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We, William F. Penina:

n'Robertson, members of the Council of Virginia, do heret,

ne laws contained in the thirteenth of HENING's Štatutes at Larg"

by us, examined and compared iginals from which they were takers ive been found truly and accurate

ated, except as to the following işl of errata to the number of nine. Giyen und r hands this Sth day of Novembe, 1823.


WM. ROBERTSON. 1 Page 198 line 10 from top, strike out " who.” 247, 2

insert" shall before be." 248, 13 from bottom, after “taxes" insert “due. 336, 19

for “ valse” read " value." 388, 8 from top, for“ 25” read “ 26.”

19 from bottom, for “to be” read" or be.”

12 from top, for and act” read-“ an act.” Ibid. 13 for "conforming" read “ confirming.".

Bosv 571, bottom line, last word, for "7** le "rea" senuind."






Thirteenth Volume of the Statutes at Large.

With this volume, the editor's engagements, with the public, terminate. His original stipulation was to publish the STATUTES AT LARGE, prior* to the year 1792, the date of the former Revised Code. Since that period the Revised Code of 1819 has been published; and the difficulty of procuring many of the sessions acts between 1792 and 1819, may render it expedient to bring down the Statutes at Large to a later period.

It was the intention of the editor, in the progress of his work, to have procured from England some acts of a private and local nature, the titles of which had alone been preserved in this country, and to have published them, in an appendix to the last volume, together with a general digested index to the whole work. These, with other additions contemplated, would certainly have been made, had not the legislature at the last session,t so limited the number of volumes, and added to the matter which they were to contain, by including the sessions acts to the end of 1792, instead of prior to that date, as to swell the 12th volume to an unreasonable size, and preclude the admission of these improvements which the editor was sincerely desirous to introduce.

WILLIAM WALLER HENING. Richmond, September 4, 1823.

* See 2 Rev. Code of 1819, p. 331.
+ See acts of 1822, ch. 12.

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