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deserve all Hqnour and Encouragement; amongst which our Earl Palatine having adventured his person seven years, with so much hazard and charges, is chiefly .to be advanced and honoured according to his worth. •

Now for the pedegree and ancient Family of our Earl Palatine of 20Q years descent, being in England and borders of Walts: I finde onely a letter in .the name changed, in each Age, and Conquest or change of Nation; for in Henry of Huntingdon, and William of Malmsbury, his Chronicles.of all the Saxon Princes, that have arrived, and seated, and conquered the Britains; this family descending of. a daughter, came with those Princes into Britany; and I find that in lower Saxony neer Hamboro, and Holstein a member of the Empire, and in all Maps there is still in that harsh language Ployen, a wall'd City by a lake, and Plowen a walled Castle of Count Plowen, a Count of the sacred Empire, in Grimstpns and other. Histories mentioned; Now the Welch make and turn the vowel u into i or y, as from Brutus to Britons, so Plowden to Ployden, as all Maps write it. In Deeds, and the Bishop of Herefords Records I find Anno Domini 904. an Exchange pro decern manlis vocat Ploydanes place super quas Episcopus cedificaturus est Castrum, called Bishops Castle, in which Town the Ploydens have much lands and tenements, having Ployden Manor, Ployden Hall, Longvill Castle, and thirteen Townes about it to this day, and at the coming in of H. the seventh were , Commanders of that country, and Constables, or, Chastellains of that Fort of Bishops Castle; now Ploydan and Ployden is all one, Forest of Danes for Dene, the Norman pronuntiation, which name of Ployden signifieth kill Dane, or wound Dane; and Pleyden by Ry in Sussex was of this house, and signifieth in French hurt Dane, and this Pleyden sent his sons and conquered in Normandy, where are five families yet: and the heir of Pleyden wanting issue, made it an Hospitall, now held by the Earle of Thanet, Lord Toston; So Plowen, Ployen, Playdane, Ployden, Plowden and Pleyden is all one, for the change in time, and severall, Nations pronunciation, Saxons, Danes, English, Welch and Normans. And note, to this day an Esquire in France of 300 yeares standing of Coat Armor shall take place and precedency of any Earle, Vicount or Baron, which is not so ancient of Coat Armor, they not allowing the King by new creations to bar their inheritance and precedency. And for their greatnesse and pedegree, I finde Ployden married the daughter of John de 'Monte Gomerico, (now called Mount Gomery) Earl of Salopshire, in William the Conquerours reign, and iii Edward the thirds time married the daughter of that great and rich Knight

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