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328-D-948 328-D-949

328-D-950 328-D-951 328-D-980 328-D-993 328-D-999

328-D-1000 328-D-1024 328-D-1328 328-D-1415


40-D-4554 40-D-4631


Location Map
Canal Outlet Works--Gate Installations
General Plan and Sections
Spillway--Plan and Sections
Spillway Gate Structure and Nonoverflow Abutments--
Plan and Sections
Gate Structure--Crest, Pier, and Bridge Details
Spillway--Gate Structure River Outlet and Gate
Control Arrangement
Canal Outlet Works--Plan and Sections
Canal Outlet Works--Gate Chambers and Stilling Well Details
Settlement Installations
Location and Logs of Exploration Holes
Swanson Reservoir Area--Railroad and Highway
Plan of Borrow Areas and Logs of Exploration Holes
in North Borrow Area
Spillway 42- by 30-foot Radial Gate--General
Flood Routing Curves
Canal Outlet Works--Discharge Curves
6-foot 0-inch x 7-foot 6-inch High Pressure Gate
Assembly with List of Parts
Typical Terminal Well for 40 Piezometer Tips
Typical Foundation Settlement Installation



Technical Publications

"API-ASME Code for the Design, Construction, Inspection and Repair
of Unfired Pressure Vessels for Petroleum Liquids and Gasses"--
American Petroleum Institute and American Society of Mechanical

"Earth Manual," Bureau of Reclamation, June 1951
"Railway Engineering Manual." 1948 Edition--American Railway Association
"Recommended Practice and Standard Specifications for Concrete and

Reinforced Concrete"--Report of Joint Committee on Standard Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete, ASCE, June 1940

"Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Railroad Bridges and other Structures"--American Railway Engineering Association

"Specifications for Steel Railway Bridges" 1946--American Railway
Engineering Association

"Studies of Crests for Overfall Dams," Bureau of Reclamation, Boulder
Canyon Final Reports, Part VI, Bulletin 3

"Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges," 5th Edition, American
Association of State Highway Officials

Bureau of Reclamatton Reports (Unpublished)

"Construction Materials Report--Trenton Dam, "Report No. M1-5,
July 17, 1950

"Hydraulic Model Studies of Trenton Dam Spillway," Report No. Hyd-301, March 7, 1952

"Hydraulic Model Studies of the Regulating Gate and Stilling Well-Trenton Dam and Canal Outlet Works," Report No. Hyd-300, April 11, 1951

"Laboratory Investigations of Concrete Sand, Trenton Dam, "Report
No. C-466, November 30, 1949

"Laboratory Tests of Loess Material for the Foundations and Embankments of the Railroad Relocation of Trenton Dam, "Report No. EM-232, May 16, 1950

"Laboratory Tests on Foundation Samples from Culbertson Dam Site,"
Report No. EM-187, October 18, 1948

"Petrographic Characteristics of Loess, Trenton Dam," Report No. Pet-93, July 19, 1949

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