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possession as such Officer, and must also be executed by two or more sureties who shall each justify in the amount required for said bond; but when the amount of the bond is more than five thousand dollars the sureties may become severally liable for portions of not less than twenty-five hundred dollars; when there are more than two sureties said sureties may justify in an amount which, in the aggregate, shall equal double the amount of said bond.

SEC. 4. Every surety upon an official bond must make an affidavit which shall be indorsed upon such bond that he is a resident and freeholder in the City and County of San Francisco, and worth in property situated in said city and county, exclusive of incumbrances thereon, double the amount of his undertaking over and above all sums for which he is already liable or in any manner bound, whether as principal, indorser or surety, and whether such prior obligation or liability be conditional or absolute, liquidated or unliquidated, due or to become due. All persons offered as sureties on official bonds may be examined on oath as to their qualifications by the officers whose duty it is to approve the bond.

Sec. 5. When, under any of the provisions of this Charter, or of any ordinance, an official bond shall be required from an Officer, the Board of Supervisors may, by resolution, require an additional bond, whenever, the opinion of such Board, such bond or any surety thereto, becomes insufficient; and such additional bond shall also be required when a surety to a bond shall die or cease to be a resident of said city and county.

Sec. 6. Every officer shall be liable on his official bond for the acts and omissions of the deputies, assistants, clerks and employees appointed by him, and of any and each of them, and every official bond shall contain such a condition.

Sec. 7. Every Board, Department or Officer, may require of their deputies, clerks or employees bonds of indemnity with sufficient sureties, for the faithful performance of their duties.



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The officers hereinafter named shall respectively re-
ceive the following annual salaries, viz.:
Mayor, six thousand dollars.
Secretary of the Mayor, three thousand dollars.
Supervisors, twelve hundred dollars, each.
Clerk of Board of Supervisors, thirty-six hundred dol-

Auditor, four thousand dollars.
Deputy Auditor, three thousand dollars.
Treasurer, four thousand dollars.
Deputy Treasurer, three thousand dollars.
Tax Collector, four thousand dollars.
Deputy Tax Collector, twenty-four hundred dollars.
Assessor, four thousand dollars.
Chief Deputy Assessor, twenty-four hundred dollars.
Recorder, thirty-six hundred dollars.
Chief Deputy Recorder, twenty-four hundred dollars.
County Clerk, four thousand dollars.
Chief Deputy County Clerk, twenty-four hundred dol-

Sheriff, six thousand dollars.
Under Sheriff, twenty-four hundred dollars.
City Attorney, five thousand dollars.
Assistant City Attorney, thirty-six hundred dollars.
District Attorney, five thousand dollars.
Three Assistant District Attorneys, three thousand dol-

lars, each.
Other Assistant District Attorneys, twenty-four hundred

dollars, each. Presiding Justice of the Peace, twenty-seven hundred

Four Justices of the Peace, twenty-four hundred dollars,

Police Judges, thirty-six hundred dollars, each.
Public Administrator, four thousand dollars.
Coroner, three thousand dollars.
Commissioners of Board of Public Works, four thousand

dollars, each.
Secretary of Board of Public Works, two thousand dol-

lars. City Engineer, five thousand dollars.


Architect to Board of Public Works, three thousand

dollars. Superintendent of Public Works, three thousand dollars. Storekeeper for Corporation Store Yard, twelve hundred

dollars. Superintendent of Schools, four thousand dollars. Deputy Superintendents of Schools, three thousand dol

lars. Secretary of Board of Education, twenty-four hundred

dollars. Interpreters, twelve hundred dollars. Librarian of Public Library and Reading Rooms, twenty

four hundred dollars. Secretary of Board of Trustees of Public Library and

Reading Rooms, eighteen hundred dollars. Three Police Commissioners, twelve hundred dollars,

each. Chief of Police, four thousand dollars. Assistant Chief of Police, three thousand dollars. Clerk of Chief of Police (including his pay as police offi

cer), twenty-four hundred dollars. Property Clerk of Police Department (including his pay

as police officer), eighteen hundred dollars. Captains of Police, twenty-four hundred dollars, each. Sergeants of Police, fifteen hundred dollars, each. Corporals of Police, thirteen hundred and eighty dollars,

each. Inspectors of the Police Force, fifteen hundred dollars,

each. Policemen, twelve hundred and twenty-four dollars,

each. Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, four thousand

two hundred dollars. First Assistant Engineer, three thousand dollars. Second Assistant Engineer, twenty-four hundred dollars. Battalion Chiefs, twenty-one hundred dollars. Secretary Fire Department, twenty-four hundred dollars. Assistant Secretary Fire Department, sixteen hundred

and fifty dollars. Clerk Fire Department, ten hundred and eighty dollars. Chief of Bureau for Construction, Combustibles and Ex

plosives, twenty-four hundred dollars. Superintendent of Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph,

twenty-seven hundred dollars.

Captains of Companies, fourteen hundred and forty dol

lars, each. Lieutenants of Companies, twelve hundred dollars, each. Engineers of Fire Engines, thirteen hundred and fifty

dollars, each. Drivers, one thousand and eighty dollars, each. Stokers, first year, nine hundred and sixty dollars, each. Stokers, second year, one thousand and eighty dollars,

each. Stokers, third year, twelve hundred dollars, each. Steward, nine hundred and sixty dollars. Hosemen and Truckmen, first class, twelve hundred dol

lars, each. Hosemen and Truckmen, second class, ten hundred ar

eighty dollars, each. Hosemen and Truckmen, third class, nine hundred and

sixty dollars, each. Pilots of Fireboats, twelve hundred dollars, each. Firemen of Fireboats, nine hundred and sixty dollars,

each. Engineer of Fireboats, twelve hundred dollars, each. Assistant Engineer of Fireboats, ten hundred and

eighty dollars, each. Clerk of Supply Department, fifteen hundred dollars. Superintendent of Fire Engines, twenty-one hundred

dollars. Assistant Superintendent of Fire Engines, eighteen

hundred dollars. Foreman Machinist, fifteen hundred dollars. Hydrantmen, ten hundred and eighty dollars, each. Draymen, nine hundred dollars, each. Watchmen, nine hundred dollars, each. Veterinary Surgeon, seven hundred and twenty dollars. Chief Operator Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph,

eighteen hundred dollars. Department Carpenter, thirteen hundred and fifty dollars. Operators Fire Alarm and Police, fifteen hundred dol

lars, each. Fireman of Construction Fire Alarm and Police Tele

graph, twelve hundred dollars. Assistant Fireman of Construction Fire Alarm and

Police Telegraph, ten hundred and eighty dollars. Repairers Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, ten hun

dred and eighty dollars, each.

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Inspector Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, fifteen hun

dred dollars. Linemen Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, ten hundred

and eighty dollars, each. Batterymen Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph, ten hun

dred and eighty dollars, each. Health Officer, three thousand dollars. City Physician and Bacteriologist, eighteen hundred

dollars. First Assistant City Physician (Police Surgeon) fifteen

hundred dollars. Assistant Police Surgeons, twelve hundred dollars, each. Superintendent City and County Hospital, twenty-four

hundred dollars. Assistant Superintendent City and County Hospital,

fifteen hundred dollars. Superintendent Almshouse, twenty-four hundred dollars. Resident Physician Almshouse, fifteen hundred dollars. Quarantine Officer, eighteen hundred dollars. Captain of Quarantine, twelve hundred dollars. Engineer of Quarantine, nine hundred dollars. Superintendent City Cemetery, nine hundred dollars. Secretary Board of Health, eighteen hundred dollars. Health Inspectors, twelve hundred dollars, each. Plumbing Inspector, fifteen hundred dollars. Market Inspectors, twelve hundred dollars, each. Assistant Market Inspectors, nine hundred dollars, each. Election Commissioners, six hundred dollars, each. Registrar of Voters, three thousand dollars. Civil Service Commissioners, one thousand dollars, each.. Secretary to Civil Service Commissioners, eighteen hun

dred dollars. SEC. 2. Until the Supervisors shall, by ordinance, establish the salaries and wages of the deputies, clerks and employees in the service of the city and county in the various Offices and Departments thereof which are not fixed by this Charter, the heads of the several Offices and Departments are authorized to fix the salaries and wages of such deputies, clerks and employees as they may be authorized to appoinť or employ; provided, they shall not fix, or authorize the payment of any salary or wages at a rate higher than was the salary or wages authorized to be paid to those holding similar positions at the time this Charter takes effect.

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