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that the trade existed. Not only do we hear of the men of Ely coming to sell their beer at Lynn in 1257,' but, what is more to the point, Geoffrey de Thorplond obtained a licence to export 100 casks of ale from Lynn to Normandy and Flanders in 1314,” and also another 60 tuns in 1316.3

I believe that we have in these lists the earliest

mention of the cloth of Worstead as yet discovered. More interesting, because more obscure, is the allusion to the linen webs of Aylsham. Blomefield 4 tells us that the town was the chief seat of the linen manufacture in Norfolk in the reigns of the second and third Edwards. Here we see that its products had a reputation as early as the reign of Edward I., but I wish to point out that in Work and Wages: Thorold Rogers mentions a list of towns, giving the characteristics of each and drawn up, as he thinks, in the middle of the 13th century. Though I have not been able to examine the source of his information, to which he does not refer, there can be little doubt that it was Douce MS. 98 in the Bodleian Library. He notes the linen webs of Aylsham, Lewes, and Shaftesbury, and the cloths of Lincoln, Bligh (Blyth ?), Beverley, and Colchester. But he says nothing of Worstead so, perhaps, the manufacturers of that town were not then of much repute.

i Ely was famous for its ale at this date, and Cambridge for eels.-Work and Wages. See below, 2 Cal. Rot. Pat., 1313--1317, p. 178.

4 Vol. vi., p. 283.

Chapters III. and IV.

3 Ib.,


p. 380.

The Norwich Subscription for the

Regaining of Newcastle, 1643.




Blomefield, in his History of Norwich, pt. i., p. 388, says : According to an ordinance of

ordinance of parliament, a subscription was was put

foot here for raising money towards regaining the town of Newcastle, and 516 l. 5s. was gathered in the several wards, and the names of all such in the several wards that refused giving anything, were returned, in number 432, of the principal citizens; which may make us the less wonder at the great cost and expense they were at in keeping such a number of soldiers to guard the city, when they knew the King had so many well-wishers here; among those returned were, Francis Norris, John Salter, Tim. Skottow, John Freeman, Mr. Watts, John Balderston, Will. Crowe, Tho. Cory, Mr. Larwood, Mr. Brook, senior and junior, Joseph Paine, Mr. Pettus, Lady Pettus, Nic. Sotherton, Will. Gostlin, late Mayor, Fra. Cory, Mr. Aldrich, Earl, Davy, and Burman, Alderman Utting, Alderman Croshold, Dr. Browne, Dr. De-lawne, Mr. John Osborn, Rog. Mingay, Rob. Deye, Peter Hasbert, Edw. Mayes, James Rant, H. Herne, &c.”

The following is a copy of the subscription list to which Blomefield refers, taken from a MS. book in the Corporation Muniment Room, and it is published by the permission of the Town Clerk. It will be noticed that the small or petty Ward of St. Giles is not included, and that the lists of some of the other wards seem very short; but as it contains all the names mentioned by Blomefield (though not in the order given by him), and the amount collected being £516 15s., or ten shillings more than he says, it would appear to be complete. The number of those who refused to subscribe anything is, however, 275, not 432. Unless Blomefield saw another list, which seems unlikely for the reasons given above, the discrepancy is curious. The list is valuable as showing the political leanings of some five hundred of the principal citizens in 1643:

1643. The Reckoninge and Accompt of all such moneyes as are subscribed in the Citty of Norwich to be brought in for the regayninge of Newcastle as followeth :


: : :

[The Ward of Middle Wymer.]

li d. Thomas Barrett

04 00 00 Posthumus Parker

02 00 00 John Dey

01 00 00 Robert Smith

02 00 00 George Pitcher

01 00 00 John Brathwayte ...

02 00 00 Hamond Craske

04 00 00 Sampson Townsend

02 00 00 Charles Libart

03 00 00 Henery Weld

01 10 00 Richard Swallowe ...

01 10 00 Brigett Sheringham

02 00 00 William Lowe

01 10 00

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The Ward of


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Edward Wickes
Daniell Fromanteel
Mathew Howard
Henery Watts
Rowland Cockey
John Robins
Henery Woods
Samuell Chapman...
William Hartley
Henery Dudgeon
Richard Kett
Abraham Atfenn
John Mann
John Hawes
Edward Pecke
Edward Wright
John Gray
Richard Thurlowe
Timothy Norwich ...
John Greenwood
Robert Baron
Jeremy Gooch
John Rayley
Livewell Sherwood
Thomas Baleston

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97 10 00

John Wallowingel
William Sulmau
John Michells
Nicholas Aldred
Christofer Barrett
Robert Harmon
Thomas Willins
John Woods
John Maninge

Robert Gooch


..... Scambler
The Ward of Thomas Ashwell

Henery Kinge
Edmond Hare
Mahaleell Reames
John Oataway

i No amounts are placed against this and the following sixteen names.

The partyes herevnder mencioned doe denie to contribute any mony for the perpose before mencioned :Widow Dobson Mr. Watts Comer John Moonis John Woodward John Freeman John Melcher Joseph Daniell Mathew Thurton William Lambert John Salter

William Wilson Robert Bondishe Francis Norris Andrewe Cocke William Edgely Henery Simonds Henery Mony Jeames Brockden Peter Blowfeild William Randall Randall Hill Tymothy Skottowe Nicholas Lubocke Richard Bunne Thomas Ingram John Balderston Francis Dackett Richard Cawson Henery Negos Francis Page William Smith Henery Sutton Edward Calfe Edmond Hase John Lawrence

Antony Pearson John Hutton Solomon Canby John Browne Giles Hutton William Crowe

Grundy Martine Baker

... Garey Thomas Candler John Cunnell Jeames Rushe John Croppe John Wenn

Thomas Cory John Wright
Bates Mr. Playford


[The Ward of West Wymer.]


Mr. Robert Howes
John Johnson
Edward Boote
Richard Howse
John Sabberton
Peter Thacker
Nicholas Swetman
John Birkine
John Antine
Richard Puckill
The Lady Cleare
Mr. Alderman Loveland
Mr. Delahay
Daniell Winter
Edmond Newman

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