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NEWEST BOOKS. The Natural Course in Music

New Series of German Texts. By FREDERIC H. Ripley and Thomas TAPPER.

Schwabacher type, clear, beautiful page. Low Based on the theory that music is a language

prices. -the highest form of expression-and should be learned as other languages are learned, by using SEIDEL'S DIE MONATE (Arrowsmith). . . 25C. it. The series consists of:


. 30 cents.

RIES (Ernst Richard). . ... Natural Music Reader, No. 1, 30 cents.

SEIDEL'S HERR OMNIA (Matthewman). In press. Natural Music Reader, No. 2, . 35 cents.

STIFTER'S DAS HUDSDORF (Lentz). 25C. Natural Music Reader, No. 3, . 35 cents. Natural Music Reader, No. 4,

LEANDER'S (Richard von Volkmann) TRAUMER

.. 35 cents. Natural Music Reader, No. 5, 50 cents.

EIEN (Hanstein). In press.
Natural Music Charts, in seven

series, viz, : A, B, C, D, E, F and
G. Each series,

$4.00. Keller's Bilder aus der deutschen LitEclectic English Classics


75C. Now include twenty-three volumes of gems of English literature. Judicious helpful notes, good Designed to awaken the student's interest in paper and printing, attractive board binding-low German literature and to put him upon at least a prices. Latest additions are,

“speaking acquaintance" with the great German Scott's Woodstock, ....

.60 cents.

writers and their chief works. Macaulay's Essay on Addison, ..20 cents. George Eliot's Silas Marner, . 30 cents. Irving's Tales of a Traveler, .50 cents. Syms's First Year in French . 50c.

Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield, . . 35 cents. Morgan's Patriotic Citizenship $1.00.

For children. Allies the conversational and

translation methods with the regular teaching of A text book in civics for public and private

grammar. schools, reading circles and for general reading. It is fully illustrated.

Muzzarelli's Academic French Course Burnet's Zoology. Illustrated 750. Especially designed for use in those schools

- Part II.

$1.00. where classes are large, time limited and where there are no facilities for laboratory work. It

With Part I. ($1.00) the present work forms a imparts definite knowledge of a few typical forms

complete French course, in accordance with the as a basis for more extended study.

latest grammatical rules adopted by the French

Academy. Roark's Psychology in Education, $1.00.

Aims to quicken an interest in mind study as applied to education. A valuable book for teach

Guerber's Contes et] Legendes, ers and all whose business it is to educate the

Part I.

60 cents. human mind,

The same, Part II. 60 cents. White's Elements of Geometry

The first two volumes of a new series of French (J. MACNIE.).


reading books, uniform in treatment with the New “I have seen nothing in the line of text-books on Geom.

Series of German Texts referred to above. These etry which I regard as quite so complete, nor quite so well attractive books contain favorite stories told very adapted to stimulate and satisfy an interest in this study as White's Geometry. William M. THRASHER,

simply, and are supplied with a full vocabulary. Prof. of Mathematics, Butler University, Ind. Adapted for the first year. Germania Texts

Edited by A. W. SPANHOOFD. Reprinted from | Report of the Committee of Fifteen on "Germania.” Published monthly at the uniform Elementary Education, 30C. price of 10 cents.

1. Bürger's Lenore. 2. Gervinus's Verglei- With the reports of the Sub Committees: On the chung Goethes und Schillers; Lessings und Training of Teachers; on the Correlation of Herders. 3. Cholevius's Klopstocks Bedeutung für sein Zeitalter. 4. Kurz's Reineke Fuchs. 5.

Studies in Elementary Education; on the OrganGoethe's Die Kronung Josephs II. 6. Gervinus's

ization of City School Systens. Published for Lessings Dramaturgie and Kurz's Lessings

the benefit of the National Educational AssociaMinna von Barnhelm. 7. Khull's Meier Helm

tion, and sent postpaid to any address on receipt brecht.

of the nominal price of 30 cents.

Books sent to any address, prepaid, on receipt of prices. Circulars, specimen pages,'descriptive catalogues and price lists free. We cordially invite correspondence on all matters pertaining to the selection and supply of school books. AMERICAN BOOK COMPANY, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Portland, Ore.

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Universal Cyclopædia



The American Cyclopædia has not been revised for twenty years; th first volumes of the ninth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica were pub lished in 1875, twenty years ago, and there has been no new edition since Chambers's is really an English Encyclopædia with only a partial adaptatio to the American market; and the International is largely a mere reprint of the Library of Universal Knowledge based on the oldest edition of Chambers


WHY NOT GET THE BEST ? D. Appleton & Co., and A. J. Johnson Co., the two great American cyclopædi publishing houses, have united their resources in producing a better cyclopædi than has ever before been published in the English language.

Thirty-six of America's most Distinguished

Scholars and Educators are its Editors. Three Thousand of the World's Greatest Scholars and Specialist are Its Contributors, and They Sign Their Names to Their Articles, thus Vouching for their

Accuracy and Authority.



From Melvil Dewey, Secretary of Board of Regents, also Director of State Library, Regent

Office, Albany, N. Y., April 17, 1895. The result of an extended comparison of the new Johnson has left a clear impression in a minds that for most people it is much the best work that has yet appeared.


MELVIL DEWEY. From Wm. T. Harris, LL. D., Department of the Interior, Bureau of Education, Washington

D. C., November 4, 1894. The new edition is a decided advance in cyclopædia-making. A set of this work ought " be found in every schoolhouse, and the pupils ought to be taught how to use it. Very truly yours,

(Signed) WM. T. HARRIS, Commissioner. The Boston School Committee on May 14, 1895 : “Ordered that hereafter only the new edition of Johuson's Universal Cyclopædia be furnished to the school Passed unanimously.".

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D. APPLETON & CO., ' 72 Fifth Avenue, New York


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Have you the health and strength of yo

children at heart?
IF SO, insist upon their being seated comfortably in school.

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* This cut shows our accurate Measuring Gauge in use. After the pupil's lower limb is measured Chair is adjusted to the exact sitting height, the Desk is then placed at the proper height, and the pa Comfortably and Scientifically seated.

THIS IS A VITAL MATTER and is receiving the attention of the most intelligent people. See that the

CHANDLER Adjustable Desk and Cha

Is used to Furnish your School.

Now in Use in Hundreds of the Best Schools in the Cound

Send for Descriptive Catalogue.



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