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twelve bailiffs for the Superior Court, one captain, twelve jailers and one cook for the County Jail No. 1, one superintendent and one assistant superintendent, eighteen guards and one cook for the Branch Jail No. 2, one superintendent and one assistant superintendent, one matron, one assistant matron, five guards and one cook for the Branch County Jail No. 3, one commissary for all jails, one driver of the van, one janitor and such additional or less number of deputies, clerks, jailors, guards, or other assistants as the Board of Supervisors may, from time to time, by ordinance, fix and authorize.

SEC. 2. All fees, including keepers' fees, shall be paid into the County Treasury, as provided by law, and he shall perform all such duties as are prescribed by the general law of the State. He shall not charge or receive for keepers' fees or for any advertisement or publication any other or greater sum than that actually paid by him therefor, and he shall file in each action wherein he shall cause any publication to be made a statement signed by him, showing the amount collected and froin whom received, as compensation for such publication, and the amount paid by him therefor, with the date thereof, and the person to whom he made such payment. He shall accompany his monthly statement with his affidavit that he has not in any instance charged or received any other or greater sum as keepers' fees, or as compensation for any advertisement or publication made by him, than the sum actually paid for the same.



SECTION 1. The Coroner of the City and County of San Francisco shall hold office for the period of two years. In addition to the duties imposed upon him by law, he shall keep a record of all inquests held by him and a copy of all testimony and proceedings thereof.

Sec. 2. He may appoint four deputies, one messenger, one janitor, and such other greater or less number of deputies and assistants as the Board of Supervisors may, from time to time, by ordinance, authorize. He shall also appoint an official stenographer, whose duties shall be to take down in shorthand the testimony and proceedings had at all inquests held by the Coronor, and shall transcribe the same, and said stenographer shall attach his certificate thereto, certifying to its correctness; and said transcript, when so certified to by him, shall constitute and stand as the depositions of the witnesses produced at said inquests.


Department of Public Works.



SECTION 1. There shall be a Department of Public Works under the management of three Commissioners, who shall constitute the Board of Public Works, and who shall not engage in any other occupation or calling while members of said Board. Said Commissioners shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to removal by him, and hold office for four years. Those Commissioners first appointed shall, at their first meeting, so classify themselves by lot that one of them shall go out of office in two years, one in three years, and one in four years.

Sec. 2. Immediately upon their appointment and qualification, said Commissioners shall organize as a Board, and to that end the Mayor shall appoint one of their number as President, who shall hold his office for the term of one year and until his successor is elected. Said Board shall elect a Secretary, who shall not be a member of said Board; and shall establish rules and regulations governing its proceedings, and for the regulation and conduct of its officers, clerks and employees; and may require bonds from any of its subordinates for the faithful performance of their duties. Such bonds must be approved by all of said Commissioners, and be filed with the Auditor.

SEC. 3. The members of the Board shall visit daily its place of business or of meeting, and shall hold special meetings of the Board thereat as often as they may deem necessary. They shall apportion to themselves specific duties to be performed by each member during the intervals between meetings. The regular meetings shall be held on

a day and at an hour fixed by resolution entered upon its records, and

which shall not be changed except by similar resolution, of which notice shall be published for two weeks. The meetings of the Board shall be public. No order or resolution shall be passed or business transacted involving the approval of bonds, awarding of contracts, appointment of employees, or resolutions of intention recommending work or improvement, except by the concurrent vote of all said Commissioners. No business shall be transacted at a special or adjourned meeting of the Board except such as may by resolution have been made the special order of business for such meeting, or such as may have been under or proposed for consideration at the meeting from which the adjournment was had.

SEC. 4. The Board shall cause to be kept a record of its proceedings, and shall keep copies of all plans, specifications, estimates, contracts, certificates, receipts, surveys, field notes, profiles and of all papers pertaining to the transactions of the Board. It may, when it shall deem it expedient, and shall, when requested by the Supervisors, furnish to them such data or information as may be requested.

Sec. 5. The Secretary of said Board shall keep a record of the transactions of the Board, specifying therein the names of the Commissioners present at the meetings, and giving the ayes and noes upon all votes. No order or resolution shall be valid or have


effect until the same has been recorded at length by the Secretary in the minutes of, and such record approved by, the Board, together with the names of the Commissioners voting for the same. The Secretary shall cause the publication of all notices herein authorized to be published, or which the Board shall order to be published, and shall perform such other duties as the Board may from time to time prescribe or direct.

SEC. 6. Said Board may, from time to time, appoint as many clerks and employees as may be necessary, and as may be by ordinance authorized by the Supervisors.

The salaries of all officers, clerks and employees of said Board, except so far as the same are designated in this Charter, shall be fixed from time to time by the Supervisors on recommendations by said Board.

Sec. 7. Said Board shall immediately after its organization take possession and have the custody and control of all maps, surveys, field notes, records, plans, specifications, contracts, models, machinery, tools, appliances, contract rights, privileges, books, documents, papers, archives, and property belonging to said City and County, heretofore kept by or in the offices of the City and County Surveyor, the Superintendent of Public Streets, Highways and Squares, and the Board of New City Hall Commissioners.

Sec. 8. It shall be, and is hereby made, the especial duty of the Board of Public Works to prepare, at least three months previous to every city election, an estimate of the value of the various tree railroads of San Francisco; the value of the gas, electric or other plants or methods for lighting said city in all portions, both public and private, thereof; the water works of said city; the telephones of said city, and all other franchises granted and in use in such city and county. The estimate thus made shall be the basis upon which may be submitted to the electors of said city and county the question whether or not said electors desire to purchase such properties, or any of them.

Sec. 9. After the acquisition by said city and county of any of the properties mentioned in the foregoing section, the Board of Public Works shall take control and appoint all superintendents, engineers or other employees necessary to the proper, efficient and economical management of the same. The wages of all such employees shall be determined and fixed by the Board of Public Works.

SEC. 10. Said Board shall have special charge, superintendence and control, subject to such ordinances as the Supervisors may from time to time adopt, of all streets, including Point Lobos avenue and Point Lobos road from Central avenue to the Pacific Ocean, highways, roads, bridges, and public places (except such as are or may be entrusted to the management of the Park Commissioners), belonging to said city and county, or dedicated to public use, and of the improvement and repair thereof; of all sewers, drains and cesspools, and the work pertaining thereto, or to the draining of said city and county; of the cleaning of streets, and of all repairs upon accepted streets; of the construction and repair of all public buildings, and the making of all public improvements for said city and county, or under its authority, and of the repairs to such improvements; of all lamps and lights for the lighting of the streets, parks, public places and public buildings of said city and county, and of the erection of all posts for such lights and lamps; and of all public works and improvements hereafter to be done by said city and county.

SEC. 11. Said Board shall have exclusive authority to prescribe uniform rules and grant permits, in conformity with the ordinances of said city and county, for the moving of buildings through the streets thereof, and the building or placing of cellars or vaults under the streets or sidewalks; the construction of steps or other approaches to buildings upon the sidewalks, and of railings and fences enclosing areas upon the sidewalks; the laying down and construction of railroad tracks in the streets; the erection of telegraph and telephone poles, and poles for electric lighting, and the laying under the surface of the streets or sidewalks of telegraph or telephone wires, and wires for electric lighting; the construction of drains and sewers; the laying down and taking up of gas, steam and water pipes, pneumatic or other tubes or pipes, and sewers and drains, and determining the location thereof; the using of the street or any portion thereof for the deposit of building material in front of a building during its construction or repair, or for any purpose other than such as ordinarily and properly belongs to the public from the dedication thereof to public use; and without such permission in writing from said Board no person shall do any of the acts in this section enumerated.

SEC. 12. All electric, telegraph and telephone wires shall be located, laid, erected and maintained, subject to the approval of the Superintendent of the Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph.

SEC. 13. Said Board shall have full power to regulate and control, subject to the ordinances of said city and county, the manner of using the streets, sidewalks and public places, and to cause the removal of all obstructions therefrom; and to cause the prompt repair of the streets, sidewalks and public places when the same may be taken up or altered. Said Board is authorized to collect, by suit or otherwise, in the name of the City and County of San Francisco, the expense of such repairs from the person or persons by whom such street or sidewalk was injured or torn up.

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