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service of the city who shall have been appointed under said rules, and after said examination, shall be removed or discharged except for cause, upon written charges, and after an opportunity to be heard in his own defense. Such charges shall be publicly investigated by or before said Civil Service Commission, or by or before some officer or board appointed by said Commission to conduct such investigation. The finding and decision of such Commission, or investigating officer or board, when approved by such Commission, shall be certified to the appointing officer, and shall be forthwith enforced by 'such officer. Nothing in this Article shall limit the power of any officer to suspend a subordinate for a reasonable period, not exceeding thirty days. In the course of an investigation of charges each member of the Commission and of any board so appointed by it, and any officer so appointed, shall have the power to administer oaths, and shall have power to secure by its subpæna both the attendance and testimony of witnesses, and the production of books and papers relevant to such investigation. No one shall be excused from testifying at such investigation for any cause.

SEC. 14. Immediate notice in writing shall be given by the appointing power, to said Commission, of all appointments, permanent or temporary, made in such classified civil service, and of all transfers, promotions, resignations or vacancies from any cause in such service, and of the date thereof; and a record of the same shall be kept by said Commission. When any office or place of employment is created or abolished, or the compensation attached thereto altered, the officer or board making such change shall immediately report in writing to said commission.

SEC. 15. The Commission shall investigate the enforcement of this Article and of its rules, and the action of the Examiners herein provided for, and the conduct and action of the appointees in the classified service in the city, and may inquire as to the nature, tenure, and compensation of all offices and places of the public service thereof. In the course of such investigations each commissioner shall have the power to administer oaths, and said Commission shall have power to, by its subpena, compel both the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of books and papers relevant to such investigations.

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SEC. 16. Said Commission shall, on or before the 15th day of January in each year, make to the Mayor for transmission to the Supervisors a report showing its own action, the rules in force, the practical effects thereof, and suggestions it may approve for the more effectual accomplishment of the purposes of this article. The Mayor may require a report from said Commission at any other time.

Sec. 17. Said Commission shall employ a Chief Examiner, whose duty it shall be, under the direction of the Commission, to superintend any examinations held in the city under this Article, and who shall perform such other duties as the Commission shall prescribe. The Chief Examiner shall be ex-officio Secretary of said Commission. Under the direction of such Commission he, as such Secretary, shall keep minutes of its proceedings, preserve all reports made to it, keep a record of all examinations held under its direction, and perform such other duties as the Commission shall prescribe.

SEC. 18. All officers of said city and county shall aid said commissioners in all proper ways in carrying out the provisions of this chapter.

SEC. 19. The Supervisors shall furnish said commissioners with suitable offices, and shall provide office furniture, books, stationery, blanks, heat and light, and are authorized and required to pay such other expenses as may be necessarily incurred by said commissioners in carrying out the provisions of this Article.

Sec. 20. No person or officer shall willfully and corruptly, by himself or in co-operation with one or more other persons defeat, deceive, or obstruct any person in respect to his or her right of examination, or corruptly or falsely mark, grade, estimate, or report upon the examination or proper standing of any person examined hereunder, or aid in so doing; or willfully or corruptly make any false representations concerning the same, or concerning the person examined; or willfully or corruptly furnish to any person any special or secret information for the purpose of either improving or injuring the prospects or chances of any person so examined or to be examined, being appointed, employed or promoted.

SEC. 21. No applicant for appointment in said classified civil service, either directly or indirectly, shall pay, or promise to pay, any money or other valuable


thing to any person whatever for on account
of his appointment or proposed appointment, and no
other officer or employee shall pay or promise to pay,
either directly or indirectly, any person any money or
other valuable thing whatever for or on account of his
SEC. 22. No accounting

No accounting or auditing officer shall allow the claim of any public officer for services of any deputy or other person employed in the public service in violation of the provisions of this Article.

SEC. 23. The Commission shall certify to the Auditor all appointments to offices and places in the classified civil service, and all vacancies occurring therein, whether by dismissal, resignation, or death and all findings made or approved by the Commission under the provisions of section thirteen of this Article, that a person shall be discharged from the classified civil service.

SEC. 24. The Auditor shall not approve or pay any salary or wages to any person for services as an officer or employee of such city before the appointment of such person to the classified civil service has been certified by the Commission, nor after the vacation of such person's appointment shall have been so certified, nor after the Commission shall have certified to the Auditor a finding made or approved by it under section thirteen of this Article that such person shall be discharged from the classified civil service.

SEC. 25. Any person who shall be served with a subpæna to appear and testify, or to produce books and papers, issued by the Commission or by any Commissioner, or by any board of persons acting under the orders of the Commission in the course of an investigation conducted either under the provisions of Section 13 or Section 15 of this Article, and who shall refuse or neglect to appear or to testify, or to produce books and papers relevant to said investigation, as commanded in such subpæna, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. The fees of witnesses for attendance and travel shall be the same as the fees of witnesses before the Superior Court, and shall be paid from the appropriation for the expenses of the Commission. Any court, or any Judge thereof, upon application of such commissioner, or officer, or board, may, in his discretion, compel the attendance of witnesses, the production of

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books and papers, and the giving of testimony before the commission or before any such commissioner, investigating board, or officer, by attachment for contempt or otherwise, in the same manner as the production of evidence may be compelled before said court.

SEC. 26. Any person who shall willfully, or through culpable negligence violate any provision of this Article or any rule promulgated in accordance with the provisions thereof shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Sec. 27. If any person shall be convicted under the nextpreceding section, any public office which such person may hold shall, by force of such conviction, be rendered vacant, and such person shall be incapable of holding office for the period of five years from the date of such conviction.

SEC. 28. Prosecutions for violations of this Article shall be instituted by the District Attorney, or by the Commission acting through special counsel.


Bonds and Salaries.



SECTION 1. Officers of the city and county, before entering upon the discharge of their official duties, shall respectively give and execute to said city and county such official bonds as may be required by law, ordinance or this Charter. When the amount of any bond is not fixed by law or by this Charter, and power to fix the same is not herein conferred upon any Board or officer, it shall be fixed by an ordinance of the Supervisors. All bonds, excepting that of the Auditor, must be approved by the Mayor and Auditor. The bond of the Auditor must be approved by the Mayor. The approval of every official bond must be indorsed thereon, and signed by the officers approving the same, after examination of the sureties, as hereinafter provided. Upon the approval of a bond it must be recorded, at the expense of the party giving the same, in the office of the Recorder, in a book kept for that purpose, entitled

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" Record of Official Bonds." The bond of the Auditor
shall be filed and kept in the office of the County Clerk.
The bonds of all other officers shall be filed and kept in
the office of the Auditor.

Sec. 2. The following officers shall respectively exe-
cute to the City and County of San Francisco official
bonds, with sureties, in the following sums, viz.:
Auditor, fifty thousand dollars.
Treasurer, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
Tax Collector, one hundred thousand dollars.
Assessor, fifty thousand dollars.
County Clerk, fifty thousand dollars.
Recorder, twenty thousand dollars.
Sheriff, one hundred thousand dollars.
Coroner, ten thousand dollars.
City Attorney, twenty thousand dollars.
District Attorney, twenty thousand dollars.
Public Administrator, fifty thousand dollars.
Superintendent of Public Schools, ten thousand dollars.
Each Commissioner of the Board of Public Works,

twenty-five thousand dollars.
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, ten thousand dollars.
Each Member of the Supervisors, ten thousand dollars.
Each School Director, ten thousand dollars.
Each Justice of the Peace, five thousand dollars.
Each Fire Commissioner, ten thousand dollars.
Each Police Commissioner, ten thousand dollars.
Each Election Commissioner, ten thousand dollars.
Property Clerk of Police Department, ten thousand dol-

Fire Marshal, five thousand dollars.
Assistant Fire Marshal, five thousand dollars.
Secretary Board of Fire Commissioners, five thousand

Storekeeper of Fire Department Yard, ten thousand


SEC. 3. City and County Officers shall not be accepted as surety for each other on official bonds. Every bond shall contain a condition that the principal will faithfully perform all official duties then, or that may thereafter be, imposed upon or required of him by law, ordinance or this Charter, and that at the expiration of his office he will surrender to his successor all property, books, papers and documents that may come into his

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