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[The original of these notes was contained in a separate manu

script, dated July 1747, in the possession of Mathias, which was presented to him by Richard Stonehewer, one of Gray's executors. They were published by Mathias in 1814, and have never since been reprinted. It has been thought best to print the Greek, in this instance, as Gray wrote it.-ED.] ACHARNENSES.

Olymp. 88. 3.

IT 1 appears from several passages in the drama itself and in the Scholia, that it was played in this olympiad and year, Archont. Euthydemo, and consequently the year before his Equites. In the sixth line he mentions the fine imposed on Cleon, of five talents; so that it is not true, that his Equites was the occasion of that disgrace (see v. 300), as the author of his life has written, and the Scholia here say.

v. 11. This Theognis, satirized as a bad writer of tragedy, and from his coldness nicknamed X.wv, was twenty-two years afterwards one of the thirty tyrants. Moschus, Dexitheus, and Chæris, mentioned here, were tibicines of this time.

47. Euripides, in his Iphigenia in Tauris, is here ridiculed.

66. The allowance to an Athenian embassy consisted of two drachmæ a day to each person employed.

119. The Medea of Euripides is here parodied. I 1 It was not any oligarchy, or tyranny, which retrenched the chorus in the Athenian comedy, or prohibited the representation of real characters, as Platonius asserts, in his observations entitled Περι διαφοράς κωμωδιών.-[GRAY.]

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