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name. If such person fail for five days after the day fixed for the hearing, to appear and establsh the legality of his registration, and if the Registrar certify that notice in accordance herewith has been given, the Board shall, if it appears to its satisfaction that such name is illegally upon the Precinct Register, make and enter an order directing the Registrar to cancel such registration.

SEC: 2. Fifty-four days before a general election all registration by Boards of Precinct Registration shall cease, and the Precinct Registers, as they stand, shall be the Precinct Registers for said ensuing election and until the next general election, subject only to changes in the following cases:

First-Any name that for any reason is illegally on any Precinct Register shall be cancelled.

SecondAny name that has once been legally on the Precinct Register,

to entitle the

person to vote at said ensuing election, and which has been by fraud, mistake or otherwise improperly removed or cancelled, may be restored, on satisfactory evidence thereof, by order of the Board of Election Commission




ThirdAny voter entitled to have his name upon the Precinct Register under the terms of the last preceding subdivision, may have the same placed upon the supplemental list hereinafter provided for, within ten days from the time herein provided for the cessation of registration. Any person who does not so apply within said time shall not be registered on the Precinct Register for said election.

SEC. 3. The Board of Election Commissioners shall at or about the time of the commencement of any registration in said City and County, contract for the printing in type, when completed, of said Precinct Registers and indexes. The contract or contracts shall require the printing of not more than two hundred copies of each Precinct Register, and that the same be completed within twelve days after the receipt of the duplicate of each Precinct register by the Registrar. The printing shall be awarded to the bidder making the lowest bid for each name registered, counting said indexes as a part of the Register, and counting each name only

Said Board may reject any and all bids. Sec. 4. As soon as the Registrar shall receive the


Precinct Registers from the Boards of Precinct Registration, he shall proceed immediately to ascertain the correctness of said Precinct Registers, and after completion shall turn them over to the Board of Election Commissioners, who shall order the same printed. The Registrar and his assistants shall supervise said printing and see that all contracts with reference thereto are faithfully performed. Copies of said Registers when printed shall be immediately posted in the office of the Board. The Registrar shall furnish ten copies of each of said Precinct Registers or more, at the discretion of the Board to the authorized representatives of every political party applying to him for the same. The Precinct Registers shall be distributed, as early as possible, and at least fifteen days before the day of election, after which no changes shall be made, excepting, any person whose term of residence in the Precinct shall meet the requirements of the law on the day when registration ceases, or who through failure in that requirement has been denied registration, may have his name placed on the register of his Precinct by and with the approval of the Board of Election Commissioners after proper consideration of each case submitted. All cancellations or additions to the Registers shall be made by the Registrar, subject to the approval of the Board of Election Commissioners. All names added to the Precinct Registers under the provisions of this section shall be included in a Supplemental Precinct Register, which shall be printed and distributed as soon as possible after completion.

Sec. 5. Not less than five days before the day fixed for the first sitting of the Boards of Precinct Registration the Registrar shall cause an advertisement to be printed in four daily newspapers of general circulation, published in said city and county, one of which shall be the official newspaper, giving notice to the voters of said city and county of the time when the registration of voters on the Precinct Registers will expire, and inviting them to apply within said time for registration at the place of meeting of said Boards (which shall be named), under penalty of being debarred the privilege of voting at such election. Such notice shall specify the days upon which the precinct registration by said Boards shall commence and end, and shall be published daily until the termination of the sittings of said Boards for registration. Such notice shall also contain the names of the officers comprising the Boards of Precinct Registration.



SECTION 1. The Boards of Precinct Registration shall constitute the Boards of Election for their several precincts, and as such shall receive and deposit in the several ballot-boxes the ballots of those presenting themselves in their proper precincts who are entitled to vote. They shall keep the poll and tally lists prescribed by law, and shall exercise all the powers and be subject to all the duties prescribed by law, including such as may hereafter be imposed upon them by the adoption of voting machines, except so far as the same may be inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter.

SEC. 2. At every election each political party shall have the right to designate, and keep a challenger at each place of registration and voting, who shall be assigned such position as will enable him to see each person as he offers to register or vote, and who shall be protected in the discharge of his duty by the officers of election and the police. Any political party may remove any challenger appointed by it, and may appoint another in his place who shall have the like authority as was conferred by the original appointment.

SEC. 3. No certificate of the Registrar or of any other officer shall ever be taken as the basis of a right to yote. The Register shall be the only evidence of the right to vote, and no person whose name is not thereon shall be allowed to vote.

SEC. 4. Any person applying to register, or who, being registered, offers to vote, may, on any day of registration or of election, be challenged by any qualified elector of said city and county, and either of the said officers may, and one of them shall, at any authorized meeting of the Board of Precinct Registration, or of the Board of Election, administer to any person so challenged, the oath or oaths provided by law to test the qualification of challenged electors, and shall also administer to any elector of the election precinct who may be offered as a witness to prove the quali

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fication of any person claiming the right to be registered, or to vote, the following oath: "You" do swear (or affirm) that you are a voter of this election precinct, that you will fully and truly answer all such questions as shall be put to you touching the place of residence and other qualifications as a voter of the person (name to be given) now claiming the right to be registered (or to vote) in this precinct?'

Sec. 5. For all powers, authority and duties herein prescribed for and conferred upon, and all action required of, Boards of Precinct Registration or Boards of Election, save where such authority or action is specifically allowed to any of said Officers, the concurrence or assent of a majority of all the Officers of Election in any election precinct, must in all cases be obtained.

SEC. 6. The Officers of Election in each election precinct, while discharging any of the duties imposed upon them shall have full authority to preserve order and enforce obedience to their lawful commands at and around the place of registration or election; to keep the access to such place open and unobstructed; to prevent and suppress riots, tumults, violence, disorder and all other practices tending to the intimidation or obstruction of voters, or the disturbance or interruption of the work of registration or voting, or tending to the obstruction of the performance by them of any of their duties, and to protect the voters and challengers from intimidation or violence, and the registers and poll lists, boxes and ballots from violence and fraud, and shall appoint or deputize, if necessary, one or more persons to communicate their orders and directions, and to assist in the enforcement thereof.

Sec. 7. The Board of Election Commissioners may, prior to any election, appoint from each precinct such additional Officers and Clerks as they may deem necessary. When such appointments are made, the additional Officers, with the original Officers, shall canvass the vote for such precinct, and shall from and after the closing of the polls, constitute the Board of Election of such precinct, the members relieving each other in the duty of canvassing the ballots, which may be conducted by at least half of the entire number; but the certificates must be signed by at least two-thirds of the whole number.

SEC. 8. Said additional Officers and Clerks shall be


as nearly as possible divided equally in number as to their political faith and opinions. They shall possess the other qualifications required by this Article, and shall be in all respects named, selected, notified, examined, appointed, commissioned, and sworn, herein before provided.

They shall hold office during the counting of the vote, and shall receive the same compensation a day as the other Officers and Clerks herein provided for. If any one of said additional Officers or Clerks is not present at the precinct at the closing of the polls the Precinct Board of Election must fill the vacancy by the appointment of some suitable person of the same political faith and opinions and qualifications as the absent person.

SEC. 9. The polls must be opened at sunrise of the day of election and kept open continously until five o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, when they shall be closed.

SEC. 10. As soon as the polls of an election are closed the Officers in their several election precincts shall immediately, and at the place of the polls, proceed to canvass the votes. Such canyass shall be made in the manner required by the laws of the State, shall be public, and shall not be adjourned or postponed until it shall have been fully completed. No vote shall be received, nor shall any ballot be counted or canvassed, nor shall any statement of votes, announcement, or proclamation be made at any time when the main entrance to the room in which the election is held shall be closed in such a manner as to prevent ingress or egress; but the said Board may station one or more officers at such entrance to exclude disorderly and improper persons; nor shall any such duties be performed unless at least six persons, if so many claim that privilege, are allowed to be present, and so near that they can see whether the duties of the said Officers are faithfully performed. Each political party shall be entitled to designate and keep watchers present during the canvass, provided that at no time shall there be in attendance more than two watchers from any one party. When the canvass is completed, the returns shall be made in the manner provided by law and immediately delivered to the Board of Election Commissioners.

SEC. 11. All provisions for carrying out the regis

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