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All Adventurers of 500 1. to bring fifty men shall have 5000 acres, and a manor with Royalties, at 5 s. rent, and whosoever is willing so to transport himself or servant at 101. a man, shall for each man have 100 acres freely granted for ever, and at

may be instructed how in a moneth to passe, and in 20 days to get fit servants and artificers for wages, diet, and clothes, and apprentices according to the 3 Statutes 5 Eliz, All which after 5 years service, are to have 30 acres of free land, and some stock, and bee free-holders.

after 3 Prentices aeots and are in a




BEING, A full and true Relation of the present State of the Plantation, their Health, Peace, and Plenty: the number of people, with their abundance of Cattell, Fowl, Fish, &c. with severall sorts of rich and good Commodities, which may there be had, either Naturally, or by Art and Labour. Which we are fain to procure from Spain, France, Denmark, Swe. deland, Germany, Poland, yea, from the East-Indies. There having been nothing related of the true estate of this Plan. tation these 25

years. Being sent from Virginia, at the request of a Gentleman of worthy

note, who desired to know the true State
of Virginia as it now stands.

ALSO, A Narration of the Countrey, within a few dayes journey of Virginia, West and by South, where people come to trade: being related to the Governour, Sir William Berckley, who is to go himselfe to discover it with 30 horse, and 50 foot, and other things needful for

his enterprize. With the manner how the Emperor Nichotawance came to Sir William Berckley, attended with five petty Kings, to doe Homage, and bring Tribute to King CHARLES. With his solemne Protestation, that the Sun and Moon should lose their Lights, before he (or his people in 1.9 that Country) should prove disloyall, but ever to keepe Faith and Allegiance to King


London, Printed for Richard Wodenoth, at the Star

under Peters Church in Cornhill. 1649.

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These things that follow in this ensuing Relation

are certified by divers Letters from Virginia, by men of worth and credit there, written to a Friend in England, that for his owne, and others satisfaction, was desirous to know these particulars, and the present estate of that Countrey. And let no man doubt of the truth of it, there be many in England, Land and Seamen that can beare witnesse of it. And if this Plantation be not worth Encouragement, let every true Englishman judge.

Hat there are in Virginia about fifteene thousand Eng. lish, and of Negroes brought thither, three hundred good

servants. 2. That of Kine, Oxen, Bulls, Calves, twenty thousand, large and good, and they make plenty of Butter and very good


3 That there are of an excellent raise, about two hundred Horse and Mares.

4 That of Asses for burthen and use, there is fifty but daily increase.

5 That for Sheepe they have about three thousand, good wooll.

6 That for Goates there number is five thousand, thrive well.

7 That for Swine both tame and wilde (in the Woods) innumerable; the flesh pure and good, and Bacon none better.

8 That for Poultry, Hens, Turkies, Ducks, Geese, without number.

9 That they yearly plow and sow many hundred Acres of Wheat, as good, and faire, as any in the world, and great increase. The bande

10 That they have plenty of Barley, make excellent Mault.

11 That they have Six publike Brewhouses, and most brew their owne Beere, strong and good, nie

12 That their Hopps are faire and large, thrive well.

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