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May elect President pro tempore.
Meetings of .....
Powers and duties of Clerk of Board..
Members of, ineligible to other office..

Must not be interested in city contracts.
Not influence appointments, etc..

Forfeit office when ....
Legislative Acts of, to be by Ordinance..
Empowered to pass Ordinances-general power.

For enforcement of local, police and sanitary laws
To regulate use of streets, sidewalks, highways,

To regulate use of signs, awnings, telegraph posts,

flags, etc..
To regulate cleaning of streets, sidewalks, deposit

of garbage, etc..
To regulate opening of streets for gas or water

mains, wires, sewers, etc.....
To regulate numbering of houses, lots, naming

of streets, etc.
Relating to beggars, vagrants, and distribution of

Relating to intoxication, fighting, vulgar language

and concealed weapons
Relating to public fountains for persons and an-

imals .....
Relating to public amusements and public pro-

To prevent riots, disorderly assemblies, etc..
To permit temporary laying of railroad tracks....
To light streets, squares and improve public

To restrict limits of wooden buildings.
To prohibit, etc., gaming, houses of ill-fame, etc.
Relating to explosive or combustible materials...
Relating to health, limits for hospitals, fire regu-

lations, construction of buildings, etc.
Relating to cemeteries and crematories ....
To provide for removal of nuisances.
Public passenger vehicles, width of tires, etc..
Construction of markets, public halls, etc....
Construction of vaults, cisterns, sewers, etc.
Public Pound, and to fix rules governing same...
To provide accommodations for Courts, Boards, etc
To provide and maintain a morgue..
To provide for detention of witnesses.

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Empowered to pass Ordinances-

Relating to prison labor, maintaining jails, etc...
To acquire property for public use..
To provide water for municipal purposes..
Water and gas pipes, hydrants, fire plugs, etc....
To fix rates for water, gas, etc.
To regulate and impose licenses..
To impose license tax on dogs ......
Collection of licenses and municipal revenues..
To prescribe penalties for violation of provisions

of any ordinance or of Charter
To provide for custody of city property.
Rules for officers, etc., and fees for services.
To order money paid from the various funds..
To provide for special counsel......
To provide for burying indigent dead.
Relating to cruelty to children..
Care of inebriates and detention of insane.
Prevention of cruelty to animals...
To provide for completion of New City Hall...
To provide payment for certain testimony.
To provide payment for interpreters...
Apprehension of convicts and felons.
To provide for general system of drainage.
Seal for city, for Departments, Police Courts, etc.
To fix hours of labor for public service ..
To open, close or widen streets, etc.
To permit construction of tunnels, etc..
To regulate street railroads, fares thereon, rates of

speed and paving between tracks
To grant franchises for street railroads...
To permit transcontinental railroads to enter city
To make appropriations allowed by law or this

Charter ....
For the conveyance of certain lands
Execution of trusts confided to city.
To transfer unused lots to another department. ..
To provide for sale or lease of public lands ..
Sale of certain personal property of city...
Purchase of certain property under execution....
To incur indebtedness in case of great public

calamity or danger....
For permanent acquisition of water-works, gas-

works, street railroads, etc.....
Negotiations to acquire above properties
To prescribe number and salaries of officers and

employees not otherwise provided for.

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Section or

To constitute Board of Equalization of city.

3 To carry into execution vested powers..

To appoint a Finance Committee, duties of same.. 5
Suspended officers to be brought before..
Franchises granted by, to be forfeited when
No exclusive franchise to be granted by..

Franchises by, for street railroads. ...

8 Obstructions upon streets, when permitted by.

9 Restricted as to appropriations .

10 Claims for damages against city, to be presented to 11 May establish Police Courts....

12 Limitation of powers to contract liabilities

13 May be suspended when....

1 Certain contracts, etc., of, when void .

2 Expenditures by, limited to yearly revenues.

14-15 Demands to be considered in order of presentation... 16 Ordinances appropriating money to receive approval of Auditor

17 Not to make valid invalid claims.

18 Contracts for supplies, etc., to be let by

1 To let contracts for official advertising

2 Contracts for stationery supplies to be let by

4 May reject certain bids

6 To provide for lighting streets..

7 Water rates to be established by..

8 To levy and apportion taxes....

2 Appropriation of certain moneys by, how used.

25 Expenditures contemplated by, to be in tax levy.

30 To examine books of officers.

13 When may revive claims..

1 Special sessions of, called by Mayor

7 Member of to act as Mayor, when

8 To fill vacancy in office of Mayor.

8 Member of, ineligible to office of Mayor..

8 Appeal to from decision of Auditor..

8 To designate Auditor's assistants.

11 To designate certain assistants of Treasurer...

7 To honor requisitions by Superior Judges, when

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60 Page

2 May provide for assistants for Public Administrator. 5 To provide office, etc., for Warrant and Bond Clerk.. Salaries of employees Board of Public Works .

6 Establish fees for services City Engineer.

16 To accept streets, when...

4 May order certain streets improved

5 Resolutions of intentions for street improvements

7 Consideration of appeals from street assessment ..... 12

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100 112 118 118 133 133

149 157

195 204 206 207 207 208 208

19 186

Section or

May order streets closed, when ...

May condemn personal property, when..

6-9 Jurisdiction over wharves of city..

1-2 To fix tolls, etc., for wharfage, when...

May authorize use of city real estate for public library 10
To provide for support of Law Library.

Payment of moneys into Police Relief and Pension

To provide offices, etc., for Fire Department.

Provision for expenses, etc., of Civil Service Commis-
sion ..

Penalty for interest in contracts.

5 To publish abstracts of officers' reports .

13 May authorize additional deputies, etc., when.

15 May provide for construction municipal buildings, how 16 How ordinances of, may be suspended

17 May remove officers, when.

18 BOARDS, DEPARTMENTS, etc., seals for...

49 BOARDS OF ELECTION, who constitute, etc....

1 BOARDS OF PRECINCT REGISTRATION, who con. stitute.....

7 To examine applicants for voting.

5 Rooms, etc., for, to be provided.

To meet sixty days before election..

Appeal of voters from.
Returns of, when registration complete

Certificates of, attached to Precinct Registers..

6 To doubtful names

7 Penalty for violation of duty..

8 To constitute Boards of Election.

1 BOILERS, regulation of steam.

16 BLOCK, defined...

23 Subdivision of

25 BONDS, examination of, by Supervisors.

5 Outstanding, redemption of

Bail and appeal, custody of

For employees under Public Works
Of contractors under Public Works

Redemption, etc., of school

And salaries, general provisions governing.
Officers of city to execute

Supervisors may fix by ordinance, when

1 Approval, etc., of official, by whom.

1 Amounts of official

2 Who may be sureties, number of, etc

3 Sureties on, to be worth double of undertaking..


173 178 180 181 181 182 182 183 183 186 15 99 100 24 43 71 75 85 127 197 -197 197 197 198 198 199

Section or


BONDS (Continued).

Additional, may be required....
Liability of officers upon...
Deputies, etc., may be required to give.
Issue of, for public buildings, etc..

To be sold to highest bidder .

Certain assessments to be recorded in.
BOOKS, PUBLIC RECORDS, etc., open to public

Transfer of, when Charter takes effect
BOULEVARDS, certain streets designated as.

No franchises to be granted on ..
Supervisors may designate other streets as

Heavy trucks or vehicles excluded from
BOUNDARIES of City and County of San Francisco..
BOWLING ALLEYS, license on
BUILDINGS, examination of.

Regulations for construction, etc..
Contracts for lighting public ....
Tax for construction and repair of public
Construction and repair of public
Moving, permits for ...

Municipal, may be constructed or acquired, when..
BUREAU, for extinguishing fires

For storage, explosives and construction

Of fire alarm and police telegraph.
BUSINESS, regulation of dangerous.

What may be licensed
CARRIAGES, hackney, regulation of
CARRIERS, regulation of .
CARS, permits for running

Licenses for.
Regulation of, in streets..

Motive power of, in streets.
CENSUS MARSHALS, school.......
CERTIFICATES, to be delivered to Treasurer, when..

Official, receipts, etc......
CHAIN GANG, power to regulate....
CHARGES, fixing of official.

Power to prescribe penalties for violating
Terms of officers terminate under, when..
To be published.

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