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Tabulation of right-of-way acquired by Buras levee district for construction of United States levees under Flood Control Act of 1928Continued


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United States, Kamlah-Henderson, new

G. Hingle
Celestine Durden
Henry Kamlah.
Mrs. V. K. Buras
H. L. Kness.
Albert Johnson
Estate Edgard Rigaud.
W. Lillermon.--
S. Buras estate.
Victory Oil Co.
Joseph Hingle estate.
Jack Turlich estate.
A. D. Buras, Jr.
Ed. Stockfleth.
Amadee Fabre
Jos. Despeaux.
Paul Galmiche
Steve Stiplecovich
Green Metcalf estate
Clem, Lucien, and Simon Buras.
Joe Mialjevich
M. E. Bannon.
Anthony Negodich.
Jos. Hingle estate.
Louisiana Navigation & Fish Co.
Jos. Hingle estate
A. Jurisich..
A. Farac....
A. Bianchni.
Carlo Stella
Mrs. Elvira Morquez Stockfleth.
Fred Stockfleth
Steve Fischtiur.
Geo. Jurgens, Jr. (to State for taxes).
Rador Hihor
Mato Billich.
Rado Hihor
Mrs. A. Demack and heirs.

1 Amounts not paid.

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? Improvements moved by Buras Levee Board includes moving the residence of Paul Dazet on U. S. Alberti, new levee.


Tabulation of right-of-way acquired by Buras levee district for construction of Uuited States levees under Flood Control Act of 1928Continued


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1 Amounts not paid.

: Partial payment.

• Not assessed.

Mr. JACOBS. There is one other point I would like to bring out to you, and which was referred to the other day, and that is that in the State of Louisiana of these districts that we have the upper one from the Arkansas line south is the Fifth Louisiana Levee District, and it shows here in black the work that has been done on the west bank. That levee line extends down to Point Breeze. On the south, the Old River, on the Mississippi River at this point, on the old river to the Gulf we have levee lines on both sides of the river (indicating). The upper stretch of the river is not settled along the river line. All of the inhabitants, homes, and settlements and towns are from 6 to 10 or 15 miles back from the river. South of Old River, all of the improvements are right along the river. From there down to Baton Rouge to Plaquemine, Donaldsonville, and New Orleans, all of the imrpovements here along the river, since 1928, every one of those houses has been moved, all of the improvements have been destroyed, the levees have been destroyed and the main highways paralleling the river line.

Now, I have included the cost of each of those districts, the cost of that work on the river in this report which I submit to you.

The CHAIRMAN. That is included in your report? Mr. JACOBs. Yes; and I would like to just request, when the committee is deliberating on this question, that those districts be given consideration.

The CHAIRMAN. We will be glad to do that, Mr. Jacobs. Thank you very much for your statement.

Mr. JACOBS. I have with me also a copy of the statement of highway reallocations on account of levee changes since the enactment of the Flood Control Act of May 15, 1928, and with your permission I would like to file that statement.

The CHAIRMAN. Yes, you will be given that permission. (The report is as follows:)

Highway relocations account levee changes since the enactment of the Flood Contro

Act of May 15, 1928


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