He found only three bad situations among the whole 500. We ventured the opinion that one person responsible for 500 children thus placed never would find anything wrong. No scheme for supervision, 500 hurried visits. One of the three cases that were not satisfactory was that of a young girl. Some

Abandoned by an inthing led him to bring her back and it was only after three weeks' association with a

temperate mother, sufgood woman in the employ of the society

fering with severe that the child told her story of how a young

colds and whooping man in the family—a son who had ruined another girl that once lived in the family

cough, this brother and how this young man had harrowed her al

sister were placed in most beyond endurance. But for this chance visit that child would have had no friendly

this home. ear for her pitiful story.

Teachers in our public schools with 50 or 70 pupils before them every day for nine months of the year regret their inability to know the individual child. Are we, too, not impressed with the difficulty and delicacy of the task of really knowing the child and getting his confidence. That parent is fortunate who has the full confidence of his boys and girls. You may know by that token that he is a good parent. Imagine 500 boys and girls with no steadfast, constant friend, no one who comes, no whom the child claims as a friend. Yes, but the family is his friend, his parents. I wonder, though, if we would take it all for

she is away, ara

we not concerned if the sourcefulness in trying to hold it together. granted if our Dorothy and Richard, our weekly letter is overdue?

There is born with us a longing for kindred Elizabeth or Roger were among those who tions, of the children's rights is difficult

This recognition of our delicate obliga- that cannot die. The man or woman sever

ed from kindred is reminded of it on every had the homes selected for them. It is our business to know whether the child enough even when supervision is one of hand and experience has shown that fam

our guiding principles. Workers come has gone to happiness or to wretched exile.

ilies can be saved and held together and and go but the child's need remains. Some- that properly guided strength comes in times he is at a great distance and infor- working out that salvation as a family even mation reaches us through one or

ao strength comes to the individual in workdifferent persons. This suggests the need

ing out his salvation. of trained agents, persons known to the Then in our relation to the child who superintendent. If I must hear the diag- has no family or is removed from it. I nosis of my child's disease second hand, have tried to urge for him the same manhow important for my peace of mind, ner of solicitude and care that we think is how necessary for wise action that the necessary for our own. We should recogperson who brings me that message shall nise his individuality and deal with him acdo it with absolute accuracy. So it is with cordingly. the superintendent who must make vital

He may have been the victim of wretched decision on the basis of reports.

parents, he should not be made the victim It takes courage to defy statistics. If

of wretched institutionalism or of wretched 2000 were fed at Thanksgiving last year, placing out. I plead for the best that is in we want to make it 2500 this year. We the best men and women who can be had want to show a bigger number of children for this work. I know of no nobler or more dealt with this year than the year before. sacred calling This appeals to contributors. But ought

Our attitude should be such that we apwe not to regard ourselves as commissioned to do only what we can do well? ciation of the essential nature of childhood.

proach more and more the Master's apprehundred dollars will save a child, the public Long ago he placed a child in the midst of

his disciples and said: “Except ye be conwill accept the teaching, so will county supervisors, overseers of the poor and public

verted and become as little children, ye shall officials in general. Private societies are

not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” supposed to lead in educational matters

pertaining to philanthropic work and their Kept together in a private family while

doctrine should be sound. a broken down mother regained

What I have tried to do in this paper
her health.
is to set forth certain principles which seem

“To Rescue is the
to me to be fundamental. I have not cited
cases or gone into details of methods. These

voice of the past; matters have had particular treatment by Yes, supervision will make work and it will others on your program. I have tried to bring unpleasant things to our ears, stories set forth what seems to me should be the that will make us lie awake nights. But attitude and requirement of the worker. To Prevent is the we do not ask that the childish ills and Ti as the naturalist shows devotion and problems of our own boys and girls be patience, wisdom and zeal in his work, even Divine whisper of tokeept from us for our peace of mind. We so and to a greater degree the worker in are anxious about the boy when he goes this profession should be a lover and pro- day." to college and our little girl grown big. found student of childhood. I have tried Yes, father and mother keep the light burn- to emphasize the sacredness of the family ing till she is safe home at night and when and to urge patience, sympathy and re



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Pres. of The Michigan Children's Home

Society and director of the National Society These four innocent little chidren, the youngest, only a babe have stood ready to aid her, but to no avail. Finally a petition was of two years, two girls, six and eight, and the oldest, a boy of made by Superintendent Barlow, to the Probate Court of this eleven. Their lives thus far have been hampered by the willful County, asking that the legal custody of the children be placed neglect and vicious habits of disreputable parents. With the with The Michigan Children's Home Society, in order that father a commom drunkard and the mother a desolute character, proper homes might be secured for them, without fear of further these children have been reared thus far amid drunken drawls interference from the unworthy parents. In the evidence, it and in places too filthy to be worthy the name of home. Half appeared that an older daughter, about fifteen years of age, had naked they have been permitted to beg upon the streets for pen already been sent to the Reform School. She was taken from nies which they spent at the nearest confectionary stand. The a house of ill-repute, having been allowed to go there by the mother was so shiftless that she would not even try to make mother, who accepted for her services the sum of $1.25 per use of the clothing given her by charitable persons to make week. The children have been placed in good family homes over for her children.

by the Society, where they will have every opportunity to forget The little ones have been cared for by the Children's Home the past and become blessings, instead of curses to Society in Society for the past three months, and the Superintendent of the future, as are their parents to-day. the Society, Dr. Amos Barlow, has made every possible effort The above is only one of many instances of good done by to induce the mother to reform her ways and provide a clean

The Michigan Children's Home Society of St. Joseph, Michigan. and comfortable home for her children. Many good people

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Dr. Amos BARLOW,
The Organizer of the Society and its

present State Superintendent.

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