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NOVEMBER, 1887, TO APRIL, 1888.



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[No. 1.


Within the recollection of our octogenariads the 60 ethereal an element for future use, has proved a disciples of Æsculapius were considered prepared strong barrier against ils manufacture by electrical to encounter disease if armed with calomel and the agency alone. lancet. During the last half-century more attention As the true chemist sees the allotropic form of bas been paid to therapeutics, and for every symp- carbon in the charcoal, plumbago, and diamond, so tom or new form of the patient's complaint the does he see the possibility of the same principle in physician diligently consulted his repertory. Each oxygen in the form of ozone. In the search for this, disease not only bad its specific remedies, but these scores of scientists have experimented, fruitlessly were again classified so that each remedy was al- though not despairingly. It certainly seemed poslotted to each particular symptom exhibited. The sible that some one should be successful and disfailures of these to perform the work assigned to

cover the hidden process. them by the medical authorities were apparently A score of years form the epoch since a New more numerous than the successful cases, and these England physician discovered the combination of exceptions caused the honest physician to hesitate oxygen and nitrogen that could be advantageously and act more cautiously. Instead of blindly shoot- used therapeutically. This was valuable as an ing at the disease with its accredited drug, the wide- office practice. It was five years after this when awake doctor now turns his attention to assisting the medical world was obliged to recognize that the vis medicatrix naturæ by recu ating the Drs. Starkey and Palen, after a long series of experinerve-forces and enabling them to conquer the en- ments, were crowned with success in producing an croachments of disease and eliminate from the sys- ozonized oxygen in such portable shape as to become tem the disturbing elements.

an invaluable home treatment. Since that day Thus in cases of consumption and severe bron- 50,000 sick and afflicted have tried this home treatchial trouble the patient is given cod-liver oil and ment, and tens and tens of thousands rejoice that sent to Florida or Colorado. Not that the oil has Compound Oxygen has restored them to health—8 any direct action upon the disease, or that the air in health that they had in vain for years tried to find those localities is a special remedy, but because they and thought forever lost. help to build up the system by producing healthier Twelve years of experience in dispensing the action and increased vitality in all the natural func- Compound Oxygen Home Treatment among 50,000 tions.

patients has most substantially confirmed its superiThe power of Naturu to restore itself when un- ority as a remodial agent, especially in all chronic impeded, and to re-establish equilibrium, was prac- diseases. The following testimonial is one of the tically acknowledged by our old-time doctors. When tbousands received in recognition of its power and a child had a limb broken the old M. D. did not efficacy : resort to his calomel and lancet, but went to work

NEWPORT, R. I., March 30, 1887. setting the bone, bandaging the limb, and left Na

“How much I prize the Compound Oxygen

Treatment! It seems to me I shall never want to tire to do the knitting and the healing, tbus ac- be without it after what it has done for me. My knowledging the law of Nature to concentrate its lungs are gradually growing stronger, if I would restorative powers upon that spot most needing only let them. As I said before, I feel my lungs are immediate attention.

gradually improving, but I am very apt, the days I

feel exhilarated, to overdo, and then I suffer from Nor is it surprising, now, that the progressive the inflammation. They are quite sensitive to the physician of the present day should marvel that the touch and movement of the arms to-day, but last old time ductor did not apply the saine principles, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday I felt almost like

a new being, and exposed myself more in the cold governing the healing of a broken limb, to that of

rooms than I have in one year. I presume I ventthe abnormal condition of any organs of the body. ured too far, consequently I am having to be very It is an acknowledged fact that those physicians are

cautious to-day. As soon as my suffering begins to most successful who make the least use of drugs going beyond what I am able really to do; have

subside I forget myself, and my grent trouble is in and rely mostly upon Nature itself expelling the in- been gaining faster than at any previous time since vader, armed anew with the increased force derived I began the treatment, and I think that, with proper from the revitalizing elements placed within its

care, I will continue health ward.

"Each day as I go on I can not be half thankful reach and for which it has an affinity.

enough for the testimonial I saw in the .Zion's The most popular recuperative agent of the Herald' of a minister who had been cured of lung present day is that universal element, oxygen, and

trouble of a very serious nature, and by his testiparticularly in its allotropic form-ozone; and hun

monial there it was brought to my notice. The fol

lowing week I wrote you for one of your brochures dreds of physicians have been and still are experi- and found there the name of Mrs. Mary A Liver. menting how best to obtain the oxygen in this form. more. That week she came to lecture in our town. That it exists in purer atmospheres and in high al

I sent by a friend to consult her personally about it,

and from her own lips heard even more minute detitudes is perfectly true, but to remain in the latter tails than her testimonial presented. It came to me is impracticable owing to rarity of the atmosphere. just as I was about to give up. The almost universal detection of ozone in rooms

* Mrs. Lydia B. CHADE." or offices where, by means of telegraphic wires or other conductors, flashes of lightning, during The whole story of Compound Oxygen is pleasstorms, have passed through them, has led to a vastantly told in a little brochure of two hundred pages, Damber of experiments to produce ozone by means issued by Drs. Starkey & Palen, No. 1629 Arch of electrical batteries or machines. But the apparent Street, Philadelphia, Pa. This will be mailed freely insurmountable difficulty of collecting and storing to all who write requesting it.

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