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Will of Elizabeth Brampton of Bronorton (sic),

co. Norff., widowe.

Consistory Court of Norwich, Register 1603, fo. 273. My soul into God's hands trusting to be saved only by the merits death and passion of Jesus Christ his son.

My bodie to be buried in the Chauncell of the Church of Blonorton as nighe unto the place where my wellbeloved husband lieth as conveniently may be.

To Gawdie Brampton £20 when 21 and a pott with a cover of silver double gilt, a salte seller of silver and double guilt without a cover, one goblett of silver, one silver spone gilte and 7 other silver spones whereof one hath uppon

the ende thereof the picture of an appostle, three other knoppes and engraven with G. and B. and too others of them engraven with T. and B. and one other of them knopped and engraven with E. and B. Also a newe dome bedd, 2 new feather beds, 8 best pillows, 8 best blanketts, 4 coverletts whereof one of Pulham worke with birds of yellow and grene. Two other couler blewe wrought with white harts and one other is a little new one of Arras worke: Also one other coverlett of blew and red and one redd Rugge and one other coverlet of redd, green and yellow, one lyverie bedstead standing in the Chamber over the little parlour where we usually still, and the kanapie hanging over the said bedstead. Also two trendle bedsteads standing in my chamber : [Also a quantity of sheets and linen, all set out with lengths and breadths] three new pillowberes [? pillowcases] "verie fyne,” nine other good pillow beres, a diaper table cloth 35 yards long and i} yds. wide and many other table cloths, cubbord cloths, diaper and plain Towells, “Kalico" towells, napkins of damaske, 2 dozen napkins wrought att the ends with coventree blewe thred; Also to him three quishons of Nedill worke, whereof one is wrought with Gilly flowers and Woodbines, one other wrought with a Rose in the mydest and hawthorne branches in the corners; the third wrought with slippes of Roses-one cofer bounde with Iron and covered with painted leather wherein my naperie for the butterie lyeth ; one other cofer called the billem' [? habiliment] coffer, also the deske coffer, twoe of the greatest boxes for ruffes with lockes uppon them and two little joyned stooles and one little Clocke standing in my closett and also the best pewter basen and ewer and sixe candlestickes of pewter-all to be delivered to him when 21.

If Henry, my son, the father of the said Gawdy, die before Gawdy comes of age, then Gawdy to have same on Henry's death.

To the said Gawdie Brampton, on the death of my son Henrie, a silver salt seller and cover, double gilt, weying xix oz which cost vj" vijvj“ also a silver salt seller parcell gilt, 12 silver spones, besides those before given: Also the Hanging and one window curtaine all of grene saie in the great chamber, the hangings of grene saie in the hall and three window curtaines of saie in the same chamber: Also one seilde bedsteade with a tester with knoppes gylte and curteins which curtains and tester are of grene saie--a joyned cubbord, one carpet for the cubbard of damaske worke coulor yellowe and redd. A posted bedstead withi a tester of Taffata in the Chamber over the larder. In my chamber where I laie one posted bedstead with a Tester of yellow and redd and curtaines of redd and grene. In the preschamber one lyverie bedstead, one great joyned presse with a locke, one table with a frame to brush uppon. In the maids chamber a lyverie bedstead and a trendle bedstead. In the Gallery two lyverie bedsteads and one borded bedstead. In the parlor a long framed table of joyner's worke, one square table varnished and the frame thereunto, one liverie cubbard? of joyner's work and a carpett of carpett worke with roses wrought therein belonging to the said cubbord and one window curtaine of diverse collors hanging in the parlor-one chair of leather, one chair engraven with Adam and Eve and one other of Si pres [? cypress] 25 greate joyned stooles, 6 small joyned stooles, 3 footstooles and one shorte joyned forme. In the hall one counter and one longe forme. In the Chamber over the hall a coffer barred with iron and covered with grene leather and

1 A cupboard in which "liveries of food," i.e., servant's allowance, was kept.

paynted thereupon heads and faces of men and women : three
other coffers of furr, two other great coffers of wood bound with
iron whereof one is the coffer wherein the evidence doe laye
and the other coffer is of furre standinge in the Chamber over
the larder : two great boxes with lockes-sundry other feather
beds and blanketts, a greate coverlett or Counterpoynte of
Arras worke, 12 pewter platters, 12 pewter dishes, 12 pewter
sawcers, 12 pewter porrengers, 12 pewter frute dishes, 12
peuter plates and 12 “ blanketinge" plates. In the backhouse
a great brass hanged, a great brass cawdron, a mashfatt, one
yeldinge fatt one coolinge keler and a boultinge tunne. In
the dayrie 3 cheese presses and one longe bourde to salte


chamber a table with tressels and a joyned cubbard.

To my daughter Nashe, a silver salt seller with a kover of silver.

To my grandchild Henrie Keene, 40'.
To Thomas Billingford, parson of Blonorton, 40“.
To Dorothy Thorne, 20' a year for her life.

To widow Starlinge, Boyce Bullock's wife, Alice Bullocke
widow, Robert Awsten and his wife, John Eldred's wife,
Tho' Cock's wife and to widow Edwards, 2$ each.
All residue to Henrie Brampton my son, the sole executor.

Thomas Billingford, clerke
John Master

Robert Master
Thomas Wolman

Dated 1" August, 1601.
Proved 6............1603 [faded and cannot be read].

Will of Anne, wife of Gawdy Brampton of Blonorton,

co. Norfolk, gent.

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Berkeley," fo. 116. In Trinity term, 1641, a fine was levied between Robert Morse, gent., Thos. Stone and Edw. Heighoo, gents., plaintiffs



and Gawdy Brampton and me the said Anne, deforciants, of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 33 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow, 90 acres of pasture in Blonorton and by Indenture of 16 Oct. then last past it was settled that after the death of Henry Brampton, gent., the said Gawdy's father, the said lands [boundaries and dimensions given) should be to said Gawdy and Anne his wife on payment of £16 yearly and £216 in one sum.

I hereby give all my lands and tenements in Blonorton to Dorothy Brampton and her heirs, excepting a close there called Brendhall which I give to my husband, for life, with reversion to my said daughter, Dorothy Brampton.

To my grandson, Brampton Lowrie, a close called Bottom Close in Blonorton, to him and his heirs for ever.

To my son, Gawdy Brampton, £8 a year.

To my grandchildren, Elizabeth, Ann and Dorothy Buckenham, 40 marks each, at their ages of 21.

To my grandchild, William Buckenham, £20.
To Ellen Wade, widow, 20“.
To the poor of Blonorton, 20%.
Executrix: my daughter, Dorothy Brampton.
[Hand and Seal.]
Witnesses :--Tho. Catton, Jeremy Goodwin (mark),

Tho. Catton, jun".
Dated 31 May, 1654.
Proved 1 April, 1656, by the executrix.

Church Plate in Norfolk.



Rector of Gaywood.


I am grateful to the Rural Dean and the Clergy for their kindness in allowing me to examine the plate, and to the Rev. E. C. Hopper, F.S.A., for his kind suggestion that I should make a record of the Church Plate in this very large deanery.

There is much of real interest to record. Though there is no pre-Reformation plate in its original state, there are several Elizabethan cups which have evidently been remodelled from chalices. The matter of chief interest has been the discovery of additional instances of plate bearing the Lynn Assay Office mark. To the short list already mentioned in Jackson's English Goldsmiths and their Marks, and Cripps' Old English Plate, to both of which books I have made frequent reference, we have to add from this deanery three interesting pieces, the beautiful cup at Middleton, already described in the Burlington Magazine, number lvii., vol. xii., a cup at Bawsey, and another good cup at Congham. The first

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