Selections from the Works of the Late J. Wharburton Begbie

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New Sydenham Society, 1882 - Brain - 422 pages

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Page 370 - Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife, Their sober wishes never learn'd to stray ; Along the cool sequester'd vale of life They kept the noiseless tenor of their way.
Page 379 - For several days his breathing was irregular; it would entirely cease for a quarter of a minute, then it would become perceptible, though very low, then by degrees it became heaving and quick, and then it would gradually cease again. This revolution in the state of his breathing occupied about a minute, during which there were about thirty acts of respiration.* The Dissection was made by Dr.
Page 379 - ... passed; night uncomfortable, little sleep, talking incoherently; extremities altogether cold, and could not be warmed; urine black; slept a little towards day ; loss of speech, cold sweats ; extremities livid; about the middle of the sixth day he died. The respiration throughout, like that of a person recollecting himself, was rare, and large, and spleen was swelled upon in a round tumor, the sweats cold throughout, the paroxysms on the even days.
Page 380 - It consists in the occurrence of a series of inspirations, increasing to a maximum, and then declining in force and length, until a state of apparent apnoea is established. In this condition the patient may remain for such a length of time as to make his attendants believe that he is dead, when a low inspiration, followed by one more decided, marks the commencement of a new ascending and then descending series of inspirations.
Page 391 - There is nothing I desire so much as that every disease we treat here should be a matter of experience to you ; so that you must not be surprised that I use only one remedy when I might employ two or three, for in using a multiplicity of remedies, when a cure does succeed, it is not easy to perceive which is the most effectual. I wish that you may always have some opportunity of judging with regard to their proper effects.
Page 393 - ... first, in the discovery of specifics which may counteract the different diseased actions of which the body is susceptible, as effectually as the cinchona counteracts the intermittent fever, citric acid the scurvy, or vaccination the small-pox...
Page 145 - ... gurgling sound, while to all these phenomena was added a distinct metallic character. In the whole of my experience I never met so extraordinary a combination of sounds. The stomach was not distended by air, and the lung and pleura were unaffected, but the region of the heart gave a tympanitic bruit de pot feU on percussion ; and I could form no conclusion but that the pericardium contained air in addition to an effusion of serum and coagulable lymph.
Page 32 - This circumstance completely confirmed my idea. I now hesitated not to administer to the other five children of this numerous family this divine remedy as a preservative in very small doses, and, as the peculiar action of this plant does not last above three days, I repeated the dose every seventy-two hours, and they all remained perfectly well, without the slightest symptoms, throughout the whole course of the epidemic, and amid the most virulent scarlatina emanations from their sisters who lay...
Page 158 - I have lately seen three cases of violent and long-continued palpitations in females, in each of which the same peculiarity presented itself, viz., enlargement of the thyroid gland ; the size of this gland, at all times considerably greater than natural, was subject to remarkable variations in every one of these patients. When the palpitations were violent, the gland used notably to swell and...
Page 371 - ... to the growth of the latter, and the share he had in effecting their divorcement is held by Celsus as a reason for eulogising Hippocrates. " Hujus autem, ut quidam crediderunt, discipulus Hippocrates Cous, primus quidem ex omnibus memoria' dignis, ab studio sapientiae disciplinam hanc separavit, vir et arte et facundi& insignis

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