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1. Here as ih Province in France, Walnut-Milk, or Oyle ground and pressed, will yeeld the gatherer ten gallons, and 10 s. a days work.

8. Here the Land lieth covered seven moneths with Beech, and Oke Mast, Walnuts, chestnuts, and three moneths with Groundnuts, Seg and other roots, and wilde Pease, and Fetches yearly, so as forty Hogs for one, and ninety Turkeys, Partridges, Heathpoults, and tame Poultry, eating their fill, for Once ordinary encreased.

9. Here . the Sope and Pot-ashes men paying in England 12 d. a bushel and 4 d. carnage for ashes, and 201. a tun for Pot-ashes, may make them at a quarter and lesse: and get 8 s. a days work, by cutting, reeking, and burning whole plains of Fern, Brambles, and wilde Vines, being thrice as strange as Wood-ashes.

10. Here a ship may goe, and return in five moneths laded, and comfortable, see their friends, makingt wo voyages a year, in a healthy ayre, free from Enemies and Turks, and get two for one each voyage: that is, four for one, of that stock, and proceed in a year.

11. Here the kinde Gentleman that in England doth not live without deep mortgages, suretiship, law-suits and troubles, may here settle, and avoid ill company, and tempting occasions, and live in plenty, and variety of all sports, hunting Deere, hawking Fowl, fishing, and many more sports, and sorts of game, as with dainty fruits; and lay up his spare rents.

12. Here the Soldier, and Gentlemen wanting employment, and not hire to labor, without going to war to kil Christians for 5 s. a, week in the mouth of the roaring Cannon, or in a Siege threatned with famine, and pestilence: and Often together against a few naked salvages, may like a devout Apostoliqued soldier with sword, and the word to civilize, and convert them to be his Majesties Lieges, and by trading with them for furs, get his ten shillings a day, and at home intermixing sport and pleasure, with profit, store his Parks with Elks and fallow Deer, are fit to ride, rnilke or drawe, the' first as big as Oxen, and bringing three a year, and with five hundred Turkeys in a flock got by nets, in stalling get his five shil. a day at least.

Passage and diet of a man, his bedding ,and chest thither,

51.0.0. Bedding will cost 15 s. drams, fruit and spice, '1. 0. 0.

In goods to buy a Cow,, and stock each man here. 2. 0. 0.
Arm?. Ammunition and Tools, each man 2. 0. 0.

Sum total! 10. 0. 0.


All Adventurers of 5001. to bring fifty men shall have 5000 acres, and a manor with Royalties, at 5 s. rent, and whosoever is willing so to transport himself* or servant at 101. a man, shall for each man have 100 acres freely granted for ever, and at

may be instructed how in a inoneth to passe, and in 20 days to get fit servants and artificers for wages, diet, and clothes, and apprentices according to the 9 Statutes 5 Eliz. All which after 5 years service, are to have 30 acres of free land, and some stock, and bee free-holders.

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A full and true Relation of the present

State of the Plantation, their Health, Peace,

and Plenty: the number of people, with their abun-
dance of Cattell, Fowl, Fish, &c. with severall sorts
of rich and good Commodities, which may

there be had, either Naturally, or by Art and
Labour. Which we are fain to procure
from Spain, France, Denmark, Swe-
ieland, Germany, Poland, yea, from
the East-Indies. There having
been nothing related of the
true estate of this Plan-
tation these 25
Being sent from Virginia, at the request of a Gentleman of worthy
note, who desired to lcnow the true State
of Virginia as it now stands.


A Narration of the Countrey, within a few

dayes journey of Virginia, West and by South,

where people come to trade: being related to the Go

vernour, Sir William Berckley, who is to go him

selfe to discover it with 30 horse, and 50

foot, and other things needful for

his enterprize.

With the manner how the Emperor Nich

otawance came to Sir William Berckley, at-
tended with five petty Kings, to doe Homage, and bring
Tribute to King Charles. With hi3 solemne
Protestation, that the Sun and Moon should lose
their Lights, before he (or his people in
that Country) should prove disloy-
all, but ever to keepe Faith
and Allegiance to King

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London, Printed for Bichard Wodenoth, at the Star under Peters Church in Cornhill. 1649.

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