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TABLE 13. Employee Payroll Deductions for Pensions

and Insurance, 1957

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9. Per Cent of Companies Paying

Fringe Benefits

PAYMENTS FOR Old-Age and Survivors Insurance were reported by almost all of the companies surveyed (Table 14), the exceptions being chiefly municipal public utilities. Ninety-nine per cent of the companies reported Federal and 97% reported state payments for Unemployment Compensation taxes. Vacation payments were reported by 97% of the companies, including 97% of those in manufacturing, and 96% of those in nonmanufacturing. Holiday payments were reported by 95% of the firms, including 98% of those engaged in manufacturing, and 91% of those in nonmanufacturing.

Paid sick leave was reported by 49% of the firms,

including 32% of the manufacturing companies, and 82% of those in nonmanufacturing. Profit-sharing payments were reported by 14% of the firms, including 42% of the wholesale and retail trade firms, and by only 3% of the public utilities.

Average costs of fringe payments for companies reporting such payments are shown in Table 15. Payments for separation or termination pay allowances, discounts on goods and services, paid rest periods, paid sick leave, and other benefits paid by a relatively small percentage of companies, differ significantly in this table from the all-company averages shown in Table 6.


TABLE 14. Per Cent of Companies Paying Fringe Benefits, 1937


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Includes coal mining, warehousing and laundries.


TABLE 13. Average Fringe Costs for Companies Paying Fringe Benefits, 1957

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Includes coal mining, warehousing and laundries. **No companies reporting this payment.

10. Employee Payroll Deductions

for Fringe Benefits

DEDUCTIONS FROM employee pay for fringe benefits totaled 3.8%, as shown in Table 16, including 2.1% for Old-Age and Survivors Insurance, 0.1% for Railroad Retirement and state sickness benefits insurance taxes, 0.5% for pension plan premiums and contributions, and 1.1% for life, sickness, accident, surgical, medical care, and hospitalization insurance. These deductions averaged 8.3¢ per payroll hour, or $171

per year per employee.

Deductions were 5.6% of payroll for the petroleum industry, but only 2.8% for the rubber and leather products industry. As cents per payroll hour they ranged from 16.0¢ for the petroleum industry, to 4.1¢ for hotels. As dollars per year per employee the range was from $338 for the petroleum industry to $90 for hotels.

TABLE 16. Employee Payroll Deductions for Fringe Benefits, 1937

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