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TO THE MOST HIGH AND EX C ELLENT PRINCE CHARLES, Prince of Wales ; Duke of Cornewall, Yorke,

and Albunie ; Marquis of Ormond, and Rothsey; altro and Earle Palatine of Chester ; Heire of

Great Britaine, France, and

Ireland, &c.


TT Hen scarce any would beleeue mee

there was any such matter, your High

nesse did not disdaine to accept my description, 8calld that New Englund, whose barbarous names you changed for such English, that none can denie but Prince Charles is the Godfather. Whereby I am bound in all reason and dutie to giue you the best account I can how your child doth prosper: and although as yet it is not much vnlike the father in fortune, onely vsed as an instrument for other mens ends; yet the grace you bestowed on it by your Princely fauor, hath drawn so many iudgments now to behold it, that I hope shall find, it will giue content to your Highnesse, satisfaction to them, and so increase the number of well-willers, New England will be able


Charles with her dutifull obedience, with a trophie of honour, and a kingdome for a Prince. Therefore the great worke contained in this little booke, humbly desires your Princely patronage. No more but sacring all my best abilities to the exquisite iudgement of your renowned vertues, I humbly kisse your gracious hands.

Your Highnesse true and

faithfull seruant, .

Io. Smith.

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