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and number of the street, avenue, or other location of the dwelling, if there be a number, but if there be not a number, such clear and definite description of the place of said dwelling as will enable it to be readily ascertained, fixed and determined; and, if there be more than one house at the number given by the applicant as his place of residence, in which of said houses he resides, or if there be more than one family residing in said house, or if the place of his residence be a hotel, boarding house or lodging house, then in the column headed “Floor of House," the floor on which he resides, and in the column headed "Number and Location of Room," the number and location of the room or rooms occupied

by him.


Second-In the column headed "Names," the name of the applicant, giving the surname and Christian name in full. The names of all the voters residing in the same dwelling shall follow each other and shall refer to the house and street, number or other description, as provided, of the dwelling.

Third-In the column headed “Sworn,” the word Yesor “No” as the fact shall be.

Fourth-In the column headed “Nativity,” the state or country, as the fact shall be stated by the applicant.

FifthIn the column headed " Age,” the age of the applicant, rejecting fractions of the

year. SixthIn the column headed Color," the word " White

Colored” as the fact is. Seventh-In the column headed " Occupation,” the business or profession of the applicant.

Eighth-In the subdivisions of the general column headed “ Term of Residence,” the period by months or years stated by the applicant in response to the inquiries made concerning the subject of each of said subdivisions.

Ninth-In the subdivisions of the general column headed “ Naturalization,” in cases where the applicant claims to be a naturalized citizen, in the subdivision whether he claims by the naturalization of his father, Yes” or “No,” as the case may be, and in the other subdivisions, the time and place of naturalization, the name of the Court where naturalized, (if the applicant know such name), whether or not the certificate is lost, and the date of the papers of naturalization, as the


same shall appear by the evidence of citizenship submitted or presented by the applicant.

TenthIn the column headed "Qualified Voter,” the word “Yes” or “No," as the fact shall appear and be determined by a majority of the Board of Precinct Registration ; but they must designate as a qualified voter any person who, being otherwise qualified, is not of age at the time of making such application, if such applicant will be of the age of twenty-one years prior to or on the day of election immediately following such time of applying:

Eleventh-In the column of “Date of Application,” the month, day and year when the applicant presented himself and was adjudged a qualified voter of the election precinct.

Twelfth --In the column “Challenge,” “Yes
No,” according to the fact, whether challenged or not.

Thirteenth-In the column “Signature of the Voter,” the applicant shall sign his name, if he be able to write, and if he be not, his name shall be written for him, and the fact attested in the margin by the signature of the Chairman of the Board of Precinct Registration.

SEC. 6. The registration of voters, and all proceedings connected therewith, shall be public, and citizens shall have free ingress and egress to and from the place where the same is being done.




SECTION 1. The Board of Election Commissioners shall procure a suitable room or place, which shall have an area of not less than two hundred square feet, in each election precinct for the sittings of the Boards of Precinct Registration. In each election precinct such place shall be in the most public, orderly and convenient portion of the precinct, and no building or part of building shall be designated or used as a place of registry or polling place in which, or any part of which, spirituous or intoxicating liquors are sold; and no place shall be designated or used for any such purpose unless the same is well lighted. Places so selected for precinct registration may be used as polling places, except at

such time when the law requires the use of election booths, in which case they shall be provided and erected by said Board.

SEC. 2. Said Boards of Precinct Registration shall meet in the places provided in their respective precincts for such purpose, commencing sixty days before the day of election, and shall sit in open session from eight o'clock in the forenoon until ten o'clock in the afternoon of each day for six days next thereafter (legal holidays excepted), to receive and act upon applications for registration on the part of the voters of said precinct. They shall organize by electing one of their number Chairman. In case of a failure to so organize within one hour after the time fixed for their meeting, the Chairman shall be selected by them by lot. They shall receive the applications for registration of such residents of their several election precincts as then are, or on the day of election next following the day of making such application, would be, entitled to vote therein, and who shall personally apply, with proper evidence of their rights.

Sec. 3. The Registrar shall, under the direction of the said Commissioners, furnish said Boards of Precinct Registration with blanks, stationery, and all other matters and things necessary to enable them to conveniently and speedily perform their duties. He shall also give such Boards his assistance and advice in organizing and conducting registration and other matters required of them by law, and shall visit said Boards while engaged in said duty, and see that said proceedings are conducted according to law, and that the Registers are made in due form. The public shall be allowed free access to the Precinct Registers.

SEC. 4. The Boards of Precinct Registration shall keep the several Precinct Registers for three days after the expiration of the time prescribed for their sitting for registration, during which time they shall make diligent examination and inquiry by a house to house canvass as to the right of the respective voters who have been registered on said Precinct Registers to such registration, and shall, in all doubtful cases, certify said doubt, with the reasons therefor, to the Board of Election Commissioners for their action.

All persons who have been refused registration by the Registrar, or by the Precinct Board, may appeal to the Board of Election Commissioners, who shall hear and determine the same in a summary manner, so as not to delay the completion of the Registers.

SEC. 5. When each Board of Precinct Registration has completed the examination and inquiry required in the preceding section, it shall certify the Precinct Register with said index and the duplicate thereof as is hereinafter provided, and deliver the same to the Registrar. Said delivery shall be made not later than four full days after the cessation of its sitting for registration. The said Board shall at the same time prepare and duly certify a separate and distinct list, showing the names of all persons concerning whose right to registration it is in doubt, together with the grounds and reasons for such doubt. Such list and certificate shall be delivered to the Registrar at the same time with the Precinct Register. Proper blanks shall be prepared and furnished by the Registrar for the purpose of making the return of doubtful names on the Registers, and also blank certificates and all other necessary things for

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such purpose.

SEC. 6. The certificate to be attached to the Precinct Register shall be substantially in the following form, to wit: We the undersigned, officers of Election, forming the Board of Precinct Registration for the

Precinct of the Assembly District in the City and County of San Francisco, do jointly and severally certify that on the ..... day of...

18...., we met and organized as such Board, at the place appointed by law for the holding thereof in said precinct. We further certify that we sat as a Board of Precinct Registration at said place, from the

day of till the ..


and have admitted to registration (showing number) citizens, whose names and other matters of qualification will appear upon the foregoing register, and that the whole number of qualified voters upon said Register is (number.)

We further certify that we have made a house to house canvass and have examined and inquired into

day of.

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said list to the best of our ability, and have noted all doubtful registration thereon. “Dated,

18.... (Signed):

(Signed): “(Signed):

(Signed): SEC. 7. The certificate to be annexed to the list of doubtful names shall be substantially in the following form, to wit: “We, the undersigned, composing the Board of Precinct Registration, for the. Precinct of the..

.. Assembly District in the City and County of San Francisco, hereby certify that the accompanying list shows all the names and other matters of qualification of voters upon the Precinct Register for said precinct, about whose right to registration we entertain a reasonable doubt, together with a statement of the cause or grounds for such doubt. "Dated,



(Signed): SEC. 8. Any member of such Precinct Boards of Registration, who shall fail to perform any of the duties required of him, or who shall make any false returns or statement, or who shall violate any of the provisions of this Article, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, where the offense is not otherwise specified.

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SECTION 1. The Registrar shall forth with notify all persons whose right to registration is certified as doubtful, of said fact, and also in cases where the Registrar has reason to believe that persons have been illegally registered, and shall cite them before the Board of Election Commissioners. He shall forth with send a written or printed notice to such person, directing the same to him at his address as found in said Precinct Register, requiring such person to show cause before the Board of Election Commissioners, at a day to be named in said notice, why said Board should not cancel said

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