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Treasurer and Company, are to be deemed occupiers of the Company's land, much more will such Grantees be deemed occupiers of their land who hold their rights under an erroneous judgment, as they pretend. ; sich! Dit 13e job fffin it 3: That if the Company be revived, and they have leave, by virtue of their charter of Orders, publickly to dispossess us, the wiser world, we hope, will excuse us if we refuse to depart with what, next to our lives, nearest concerns us (which are our estates, the livelihood of ourselves, our wives, and children) to the courtesy and will of such taskmasters, from whom we have already experienced so much oppression. V That we will not admit of so unnatural a distance as a Company to interpose between his sacred Majesty and us, his Subjects, from whose immediate protection we have received so many royal favours and gracious blessings. 9 That, by such admission, we shall degenerate from our birthrights, being naturalized under a monarchical and not a popular or tumultuary Government, depending upon the greatest number of votes of persons of several humours and dispositions, as that of a Company must be granted to be, from whose general Quarter Courts all Laws binding the planters here did, and would again, issue. 3: That we cannot without breach of natural duty and religion, give up and resign the lands we hold by grants from the King upon certain annual rents (fitter, as we humbly conceive, if his Majesty shall so please, for a branch of bis Royal stem, than for a Company) to the claim of a corporation; for, beside our births, our possessions enjoin on us a fealty without a Salva

Fide aliis Dominis. -- That by the admission of a Company the freedom of our trade (the blood and life of a commonwealth) will be monopolized : for they who with most secret reservation, and most subtlety, argue for a Company, though they pretend to submit the government to the King, yet reserve to the corporation property to the land, and power of managing the trade; which word MANAGING, in every sense of it, is convertible to monopolizing, and will subject, the trade to the sole control and direction of their Quarter Courts, held at so great a distance from us that it is not probable, or possible, for them to be acquainted with the accidental circumstances of the Colony, so as to form proper rules and regulations for our trade, which our Grand Assembly, acquainted with the clime and accidents thereof, have and may, upon better grounds, prescribe, and which in any other way will be destructive to us. .'

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