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of the Hospital for Infectious Diseases of the City and County of San Francisco.



SECTION 1. The said Board of Health shall have full power to enforce and carry out all ordinances, rules or regulations for the preservation of the public health, and for the registration of vital statistics, as are now or may be hereafter enacted by the Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco, in the manner prescribed by this Charter, and to prohibit in said city any business or practice which said Board shall declare to be dangerous or detrimental to the public health. But no established business or the rights to property of any person shall be interfered with or prohibited, until the offender or offenders therewith charged, shall have been duly summoned by notice of not less than five days, to appear before said Board to show cause why such declaration or order of prohibition shall not be enforced against the said party or parties charged; nor until they shall have an opportunity to be heard. And upon the rendition of the decision of the said Board that said business or practice is detrimental to the public health, the said person or persons so charged shall have the right of appeal from such decision to the Superior Court of the City and County of San Francisco, upon petition reciting the said charges and decision, a copy of which petition shall be duly served upon the said Board within five days from the rendition of said decision. And said Superior Court shall proceed to a hearing and determination of such matter, which hearing shall be by trial of the issues embraced in the said petition, before said court, upon such day as the said court shall fix; and the decision of said Superior Court in said matter shall be final, and shall go into effect immediately thereafter. But no such appeal shall be had or taken, until a bond, to be approved by the court, shall have been duly filed with the court, conditioned in the sum of five hundred dollars, that the said appellant shall pay to the said Board all costs which may be awarded against such appellant or appellants, in case the said decision rendered by the said Board and app ealed from shall be affirmed by final judgment.

Sec. 2. Every master or journeyman plumber carrying on his trade in the City and County of San Francisco, shall, under the rules and regulations prescribed by the said Board of Health, register his name and address at the said Department of Health, and it shall not be lawful for any person to carry on the trade of plumbing in said city and county unless his name and address be so registered. The drainage and plumbing of all buildings in said city and county, both public and private, shall be executed in accordance with plans previously approved in writing by said Board. Suitable drawings and descriptions of said plumbing and drainage shall in each case be submitted and placed on file in the Department of Health. The Board of Health is also authorized to receive and place on file drawings and descriptions of the plumbing and drainage of buildings heretofore erected, and they shall have power to condemn all or any portions of the plumbing which they may determine to be a menace to the health of the occupants thereof, subject to appeal as provided in Section 1 of this Chapter. Any court of record in said city and county shall have power at any time after the service of notice of the violation of any of the provisions of this section, and upon the affidavit of any member of the Board of Health to restrain by injunction order the further progress of any violation of the provisions of this section, or of any work upon or about the building or premises upon which the said violation exists, and no undertaking shall be required as a condition to the granting or issuing of any such injunction or by reason thereof. Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.



SECTION 1. The Mayor, with the Board of Health and the Board of Public Works of the City and County of San Francisco, by and with the consent of the Supervisors, are hereby constituted a commission with power and authority, by this Charter, to select a site in or near the City and County of San Francisco, for the erection of a public hospital for the reception and treatment of persons suffering from infectious or contagious diseases. After such a site has been selected as aforesaid, it shall be purchased at a fair market value or leased by said Board of Health. The Auditor of the City of San Francisco is hereby authorized to include from year to year in his annual report, the sum or sums necessary for the purchase or lease of said site, and for the erection and maintenance of said hospital, and the sum or sums so reported shall be included in the annual tax levy of said city and county. After such site has been selected as aforesaid, either by purchase or lease, and whenever funds have been provided in the manner aforesaid, the said Board of Health is empowered by this Charter to take such property by purchase or lease in the name of the City and County of San Francisco, after the City Attorney shall have approved the validity of the title to the same. The management of said hospital shall be under the direction and control of the Board of Health of San Francisco. The said Board of Health shall make rules and regulations for the conduct and government of said hospital. It shall appoint all physicians necessary for said hospital, who shall be doctors of medicine, holding degrees from medical colleges in good standing. It shall appoint such employees, nurses and servants as may be necessary and determine their salaries, and shall regulate the scale of prices for those who are able to pay for admission and treatment. But no person having an infectious or contagious disease shall be refused admission to said hospital because of inability to pay. The Board of Health is hereby authorized to cause to be removed to this hospital any person or persons afflicted with contagious or infectious diseases, whose house and sanitary surroundings are not satisfactory to the said Board of Health. All moneys received from patients treated in this hospital shall be immediately paid into the Treasury.

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Department of Elections.



SECTION 1. The conduct, management and control of the registration of voters, and of the holding of elections, and of all matters pertaining to elections, in the City and County of San Francisco, shall be vested in and exercised by a Board of Election Commissioners, consisting of four members, who shall be appointed by the Mayor, and shall hold office for four years. Each member of said Board must be an elector, and must have been an actual resident of the city at least five years next preceding his appointment. Those first appointed must, immediately after their appointment, so classify themselves by lot, that one shall go out of office at the end of one year; one at the end of two years; one at the end of three years, and one at the end of four years.

In making said appointments the Mayor shall not appoint more than two from the same political party, and said Board shall always be so composed that there shall never be at any one time more than two Commissioners from the same political party. No special election shall be called by said Board unless the same has been previously ordered by the Supervisors.

SEC. 2. No member of said Board shall, during his term of office, be a member of any convention, the purpose of which is to nominate candidates for office; or be eligible to any other public office during the term for which he shail have been appointed, or for one year thereafter; or act as officer of any election or primary election, or take part in any election except to deposit his vote and when acting as Election Commissioner, at which time he shall perform only such official duties

may be required of him by law and by this Charter.

Sec. 3. Said Commissioners shall organize within ten days after their appointment, by choosing one of their number President. In case of failure to agree, he shall be selected by lot, and shall hold office for one year and until his successor is elected. Said Board shall appoint


a Registrar of Voters. He shall be the Secretary of the Board, and shall keep a record of its proceedings, and shall execute all orders, and enforce all rules and regulations adopted by the Board. He shall hold his office at the pleasure of the Board.

Sec. 4. Said Board may appoint a Deputy Registrar and such other clerical assistants as in its judgment may be necessary. The Board shall, by resolution adopted by a majority vote of all of its members and entered upon its minutes, designate the service to be rendered by such assistants, the rate of compensation, and the term for which they shall be employed. The time of employment so fixed shall not be extended except by like resolution of the Board, nor shall the salary so fixed before the employment, be increased in any


SEC. 5. Said Board shall, on or before the second Monday in June preceding each general election, divide the Assembly Districts of said city and county into election precincts, of which there shall be as many as shall be sufficient to make the number of votes polled at any one election precinct two hundred, as nearly as can be ascertained and arranged, using streets and avenues as boundaries. After said city and county shall have been so divided into precincts, the boundaries of any precinct may be changed by unanimous vote of said Board, so as to reduce the number of votes in any precinct to such number as said Board may consider best calculated to facilitate registration and the canvass of votes; provided, that if the use of voting machines shall hereafter be authorized by law, each precinct shall contain not more than one thousand votes.

Sec. 6. Said Board shall have all the powers, discharge all the duties, and be liable to all the obligations with respect to the registration of voters and other matters pertaining to elections, and election contests, in said city and county, now or hereafter belonging to, or imposed upon, the County Clerks of other counties of this State in their respective counties under the general laws thereof, so far as the same are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter.

Sec. 7. Said Board, in the third month preceding every general election, shall appoint the number of officers of precinct registration necessary for registration

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