The Street Surface Railway Franchises of New York City

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Page 237 - ... will be deprived of their property without due process of law and denied equal protection of the laws.
Page 103 - ... endeavored to acquire the franchise twenty years before and had failed to perform the conditions essential to the right to construct such a road. The bill also avers that the consent of the abutting property owners could not be obtained by the Central Tunnel Company, and that the company applied to the General Term of the Supreme Court for the appointment of three commissioners, and that on February 2...
Page 157 - ... shall charge any passenger more than five cents for one continuous ride from any point on its road, or on any road, line or branch operated by it, or under its control, to any other point thereof, or any connecting branch thereof, within the limits of any incorporated city or village.
Page 121 - April 25, 1893, leased all its property and leasehold rights to the Houston, West Street and Pavonia Ferry Railroad Company for the unexpired term of its charter and extensions thereof.
Page 33 - ... for the purpose of fixing the location or termination of said road, and shall have power to transport, take and carry property and persons upon the same by the power and force of steam, of animals, or of any mechanical or other power, or of any combination of them...
Page 34 - Company, at their own cost, to construct stone bridges across such of the streets intersected by the railroad as may, by the elevation of their grades above the surface of said road, require to be arched or bridged, whenever, in the opinion of the Common Council, the same shall be necessary for public convenience ; and also to make such embankments or excavations as the Common Council may deem necessary to render the passage over the railroad and embankments at the cross streets easy and convenient...
Page 35 - States, whenever the two or more railroads of the companies or corporations so to be consolidated shall or may form a continuous line of railroad with each other, or by means of any intervening railroad, bridge or ferry.
Page 33 - The said directors may locate their railroad on any of the streets or avenues of the City of New Y'ork * * * provided the assent of the corporation of said city be first obtained for such location.
Page 146 - New York State. — Senate. Report of a special commission designated by the Senate to ascertain the best means for the transportation of passengers in the City of New York.
Page 29 - Modern martyrdom may be succinctly defined as riding in a New York omnibus. The discomforts, inconveniences, and annoyances of a trip on one of these vehicles are almost intolerable. From the beginning to the end of the journey a constant quarrel is progressing. The driver quarrels with the passengers, and the passengers quarrel with the driver. There are quarrels about getting out and quarrels about getting in.

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