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a manner at once searching and satisfactory, the Student in Theology will hardly fail to derive from their serious perusal both instruction and encouragement ; - instruction in points of doctrine, and encouragement to set his affections on things above, “where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God.”

The texts at the head of each Sermon are, as before, for the most part from the Genevan Bible. The chief variations are verbal, and the most important are inserted in a note belowa

With respect to quotations generally, it is perhaps necessary again to caution the reader, that he must not expect to find the exact passages referred to. For the most part the substance only is given, and therefore it is possible that in some few instances the Editor may have been mistaken in his reference. In all cases however which appeared at all doubtful, the words videor conferhave been used, but wherever a reference is enclosed in brackets without this addition, there the reader will invariably find the quotation intended by the Bishop.

· The variations are given in italics


Serm. I. & II. No variation.
Serm. III. Mark xiv. 46. Ver. 5.

and they murmured ..
Serm. IV. V. & VI. No variation.



Serm. III. Mark xvi. 1–7. ..... that

they might ... anoint Him. Ver. 2.

.... when the sun was now risen. Serm. IV., V., VI., VII., & VIIJ. No

variation of the least importance. Serin. IX. Philip. ii. 8—11. Ver. 8.

became obedient. Ver. 9. Wherefore God.... Ver. 10. of things in Heaven, and things in Earth, and

things under the Earth. Serm. X. John ii. 19... in three days... Serm. XI. 1 Peter 3, 4. Ver. 3....

God even the Father. Ver. 4... to an inheritance immortal and that withereth not, reserved in Heaven for us. Serm. XII. No variation of the least

importance. Serm. XIII. 1 Cor. xi. 16. If any man

lust to be contentious. . .

Serm. I. No variation.
Serm. JI. Lament. i. 12. .... this way.

Behold and see if ever there be sorrow
like unto My sorrow .... wherewith
the Lord hath afflicted me in the day

of His fierce wrath. Serm. III. No variation.


Serm. I. & II. No variation.

J. P. W.

Magdalene College,
The Feast of the Annunciation,


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