A Practical Treatise on the Duties of Churchwardens

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J. and W.T. Clarke, 1824 - Ecclesiastical law - 357 pages

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Page 203 - And for the safe keeping of the said book, the churchwardens, at the charge of the parish, shall provide one sure coffer with three locks and keys ; whereof one to remain with the minister, and the other two with the churchwardens severally, so that neither the minister without the two churchwardens, nor the churchwardens without the minister, shall at any time take that book out of the said coffer.
Page 161 - ... that from and after the passing of this act it shall not be lawful for any coroner, or other officer having authority to hold inquests, to issue any warrant or other process directing the interment of the remains of persons, against whom a finding of felo de se shall be had...
Page 261 - There are sometimes persons who, by lunacy or otherwise, are furiously mad or are so far disordered in their senses that they may be dangerous to be permitted to go abroad...
Page 193 - subjects dissenting from the Church of England from the penalties of
Page 196 - Tables shall from time to time be kept and repaired in sufficient and seemly manner, and covered in time of Divine Service with a carpet of silk or other decent stuff thought meet by the Ordinary of the place, if any question be made of it, and with a fair linen cloth at the time of the ministration as becometh that Table, and so stand, saving when the said holy Communion is to be administered.
Page 203 - Church-wardens, shall write and record in the said book the names of all persons christened, together with the names and surnames of their parents, and also the names of all persons married and buried in that parish in the week before, and the day and year of every such Christening, Marriage, and Burial ; and, that done, they shall lay up that book in the coffer, as before, and the Minister and Churchwardens unto every page of that book, when it shall be filled with such inscriptions, shall subscribe...
Page 334 - Intent to elude the Force of this Act, knowingly and wilfully insert or cause to be inserted in the Register Book of such Parish or Chapelry as aforesaid any false Entry of any Matter or Thing relating to any Marriage ; or falsely make, alter, forge or counterfeit, or cause or, procure to be falsely made, altered, forged or counterfeited, or act or assist in falsely making, altering, forging or counterfeiting any such Entry in such Register ; or falsely make, alter, forge or counterfeit, or cause...
Page 70 - ... lecture in any church, chapel, or other place of public worship, within this realm of England, or the dominion of Wales, and town of Berwickupon-Tweed, unless he be first approved, and thereunto licensed by the archbishop of the province, or bishop of the diocese, or (in case the see be void) by the guardian of the spiritualities, under his seal...
Page 339 - King George the Third, intituled An Act to amend the Laws for the Relief of the. Poor...
Page 206 - ... 85. Churches to be kept in sufficient Reparations. THE Church-wardens or Quest-men shall take care and provide that the Churches be well and sufficiently repaired, and so from time to time kept and maintained, that the windows be well glazed, and that the floors be kept paved, plain, and even, and all things there in such an orderly and decent sort, without dust, or any thing that may be either noisome or unseemly, as best becometh the House of God, and is prescribed in an Homily to that effect.

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