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that noe man there shall build his chimney with wood, nor cover his house with thatch, which was readily assented vnto, for that diverse other howses haue beene burned since our arrivall (the fire allwaies beginninge in the woodden chimneyes) and some English wigwams which haue taken fire in the roofes covered with thatch or boughs.

And that this shipp might returne into Old England with heavy newes, vppon the 18 day of March, came one from Salem and told us that vppon the 15 thereof, there dyed Mrs. Skelton, the wife of the other minister there, who about 18 or 20 dayes before handling cold things in a sharpe morninge, put herself into a most violent fitt of the wind colleck and of vomitting, which continuinge, shee at length fell into a feaver & so dyed as before. Shee was a godly & an helpfull woman, & indeed the maine piller of her family, haueing left behinde hir an husband & 4 children weake and helpeles, who canne scarce till how to live without her. Shee lieued desired and dyed lamented and well deserves to bee honourably remembred.

Vppon the 25 of this March, one of Waterton haueing lost a calfe, and about 10 of the clock at night heareinge the howlinge of some wolues not farr off, raised many of his neighbours out of their bedds, that by discharginge their muskeets neere about the place, where hee heard the wolues, hee might soe putt the wolues to flight, and saue his calfe: the wind serveing fitt to cary the report of the musketts to Rocksbury, 3 miles of at such a time, the inhabitants there tooke an alarme beate vpp their drume, armed themselves and sent in post to vs to Boston to raise vs allsoe. Soe in the morninge the calfe beeinge found safe, the wolues affrighted, and our danger past, wee went mer- . rily to breakefast.

I thought to haue ended before, but the stay of the shipp, and my desire to informe your ho's of all I canne, hath caused this addition ; and every one haueinge warninge to prepare for the shipps departure to morrow, I am now this 28 of March 1631, sealinge my l’res.

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New Canaan,




The first setting forth the Originall of the Natives, their

Manners and Customs. Together with their tractable Na

ture and Love towards the English. II. The Natural Indowments of the Countrie, and what Sta

ple Commodities it yeeldeth. III. What People are planted there, their Prosperity, what

remarkable Accidents have happened since the first planting of it; together with their Tenents and Practise of their Church.



Upon ten Yeers Knowledge and Experiment

of the Country.

Printed by Charles Green. 1632.



To the right honorable, the Lords and others of his Majesties most honorable privy Councell, Commissioners, for the Government of all his Majesties forraigne


Right honorable, NHе zeale which I beare to the advance'ment of the glory of God, the honor of

his Majesty, and the good of the weale publike, hath incouraged mee to compose this abstract, being the modell of a Rich hopefull and very beautifull Country, worthy the Title of Na. tures Masterpeece, and may be lost by too much sufferance. It is but a widowes mite, yet all that wrong and rapine hath left mee to bring from thence, where I have indeavoured my best, bound by my allegeance, to doe his Majesty service. This in all humility I present as an offering wherewith I prostrate my selfe at your honorable footstoole. If you please to vouchsafe, it may receave a blessing, from the Luster of your gracious Beames, you shall make your vassaile happy, in that hee yet doth live, to

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