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so unserviceable, that the Master called a counsell of all the company in generall, to have theire opinions, which way to goe, and how to beare the helme, who all under their hand affirmed the shipp to be unserviceable: so that in fine the Master and men, and all were at their wits end about it: yet they imployed the Carpenters to search, and caulke her sides, and doe theire best whiles they were in her. Nine moneths they made a shife to use her, and shifted for supply of vittells at all the Islands they touched at; though it were so poorely, that all those helpes, and the short allowance of a bisket a day, and a few Lymons taken in at the Canaries, served but to bring the vessell in view of the lands end.

They were in such a desperat case, that (if God in his greate mercy had not savoured them, and disposed the windes faire untill the vessell was in Plimmouth roade,) they had without question perished; for when they let drop an Anchor, neere the Island of S. Michaels not one bit of foode left for all that starving allowance of this wretched wethercock, that if hee would have lanched out his beaver, might have bought more vittells in New England then he & the whole ship with the Cargazoun was worth, (as the passingers hee carried who vittelled themselves affirmed, But hee played the miserable wretch, & had possessed his men with the contrary ; who repented them of waying anchor before they knew so much.

Mine Host of Ma-re-Mount (after hee had bin in the Whales belly) was set a shore to see if hee would now play Ionas, so metamorphosed with a longe voyage, that hee looked like Lazarus in the painted cloath.

But mine Host (after due consideration of the premisses) thought it fitter for him to play Ionas in this kinde, then for the Seperatists to play Ionas in that kinde as they doe. Hee therefore bid Wethercock tell the Seperatists, that they would be made in due time to repent those malitious practises, and so would hee too; for hee was a Seperatist amongst the Seperatists as farre as his wit would give him leave; though when hee came in Company of basket makers, hee would doe his indevoure to make them pinne the basket, if hee could, as I have seene him. And now mine Host being merrily disposed, haveing past many perillous adventures in that desperat Whales belly, beganne in a posture like Ionas, and cryed Repent you cruell Seperatists repent, there are as yet but 40. dayes if love vouchsafe to thunder, Charter and the Kingdome of the Seperatists will fall asunder: Repent you cruell Schismaticks repent. And in that posture hee greeted them by letters retorned into new Canaan ; and ever (as opportunity was fitted for the purpose) he was both heard & seene in the posture of Ionas against the crying repent you cruel Seperatists, repent, there are as yet but 40. dayes if love vouchsafe to thunder. The Charter and the Kingdome of the Seperatists will fall a sunder: Repent you cruell Schismaticks repent; If you will heare any more of this proclamation meete him at the next markettowne, for


Cynt hius aurem vellet.


Chap. 1. Of a great legue, made betweene the Salvages and English. 2. Of the entertainement of Master Westons people. 3. Of a great Battaile fought betweene the English and the

Indians. 4. Of a Parliament held at Wessaguscus. 5. Of a Massacre made upon the Salvages. 6. Of the Surprizing of a Marchants Shipp. 7. Of Thomas Mortons Entertainement and wrack. 8. Of the banishment of John Layford, lohn Oldam. 9. Of a barren doe of Virginea growne Fruithfull. 10. Of the Master of the Ceremonies. 11. Of a Composition made for a Salvages theft. 12. Of a voyage made by the Master of the Ceremonies for

Beaver. 13. A lamentable fitt of mellancolly cured. 14. The Revells of New Canaan. 15. Of a great Monster supposed to be at Ma-re-Mount. 16. How the nine Worthies of New Canaan put mine Host of

Ma-re-Mount into an inchaunted Castle. 17. Of the baccanall Triumphe of New Canaan. 10. 18. Of a Doctor made at a commencement. 19. Of the silencing of a Minister. 20. Of a practise to get a snare to hemper mine host of Ma

re-Mount. . Of Captaine Littleworths devise for the purchase of Bea

ver. 22. Of a Sequestration in New Canaan. 23. Of a great bonfire made in New Canaan. 24. Of the digradinge and creatinge of Gentry. 25. Of the manner how the Seperatists pay their debts. 26. Of the Charity of the Seperatists. 27. Of the practise of their Church. 28. Of their Policy in publik Iustice. 29. How mine Host was put into a Whales belly. 30. How Sir Christopher Gardiner Knight speed amongst the

Seperatists. 31. How mine Host of Ma-re-Mount playd Ionas after hee

got out of the Whales belly.

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