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In the next place, to prove the Lord Baltamore's usurpation of Royal Jurisdiction and dominion in Maryland, as absolute Lord and Proprietary, there needs no more then his Commissions and Processes running in this stile, viz. We, Us, and, Given under our hand and greater Seal of Arms, in such a yeer of our Dominion, he. The Oath also, that he tenders to all his Subjects and the Inhabitants, such being the very words thereof, as by the Oath itself, copied from his own hand, and herewith published, appears. This is surely incompatible to the English Nation, that there should be any such principality erected over them, whereas the books of Law teach us, that all Writs, Executions, and Commands ought to be done in the name of the Supream Authority onely, and is so appointed by the late Platform of Government, for all the Dominions of the Commonwealth, of which this is a part; and by a late Ordinance declaring Treason upon such penalty, that none ought to exercise any power, but in the Lord Protector's name; and these men acting so wilfully, cannot excuse themselves. By the ancient English Laws, all those Pleas that concern Life, and Member, and Pardons, cannot be done in the name of any inferior Person; and all Writs, Indictments, and Process as heretofore, so must now only be in the name of the Lord Protector, and not in the name of the Lord Baltamore's, as he hath assumed in Maryland. And whereas the Lord Baltamore pretends to the like priviledges as in the County-Palatine of Duresme, even those priviledges of Duresme, and all the other County-Palatines of England, were, and are taken away as dishonorable, and incongruent to the English Nation, by the Statute of the 27 Hen. 8. 25. With what strange confidence then doth the Lord Baltamore publish to the world, That these Royalties and Priviledges are warranted by his Patent, when as they are contrary to Law, and to the Government now established under his Highness, and to a Clause in his Patent, wherein it is provided, That no Construction be made thereof, whereby the Government in the Common-wealth of England should suffer any prejudice or diminution.

Whereby it appears there was as good Cause to reduce Maryland as Virginia; the People, and General Assembly thereof also complaining of their Grievance, among many other exorbitant Usurpations of Lord Baltamore over them, as appears by their Complaint in Governor Green's time, made and Recorded there by a Committee of that Assembly: But 'tis known that Governor Green was deposed by Lord Baltamore, for suffering that Committee, and not for proclaiming the Kings Son,


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would not leave a Bible in Maryland. His Country, till he, employed Captain Stone, never had but Papist Governours and Counsellors, dedicated to St. Ignatius, as they call him, and his Chappel and Holyday kept solemnly: The Protestants for the most time miserably disturbed in the exercise of their Religion, by many wayes plainly enforced, or by subtil practises, or hope of preferment, to turn Papists, of which a very sad account may from time to time be given, even from their first arrival, to this very day. . «

Virginia hath used all good Neighbourhood towards them, without which assistance and supply, even of all things, they could not have subsisted; for their numbers were inconsiderable, and their Adventures small and very little after the first ship, in comparison of such a work. And though Lord Baltamore pretends great Adventures with his Friends thithfer; yet none have appeared there to any considerable value from him for many yeers, onely what Merchants, and some few have done upon Returns of Tobacco and Beaver; so that in Truth it will appear, and that by his own Letters too, Maryland hath been chiefly planted by Virginia from the first to last, and by people from thence wanting seats in their narrow limits; Maryland taking away above half the Country, which (as hath been said before) was onely discovered by Virginia, w}tji continual Trade and abode of people there for above 20 yeers, by Commissions and Warrants in the King's Name, and was planted by Colonel Claiborn under Virginia Government, some yeers before ever the name of Maryland, or. Lord Baltamore was ever heard of there; which himself knew, though he mis-informed the King, and, obtained his .Patent upon pretence of Unplanted places onely. , .

But the' many illegal Executions and Murthers of several per-, sons at the Isle of Kent by the Lord Baltamoreh commands and his Officers'; the Imprisonments, Confiscations of many mens Estates, and of .Widows' and Orphans, to the destruction of many Families there; especially his seizure of Captain Chtiborn's Estate, though out of his Patent, because planted, to the value of 6000 pounds, with the great tyranny ahd wrong done there, although the then King Declared and Commanded the contrary, but was disobeyed by the Lord Baltamore's Agents, are too long to be inserted here.

Many Inconveniences and Losses hath Virginia suffered by Maryland, of which the continual Invitation and Entertainment of run-away servants, and protecting fugitive persons and indebted, is not the least: But above all, it is easie to be made appear

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