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Theis &c. &c. to New England, imbarqued in the James, Jno. May, master, for New England, per certif. &c. &c. &c. husbandman Wm. Ballard, 32 wheelewrite Wm. Hill,

70 Elizabeth Ballard, 26

Nico. Butiny
Hester Ballard, 2

Martha Butidy, 23 : Jo. Ballard, 1

Grace Buttgy,

1 Alice Jones, 26 shoemaker Jo. Hart,

40 Elizabeth Goffe, 26

Mary Hart,

31 Edmond Bridges, 23 shoemaker Henry Tybbott, 39 Michell Milner, 23

Elizabeth Tibott, 39 Tho. Terry,

Jeremy Tybbott, 4 Roberi Terry,

Samuell Tybbott, 2 Ricd. Terry, 17

Remembrance Tybbott, 28 Tho. Marshall, 22 cloth worker Nico. Goodhue, 60 | Wm. Hooper, 18

Jane Goodhew, 58 Edmond Johnson, 23

John Johnson,

26 Samuel Bennett, 24

Suzan Johnson, 24
Richd. Palmer, 29

Elizabeth Johnson, 2
Anto. Bessy,
Tho. Johnson,

18mo. Edward Gardner, 25 Barber Ralph Farman, 32 Wm. Colbron, 16

Alice Farman,

28 Henry Bull, 25

Mary Farman,

7 Salomon Martin, 16

Tho. Farman,
Ralph Farman,

28 Y



Theis &c. &c. to New England, imbarqued in the Blessing, John Lester, master, the parties have &c. &c.



fisherman Jo. Jackson, 40

Margaret Jackson, 36
John Jackson,

Jo. Manifold, 17
John Burles,
Jo. Fitch,

Nico. Long, 19
Christian Buck, 26
Barnabie Davies, 36
Suzan Dayles, 16
Robert Lewes,

Eliz. Lewes,


Mary Hubbard, 24
Mary Spratt,

Ricd. Hallingworth, 40
Suzan Hallingworth, 30
Christian Hunter,
Eliz. Hunter,

Tho. Hunter,

14 Wm. Hunter,

11 Wm. Hollingworth,

7 Ric. Hallingworth,

4 Suzan Hallingworth, 2 Eliz. Hallingworth, 3

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Theis &c. &c. to New England, imbarqued in the Love, 14 Joseph Young, master.

Baker Willm. Cherrall,

Ursula Cherrall,
X Jo. Harman,

Francis Harman,


Sara Harman,

Walter Parker, fisherman Willm. Browne,

Mary Browne,


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After one list for Virginea and three lists for Flanders comes this entry :

“23 July. This &c. &c. to New England, imbarqued in 13 the Pied Cowe, master Ashley, &c. &c. &c. :

husbandman Robert Bills, 32.” A list for Flanders follows, and then on p.

“ 28 July. Theis &c. &c. to New England, imbarqued in the Hopewell of London, Tho. Babb, master, per cert. from

15 the minister of St. Giles, Cripplegate, that &c. &c. &c. &c.




A smith Thomas Tredwell, 30

Mary Tredwell, 30

Tho. Blackley,
Tho. Tredwell,


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Then come a long list for Flanders and four very long for

P. 95. “11 Augti. In the Batcheler de Lo. master Tho.
Webb vs. New England, Lyon Gardner 36 yers & his wife
Mary 34 yers & Elisa. Colet 23 yers their maid servant,
& Wm. Jope 40 yers, who are to pass to New England,
have brought &c. &c. &c.

After a long list for Flanders and two quite long for Vir-
ginea, comes on p. 101:
“21 Augti

. In the Hopewell de Lo. master Babb vs. New
England, Henry Maudsley 24 yers hath brought &c. &c.

Next follow a long list for Holland, two long ones for Virginea, a long one for St. Christophers, and another for Virginea; but on p. 107 comes :

"11 Septr. Theis &c. &c. to New England, imbarqued in da the Hopewell, Tho. Babb master, per cert. &c. &c.

husbandman William, Wacom « are


Andrew Hulls,

29 Elizabeth Wood, 24

Anthony Freeman, 22 Jo. Wood, * 26

Twiford West, 19 Robert Chambers, 13

Roger Toothaker, 23 Tho. Nson,


Margaret Toothaker, 28
Marie Hubbard, 24

Roger Toothaker, 1
Jo. Kerbie,


* Robert Withie, 20 Jo. Thomas,


Henry Tickpall, 13
Isack Robinson, 15 harnesmaker Isack Heath,
Ann Williamson,

Elizabeth Heath, 40
Tanner Jo. Weekes,


Elizabeth Heath, 5
Marie Weekes, 28

Martha Heath, 30
Anna Weekes

Wm. Lyon,

Suzan Withie, 18

Grace Stokes, 20
Robert Baylie, 23

Tho. Bull,

Marie Withie, 16

Joseph Miller, 15
Samuel Younglove, 307

Jo. Prier,

15 Margaret Younglove, 28

Richard Hatley,

15 Samuel Younglove, 1

X Mary With,

Daniell Pryer, 13

Robert Edwards, 22
Katherin Hull, 23

Robert Edge,

25 Mary Clark,


Walter Lloyd,
Jo. Marshall, 14

Ellin Leaves,

17 Joan Graye,

30 X

Alice Albon, 25 l Mary Grave,


Barbery Roße, 20
Joan Cleven,


Jo. Fojte,
Edmond Chippfield, 20

Gabriell Reld,


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14 70 71


14 w

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51 10

20 Septr. Theis &c. &c. to New England, imbarqued in the Truelove, Jo. Gibbs, master, &c. &c. &c. &c.

Arrós Fru slove, Dennis master coeur 6 Bersum Labouring / }

from bacoyttes,core Zrene 16357 mew. Now, Thomas Burchard, 40

Zacha. Whitman, 21
Mary Burchard, 38

Rebecca Fenner,

25 Elizabeth Burchard, 13

Tho. Tibbalds, 20 free
Marie Burchard, 12

X Thomas Streme, 15
Sara Burchard, 9

Jo. Streme,
Suzan Burchard, 8 husbandman Ralph Tomkins,
Jo. Burchard,


uxor Kat. Tomkins,
Ann Burchard, 18mo.

Elizabeth Tomkins, 18
Peter Place,


Marie Tomkins, 14
Wm. Beresto, 23

Samuel Tomkins, 1 22
Geo. Beresto,


Richard Hawes, husbandman Edward Howe, 60

Ann Hawes,

Elizabeth Howe, 50

Anna Hawes, 21
Jeremie Howe, 21

Obediah Hawes, 6mo
Sara Howe,


Ralph Ellwood,
Ephraim Howe, 9

Geo. Tayler,

31 Isack Howe,


Elizabeth Jenkins,
Wm. Howe,


Wm. Preston,
Jo. Sedgwick, 24

Marie Preston, 34
Jeremy Blackwell,

Eliz. Preston, 11
Lester Gunter, 13

Sara Preston,

8 Zacharia Whitman, 40

Marie Preston,

6 Sara Whitman, 25

Jo. Preston,


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Then follows a list of 95 to Barmodos, then a list of 33 to St. Christophers, another of 105 to same, another of 85 to Virginea, another of 51 to same, another of 205 to Barbados, five lists of soldiers, and, lastly, one of 46 and one of 32 for Barbados, and so the volume ends.

It was not in my power to recollect the authority, under which the formality was adopted, that led to such a happy result as the format of is volume, from which I have taken every name of persons, embarked for New England. Many errors in spelling are not chargeable to me, for the writers at the custom-house soon became careless of executing their orders. The chance of mistake, too, was increased by the rule, that requires all transcripts at the Record Office to be taken in pencil, after which, at my lodgings, this copy was copied with a pen. My first memorandum book is, of course, in some degree become indistinct, and may hardly be worth preserving many months. It may be, that two of the servants of Harlackenden, here written Cocke, may have been called Cook before or after settling at Cambridge ; and it is quite probable that, to evade the despicable tyranny of the regulations, a true description of the persons was sometimes concealed. Peter Bulkley was not called a minister, because his departure, perhaps, would have been forbidden. We know, in this voyage of the Abigail, forty passengers, more than are here mentioned, came over, some of whom thought best, no doubt, to be taken in, like Hugh Peters, after the clearance of the vessel.

Several weeks later, in a book, found at the London Institution, History of Sandwich, by Wm. Boys, printed at Canterbury, M.D.C.C.C.XCII (manifest error for 1792) in a part of the work, called Annals of Sandwich from A. D. 665, sub anno 1634, beginning each year on the first Mon

day after the feast of St. Andrew, as the municipal year is counted by the mayoralty of that borough, p. 707, the text threw this light on the matter of my doubt: “A letter from the commissioners of plantations prohibiting the promiscuous passing of his Majesty's subjects to the American plantations: no subsidy men to pass without a license, nor other persons without attestation from two justices. A return of the names of 102 persons embarked at Sandwich for New England.”

Reference is here made in the lower margin to Appendix J. page 750 of the volume, which reads, “ A list or register of all such persons as embarked themselves in the good ship called the Hercules of Sandwich, of the burthen of 200 tons, John Witherley, master, and therein transported from Sandwich to the plantation called New England in America, with the certificates from the ministers where they last dwelt of their conversation, and confo ty the orders and discipline of the church, and that wey had taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy.”


| MASTERS OF FAMILIES. | CHILDREN. | SERVANTS. From Mr. Jno. Gee, vicar of Tenterden, 26 feb. 1634. Jno. Nathaniel Tilden, of

Seven by Seven by Austin, mayor, Tenterden, and Tenterden, yeoman, and

name.* name, Fregift Stace, jurat, 4 mar. | Lydia, his wife. 1634. Mr. Jno. Gee, Ist mar. 1034. Jonas Austen, of TenterJno. Austin, mayor, and Fre- den, and Constance, his Four. gift Stace, jurat, 4 mar. 1634. wife. Samuel Marshall, mayor

of Maidstone, Tho.Swinnok, jurat,

Rob. Brook, of Maid

Seven, Edw. Duke and Rob. Barrel, stone, mercer, and Ann,

his wife. ministers, 14 mar. 1634. William Colepeper, Caleb Bancks, Edw. Duke, Hen. ford, taylor, and Susan

Tho. Heyward, of Ayles

Five. Crispe, Franc. Froiden, cler. 14 mar. 1634.

nah, his wife. Sam. Marshal, mayor of Maidstone, Tho. Swinnuck, Edw.

Will. Witherell, of Maid

Three. One. Duke and Rob. Barrel, cl. 14 stone, schoolmaster, and mar. 1634.

Mary, his wife. Edw. Chute, Edm. Hayes, vi

Fannett .... of Ash car of Ashford, Elias Wood.par- ford, hemp dresser. son of Hinxhill, 4th mar. 1634. Mr. Tho. Warren, rector of St. Tho. Boney and Hen. Peter, in Sandwich, 14th mar. Ewell, of Sandwich, 1634.


* In the original, we may presume, the name of each child and servant, perbaps the age also, was given; but that was beyond my reach. The printed book is carefully copied.

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