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N° 85. TUESDAY, OCT. 25, 1709,

From my own Apartment, October 24. My brother Tranquillus, who is a man of busis ness, came to me this morning into my study, and after very many civil expressions in return for what good offices I hod done him, told me, - he desired to carry his wife, my sister, that very morning, to his own house." I readily told him, “ I would wait upon him," without asking why he was so impatient to rob us of his good company. He went out of my chamber, and I thought seemed to have a little heaviness upon him, which gave me some disquiet. Soon after my sister' came to me, with a very matron-like air, and most sedate satisfaction in her looks, which spoke her very much at ease; but the traces of her countenance seemed to discover that she had been lately in a passion, and that air of content to flow from a certain triumph upon some advantage obtained. She no sooner sat down by me, but I perceived she was one of those ladies who begin to be managers within the time of their being brides.— Without letting her speak, which I saw she had a mighty inclination to do, I said, “ Here



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