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Johnson's Outline Maps, and built a num- attended the County Institutes of Montour ber of double outhouses. Bushkill fur- and Northumberland. nished each school with four Worcester's SULLIVAN—Supt. Meylert: The County Academic Dictionaries in addition to Web- Institute was a very successful meeting. All ster's International, and built a number of but three teachers were enrolled. The inout-houses. Forks furnished all rooms with siruction, besides being practical and helpslate black boards. Plainfield has built new ful, were also entertaining and inspiring. out-houses.

By unanimous vote the Institute recomNORTHUMBERLAND-Supt. Shipman: The mended a graded course of study for the chief educational event of the month was common schools of the county. Another the County Institute held at Sunbury. Day year will doubtless find this plan in successsessions were held in the court house, and ful operation. evening sessions in Lyon's opera house. VENANGO-Supt. Bigler: Two successful During the day sessions many were turned Institutes were held during the month, at away for want of room. More interest is Clintonville and at Centreville. We have taken every year in the Institute by the pub- one appointed for each Saturday until the lic, directors, and teachers. In the part of middle of March. the county where I visit the schools only BRADFORD-Supt. Miller: Miss Minnie M. five teachers were absent, three of whom Powers has been elected supervisor of music were detained by sickness. Over 100 di- for the public schools. Miss Jennie Simons rectors attended the different sessions; 80 was elected teacher of German in the high were present on Directors' Day, and con- school. All the school buildings are crowded tinued in session from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. to their full capacity, the enrollment being In addition to the discussions carried on by greater by 200 than for the corresponding themselves, they were addressed by Prof. month last year. Geo. P. Bible and Supt. R. M. McNeal. As DANVILLE-Supt. Houser: The month was heretofore, several of our county teachers more or less broken by Institute and holitook an active part as instructors, doing ex- days. Few visits were made by the direccellent work and aiding materially in mak- tors. However, we are glad to note those of ing it a real Teachers' Institute. Two hun- | J. H. Montague, James McGill and W. E. dred and ninety-five teachers were enrolled, Sanger. Fifty-eight visits were made by not including any of the Milton or Shamokln the patrons. The Board purchased a cabinet teachers, a few of whom attended part of the of weights and measures for each building, time at their own expense. Northumber- to accompany the new course of study in land borough has introduced White's New arithmetic just adopted. Course in Art Instruction, and will begin HAZLETON—Supt. Harman: Miss Annie the work immediately. A New Year's Metzger, teacher at Driston, having redinner was given to the needy poor of the signed, the School Directors met in special town by the school children. Teachers session and elected Miss Carrie Schaeffer, of having a day off can spend it very profitably | Jamesville, to fill the vacancy. She is a in these schools. Nature or observation Normal School graduate, and comes well work is prominent feature of the course. recommended. Some of our pupils wishing

SCHUYLKILL-Supt. Weiss: Our County to prepare for a Normal School course, we Institute, held at Pottsville, was the largest have provided for them by establishing a and most successful ever held in this county. class at Woodside, with Mr. Jesse Alden in Seven hundred and fifty-five teachers were charge. Christmas exercises were held in in attendance. We had a strong and popu- nearly every school in our district. I atlar course of evening entertainments, and tended those held at Pond Creek. The profirst class talent for day instruction. Teach- gramme consisted of songs, recitations and ers and citizens were delighted with day and dialogues. The school-room was very apevening sessions. Unusual interest was propriately decorated. manifested by all in the instruction, ad- Mr. CARMEL-Supt. Dean: Believing that dresses, lectures and entertainments.

progress is absolutely necessary, quite a Snyder-Supt. Bowersox: Our Institute number of our teachers are meeting regu. was a grand success, intellectually and finan- larly once a week, and considering one or cially. Our instructors were Dr. Schaeffer, two subjects under the Superintendent's Dr. Hulley, Profs. Alberts, Buckbee and direction, making themselves proficient in Berkey, all of whom did excellent work. studies that do not fall within iheir grades. Our lectures were replete with gems of The work is voluntary, in addition to the thought. For the Dr. Burrowes Memorial | regular and grade meetings. Several have Fund $16.75 was raised, but, as all of the already decided to attend the next summer teachers could not be seen, we propose to session of the Summer School at the Philaswell that amount to larger proportions. | delphia University Extension. We think All the teachers were present at the Insti- the inducements are extraordinary, and we tute, and fifty-two directors were present on dare not neglect so rich a treat at so little cost. Directors' Day, a greater number than has All true teachers of Pennsylvania should attended any one Institute on record in our take advantage of the opportunity and go. county. The schools thus far visited are NEW CASTLE-Supt. Shearer: The Supergetting along finely. During the month I intendent's best thought, outside of school and office hours, has been devoted to select- to spend six hours of each day. One has ing a pedagogical and a school library. but to pass from a building thus lighted, Two months ago there was one book of De- heated and ventilated, into an old building vices and Methods; now we have nearly 100 without any of the modern improvements in volumes in the pedagogical library. Among order to note the contrast, and to realize how them are the 33 volumes of the International much we really need more of the same kind. Educational Series, and nearly all of Heath's We hope to secure a new central high pedagogical books, together with a number school building during the coming year. of other standard works. The teachers are We have probably the very poorest building very enthusiastic over the library, and are in the county for high school purposes, and using it wisely. A very successful Institute we are greatly handicapped in this departwas held in the High School, December 30- ment because of the lack of facilities and a January 3d. The interest of the teachers, proper amount of room for genuine work, members of the Board and others increased comfort, and progress. Nevertheless, geneach day. This is the first City Institute erally speaking, school work up to date has held here. The Board appropriated $100 been marked by a spirit of progress, and an towards the expenses

NORRISTOWN-Supt. Gotwals: The pupils encouraging. The percentage of attendance of our public schools deposited in the Nor- is high, the teachers are, as a rule, doing ristown Trust Company during the year excellent work, and with all our disadvanjust closed $8,219.63, an increase of $1,889.19 tages we are glad to note a progressive spirit over the previous year, also the highest on the part of the teachers, an earnest desire amount since the adoption of the Saving for advancement on the part of the pupils, Bank system in our town. The number of and a liberal spirit manifested by the didepositors also shows an increase of 91. rectors. We have just received an addition They had on deposit to their credit at the to our physical and chemical laboratory close of the year $13,953.89. There is no which will enable us to do better work in lack of interest in the system.

this department, and we sincerely hope that SHENANDOAH-Supt. Whitaker: Our li- at the next borough election, our citizens brary has grown so much in size, popularity will invest the board with power to erect and usefulness that it has become necessary the high school building of which we are so to give special attention to it yearly. This sorely in need. We venture to state that no annual work has just been completed, at a high schooi in the country is so much in cost of about $360. We have had 130 old need of a good modern building as the Sunbooks rebound, 92 replaced, and have added bury high school. 235 new volumes. This places the library WILLIAMSPORT--Supt. Transeau : At a in excellent condition, and makes our col. meeting of the School Board early in Nolection fresh and up to date. We have now vember it was determined to replace the 3500 volumes of carefully selected literature Washington school building with a modern at the disposal of our schools and the gen- structure containing fourteen rooms. The eral public for use free of cost. The circula- building will cost about $40,000, without tion is very large, there having' been over counting the value of the lot. It is to be a 5000 issues of books during the last five building of superior conveniences in all that months. A large share of this patronage pertains to the comfort of those who are to comes from the pupils of our schools. Thus, occupy it. This will make the sixth large besides being valuable and beneficial to the school-house erected in this city during the general public, the library is an important last eight years. The educational event for and valuable auxiliary to our schools. We December was the annual Institute. The have through it awakened such an appetite instructors were: Dr. W. A. Mowry, of Hyde for good literature that it taxes our resources Park, Mass., a very superior instructor and to keep up with the demand. The accom- scholarly man, who was with us the entire plishment of all this, previously to the Pub- week and the teachers were sorry to bid him sic Library Act, reflects much credit upon good-bye; Supt. J. S. Walton, of Chester the School Boards and the citizens, who, county, who did us excellent service, both as during many years of care and patience, an instructor and a lecturer ; Prof. I. H. and from a very small beginning, have Green, of West Chester Normal School, who worked faithfully and earnestly, until at during the one day he was with us, pleased last success has crowned their efforts. We

our teachers very much; Mrs. Ella B. Halare proud of our possession, and proud of leck, of Southold, N. Y., who was with us the good that is being done thereby.

two days and addressed the Institute a numSouth Easton-Supt. Shull: The Educa- ber of times on the subject of “Physiology tional Committee cite the parents of children and Hygiene;" William H. Miller, M. D., not attending school before them to show formerly principal of one of the largest cause of absence. Thus far the rule has schools, who delivered two addresses on been working with good results.

“The Quarantine,” and “Microbes, their SUNBURY — Supt. Oberdorf: The new Relation to Health and Disease.” Dr. Milbuilding is proving very satisfactory and is ler made a favorable impression; he has good a decided improvement upon the old struc- abilities as a public speaker and lecturer. ture, in which most of our pupils are obliged The institute was a success in every respect.

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MAN does not become dangerous be-on Fire Island. This project was, how

cause he has learned to sign his ever, abandoned, as a lightship has been name; but he becomes dangerous both to substituted for the Fire Island Lighthimself and to others if he has been house. The Government officials then taught to dissociate cause and effect; if decided to place the new and powerful he has got it into his head that benefits light on the next most important point may be obtained without labor; if his on the coast, which is Barnegat. The brain has been muddled with the notion present light at Barnegat is 165 feet above that others are responsible for making the level of the sea, and it can be seen him happy and prosperous. We dread under ordinary circumstance 19 nautical an education which in any way with- miles. The new light is so powerful that draws a youth from the salutary influence it will not only be seen a great deal of natural reactions and tends to give him farther than the old one, but it will an artificial conception of the world he penetrate haze and fogs, which often lives in. We dread an education which make the present light invisible. All favors the formation of indolent habits, or old sea captains know the Barnegat light which confuses and enfeebles the mind as showing a white flash every ten by calling upon it to pursue abstract seconds, and the new one will have the trains of thought when it should be oc- same characteristics. Many important cupied by the concrete. We dread an additions have been made to the Barnegat education which at once excites ambition lighthouse to prepare it for the new light, and disinclination for toil; which gives a and it is now one of the best-equipped smattering of many things but no true structures of the kind in the world. sense of power or competence in regard to anything; which represses individuality In a teachers' institute, held in the and so robs character of a main element mountain country recently, the question of strength.- Popular Science Monthly. was placed on the black-board, “ What is

the object of school government?. The folThe strongest light on any sea coast of lowing represent the written answers subthe round world will soon be in working mitted by the teachers : 1. To secure an order on the Jersey shore. It will have interest in the work of the school. 2. That no rival for power anywhere here or in the child may learn to govern himself Europe. This great electric light will afterward. 3. To show the child that have 2,500,000 candle power, and its punishment follows all wrong-doing. 4. warning rays will be sent forth from the To make loyal, intelligent citizens. 5. top of Barnegat Lighthouse. This huge To obtain the best results in school work, light was exhibited at the World's Fair and to teach the pupil self-government. at Chicago, and it was purchased by the 6. To make school work effective. 7. United States Government, to be placed 'The making of perfect citizens. 8. (The same.) 9. To draw out and develop all would keep company, was examiuing an that is truest and best in the pupil. 10. extremely rare earth found in Norway To arrive as near as possible at perfection and known as cleveite. When this minin the inental and moral condition of the eral is treated with weak sulphuric acid rising generation. II. To make law- it gives off a gas which has hitherto been abiding and self-governed citizens. 12. regarded as nitrogen. The Professor Moral, mental and physical advancement. found by close examination that it was 13. To develop the moral and intellectual not nitrogen, but argon, and, moreover, faculties. 14. To enable the pupils to there was associated with it another gas govern themselves and others in after which he found to be, to use his own years. 15. To develop all the highest words, gas which had not yet been septraits of character and purpose. 16. To arated. He submitted it to Professor fit the pupils to become good citizens. Crookes, and the result is to show that

the gas thus found is helium. M. BerThe philosophers have figured out thelot, continuing his experiments in some queer problems since the time of Paris, found that in manipulating argon Horatius, but none of them are more cur- he developed at an ordinary pressure a ious or more appropriate in a department magnificent fluorescent substance greenof this character than that relating to the ish yellow in color and characterized by amount of time it would take an object to a spectrum similar to that of the Aurora fall from the sun or moon to our earth. Borealis. From this he deduced that the It has been decided, after an immense northern lights are caused by fluorescent amount of figuring, that if a boulder weigh- matter derived from argon and engening a ton should fall from the sun, it dered through the influence of electrical would take it 99 years, 9 months, 7 days emanations developed in the atmosphere. and 2 hours to reach the earth. The same Still another scientific triumph is the boulder could make the trip from the liquefaction of hydrogen by Prof. Olsmoon to the earth in four and a half days. zewski, of Cracow, Prof. Dewar's rival.

He finds that the lightest of all gases More than 60,000 signers petition the liquifies at 243 degrees below zero. Chicago Board of Education to restore the Bible in public schools. Eminent Catho- It is interesting to know where ships' lics favor it. A committee from all the masts come from. The spars from which prominent sects has been appointed to the masts of the Defender and Valkyrie select non-sectarian passages.

were made were cut at Kamilchie in the

state of Washington. That state annually EDISON'S definition of electricity, "a sends out at least 100 vessels timber laden, mysterious fluid about which nothing is in every direction, all the way from Corea known,'' is not quite new, as a Kentuck- to Australia and the Hawaiian islands, ian applied the same description to water and even to the Kimberley diamond long ago.

Still the wizard is right. But, mines and the Johannesburg gold mines, then, what is gravitatiop? We know its in Africa. It is stated that the flag of laws and nothing more, and within this the Emperor of Japan flies from a stick we get along very well. The same can of Puget sound timber, and it is known be said of electricity. If we can control positively that the flagstaff on Windsor and use it, it does not matter so much Castle, from which waves the union jack that we shall know what it is in itself. in the daily view of Queen Victoria, is a

Douglas fir from Puget sound-a Yankee The detection of the gas argon in the contribution to the furniture of the monatmosphere is being followed by a rapid arch of the British Isles. It is also true -series of discoveries of great interest, that the largest flagstaff in Maine, the -says a London dispatch. Chemists have Pine Tree state, is at Lewiston, and it long known, theoretically, of the exist- came from Puget Sound. Nor is it a reence of another element which has been markable piece of timber, as one comes to called helium, and which was revealed think who lives in Washington. It is the by the spectroscope in the sun's rays. Douglas fir, known abroad as Oregon pine. It was not known to exist in this planet. Professor Ramsey a few weeks ago, in A WALDORF Hotel group were disorder to find whether there was some- cussing the extent of British territory a thing in the world with which argon few evenings ago, when an experienced

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