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Sect. 4. It shall not be lawful for the proprietor of Houses with the land whereon an inspection of tobacco is hereby fire places, not established, or those hereafter claiming under them, to

be built within

a certain dis. build or suffer to be built, any house with a fire-place tance of the therein, on his or their Jand, within one hundred yards of warehouses, such warehouse. Provided always, That nothing herein those in Pe. contained shall be construed to prevent the proprietors of tersburg exthe lands in the town of Petersburg, whereon inspections cepted. of tobacco are hereby established, from building houses with fire places therein on their respective lands.

Sect. 5. And be it further enacted, That the proprie- In what mantors of the lands or lots in the town of Petersburg, where- ner those in on inspections of tobacco are hereby established, shall Petersburg to respectively build the warehouses for the reception of tobacco of stone or brick, to be covered with slate or tile, and make the gates of iron. No tobacco shall be received for inspection, at either of the said warehouses in Pe. tersburgh, nor shall any inspectors be appointed for the same, until the court of Diowiddie county shall be of opinion, and enter the same of record, that the ware. houses are built according to the directions of this act,


An act for the cession of ten miles square, or any

lesser quantity of territory within this state, to
the United States, in Congress assembled, for
the permanent seat of the general government.

(Passed the 3d of December, 1789.) Sect. 1. WHEREAS the equal and common benefits Preamble, resulting from the administration of the general government will be best diffused, and its operations become more prompt and certain, by establishing such a situation for the seat of the said government, as will be most central and convenient to the citizens of the United States at large, having regard as well to population, extent of territory, and a free navigation to the Atlantic ocean, through the Chesepeake bay, as to the most direct and ready commupication with our fellow-citizens in the western frontier; And whereas it appears to this Assembly, that a

situation combining all the considerations and advantages before recited, may be had on the banks of the river Patowmack, above tide water, in a country rich and fertile in soil, healthy and salubrious in climate, and abounding in all the necessaries and conveniencies of life, where in a location of ten miles square, if the wisdom of Congress shall so direct, the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia may participate in such lo

cation; Tract of coun Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That try within this a tract of country, not exceeding ten miles square, or any state ceded to lesser quantity, to be located within the limits of this States for the state, and in any part thereof as Congress may by law seat of the direct, shall be, and the same is hereby for ever ceded general and relinquished to the Congress and government of the government; United States, in full and absolute right, and exclusive

jurisdiction as well of soil, as of persons, residing or to reside thereon, pursuant to the tenor and effect of the eighth section of the first article of the constitution of

government of the United States : reservation of Sect. 2. Provided that nothing herein contained, shall the rights of be construed to vest in the United States, any right of individuals to the soil.

property in the soil, or to affect the rights of individuals therein, otherwise than the same shall or may be trans

ferred by such individuals to the United States. When the ju Sect. 3. And provided also, That the jurisdiction of risdiction of the laws of this Commonwealth, over the persons and the law of this Common

property of individuals residing within the limits of the wealth over

cession aforesaid, shall not cease or determine, until Conthe same to gress, having accepted the said cession, shall by law procease.

vide for the government thereof, under their jurisdiction, in manner provided by the article of the constitution before recited.


An act to amend an act, intituled An act con

cerning public roads."

(Passed the 9th of December, 1789.) Sect. 1. WHEREAS the act intitled “An act concerning public roads," has been found to be oppressive in some of the western counties of this Commonwealth,


by compelling the surveyors of the highways to keep all the said roads well cleared and smoothed, at least thirty feet wide:

Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That Courts of cerit shall be the duty of the court of each of the counties tain counties of Ohio, Monongalia, Harrison, Randolph, Pendleton, certain public Washington and Russell, and each of the counties with roads within in the district of Kentuckey, to cause the public roads the same. within the same respectively, those excepted, which lead from one court- house to another, to be examined by three commissioners in the month of June or July in every year; and where it shall appear upon the report of the said commissioners unnecessary to keep any of the roads so examined as wide as is required by the above recited act, it shall be lawful for the said courts respectively to direct the surveyors thereof, to keep so much only of the said roads so examined in repair, according to law, as shall be expedient.

Sect. 2. And whereas doubts have arisen, who shall be considered as labouring tithables within the meaning of the above recited act;

Be it further enacted, That from henceforth all male Who to be persons above the age of sixteen years, except the master considered as

labouring or owner of two or more labouring tithables, the owner

tithables of ironworks, millers, ferrykeepers, and all such as the courts shall think proper to exempt through age or infirmity, shall be considered as labouring tithables; any act or acts, and especially the above recited act in any wise to the contrary notwithstanding.


An act providing record books for transcribing

certain entries for land, within the district of Kentucket.

(Passed the 10th of December, 1789.) WHEREAS it is represented, that the funds establish- Preamble. ed by an act of Assembly, intituled " An act for the preservation of the entries made for lands in the district of Kentuckey,” for the purpose of procuring record books for transcribing the entries for lands mentioned in the said recited act, are not productive.

How record Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That books for

the record books necessary for transcribing the said entranscribing tries for lands, shall be furnished at the expence of each entries for lands in Ken. county respectively, and the justices of the several countuckey, to be ties within the district of Kentuckey, are hereby authoprovided. rised and directed to levy so much money as shall be ne

cessary for the purpose aforesaid, at laying the next or any succeeding county levy.


An act prescribing the mode of collecting the al

lowance to the commissioner of the High Court of Chancery.

(Passed the 11th of December, 1789.) Preamble. WHEREAS it hath been found by experience, that

the appointment of a commissioner in the high court of chancery hath greatly contributed to the dispatch of business, and the accuracy of reports, and it is expedient that the allowance made for his services in each cause, should be collected in a manner different from what is prescribed by the act, intituled “ An act for amending ihe several acts of the General Assembly concerning the

High Court of Chancery:" Fees of the Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the comcommissioner missioner may issue bis tickets for the sums allowed by of the court of the high court of chancery, for services performed by chancery, how collected.

him under the orders of the said court, and deliver them to the respective sheriffs, at the same time the clerk of the said court is directed by law to deliver his tickets, and that the several sheriffs shall collect and account for them in the same manner and under the like penalties, and shall have the same allowance for collecting and for insolvencies as are prescribed in the case of the clerk of the said high court of chancery.


An act to amend the several acts of Assembly for

keeping certain roads in repair.

(Passed the 9th of December, 1789.) Sect. 1. FOR amending the several acts of Assembly Districts on for keeping certain roads in repair: Be it enacted by the the turnpike General Assembly, that no district shall exceed three miles roads, width

and length of; in width from the roads on which turnpikes are established, por more than three miles in length; nor shall any person assigned to work on the said roads, be compelled to work on any other road, only one day in every year.

Sect. 2. Every person residing within three miles of How many either of the said turnpike roads, and compelable by law days in each

year, every to work on roads, shall work on the aforesaid road or

person to roads, when summoned so to do, not exceeding three work on them; days in every year.

Sect. 3. Every overseer shall be resident in the dis. Overseers of trict of wbich he is appointed overseer, or the adjacent to reside : al

them, where district, and he shall be allowed twelve shillings for lowance to warning the people on the road in each year.

them for Sect. 4. The receivers of the tolls shall keep a fair warning the

people. account of the daily receipts of money in a book to be Receivers of provided for that purpose, and produce the same for the the tolls, how

their accounts inspection of the treasurer when required, pay the mo

to be kept: ney received by them to the treasurer, once in every when to settle month, and settle with the commissioners once in every them and pay three months, when each receiver shall be paid his the money rewages for the preceding quarter by order of the treasurer. ceived; their

Sect. 5. One half of the money arising from the tolls, One half of after paying the necessary wages of the toll keepers and the tolls to be overseers, shall be applied towards repairing the roads applied to re

pairing roads within the county of Loudoun.

in Loudoun.

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