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SIR JAMES-PHILLIPS KAY-SHUTTLEWORTH, Baronet, of GAWTHORP HALL, county palatine of Lancaster; created a Baronet. Born July 20, 1804. Married, Feb. 22, 1842, Janet, daughter of Robert Shuttleworth, Esq., and has issue, UghtredJames, born Dec. 18, 1844; and other children.

Heir-Apparent—His son, Ughtred-James. Creation-Dec. 22, 1849. Arms--See plate 40.

SIR JAMES MATHESON, Baronet, of the LEWS, in the county of Ross, and of ACHANY, in the county of Sutherland; created a Baronet. Born in 1796. Married, in 1843, Mary-Jane, daughter of Michael-Henry Perceval, Esq.

Creation December 31, 1850.- Arms See plate 40.

SIR RICHARD TUFTON, Baronet, of APPLEBY CASTLE, in the county of Westmoreland; SKIPTON CASTLE, in the county of York; and HOTHFIELD PLACE, in the county of Kent; created a Baronet. Married, Aug. 22, 1843, AdelaideAmelia Lawson, and has issue, Henry-Jacques, born June 4, 1844; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Henry-Jacques.- Creation - Dec. 31, 1850.- Arms See plate 40.

SIR JOAN MUSGROVE, Baronet, of SPELDHURST, in the county of Kent; and of RUSSELL SQUARE, in the county of Middlesex; created a Baronet. Born January 21, 1793. Married, Feb. 2, 1814, Emma, daughter of Richard Bremridge, Esq. Heir-ApparentCreation-July 12, 1851. - Arms—See plate 40.

SIR ARCHIBALD ALISON, Baronet, Advocate, and Sheriff of the county of Lanark; created a Baronet. Born December 29, 1792. Married, March 21, 1825, Elizabeth-Glencairn, daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Patrick Tytler, and has issue, Archibald, born Jan. 21, 1826; married, Nov. 18, 1858, Miss Black, Sir Archibald has other children.

Heir-Apparent– His son, Archibald.- Creation-June 9, 1852.- Arms See plate 40.

SIR JOSEPH-RUSSELL BAILEY, Baronet, of GLANUSK PARK, in the county of Brecon. Born April 7, 1840. Succeeded his grandfather, Sir Joseph, Nov. 20, 1858. Married, April 9, 1861, Mary-Anne, daughter of Henry Lucas, Esq., M.D., and has issue, a son, born Oct. 26, 1864.

Heir-Apparent-His son.- Creation-June 28, 1852. — Arms-See plate 40.

SIR GEORGE-FRANCIS BONHAM, Baronet. Born Aug. 28, 1847. Succeeded his father, Sir Samuel-George, Oct. 8, 1863.

Creation-Nov. 10, 1852.--Arms-See plate 40.

SIR HENRY HOLLAND, Baronet, of SANDLEBRIDGE, in the county palatine of Chester; created a Baronet. Born Oct. 27, 1788. Married, in 1822, the daughter of James Caldwell, Esq., and has issue, Henry-Thurstan, born Aug. 3, 1825; married, Nov. 25, 1858, Margaret-Jane, daughter of Sir CharlesE. Trevelyan, and has issue. Sir Henry has other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Henry-Thurstan.- Creation-April ,18, 1853. - Arms—See plate 40.

SIR JAMES-LUKIN ROBINSON, Baronet, of UPPER CANADA. Born March 27, 1818. Succeeded his father, Sir John-Beverley, Jan. 30, 1863. Married, May 15, 1845, the daughter of John Arnold, Esq., and has issue, Henry-Grassett, born April 16, 1849; and other children.

Heir-Apparent—His son, Henry-Grassett. - Creation—Aug. 28, 1854.--Arms—See plate 40.

SIR LOUIS-HYPOLITE LAFONTAINE, Baronet, of the CITY OF MONTREAL, Lower Canada. Born July 10, 1862. Succeeded his father, Louis-Hypolite, March 31, 1864.

Creation-Aug. 28, 1854.-

Arms-See plate 40.

SIR SAMUEL-MORTON PETO, Baronet, of SOMERLEYTON HALL, in the county of Suffolk, and of KENSINGTON PALACE GARDENS, in the county of Middlesex; created a Baronet. Born Aug. 4, 1809. Married, first, May 18, 1831, Mary, daughter of Thomas de la Garde Grissell, Esq., and by her (who died May 20, 1842) had issue, Henry, born Aug. 10, 1840. Married, second, July 12, 1843, Sarah-Ainsworth, daughter of Henry Kelsall, Esq., and has issue.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Henry- Creation--Feb. 16, 1855. - Arms-See plate 40.

SIR FRANCIS-GRAHAM MOON, Baronet, of PORTMAN SQUARE, in the county of Middlesex; created a Baronet. Born Oct. 28, 1796. Married, Oct. 28, 1818, Anne, daughter of John Chancellor, Esq., and has issue, Edward, born March 1, 1825; married, July 3, 1851, Ellen, daughter of Thoinas Sidney, Esq., and has issue.

Heir-Apparent–His son, Edward.- Creation- April 23, 1855.- Arms-See plate 40.

SIR JOHN-FOX BURGOYNE, Baronet ; a lieutenant-general in the army; G.C.B.; created a Baronet. Born July 24, 1782. Married, Jan. 31, 1821, Charlotte, daughter of Colonel Hugh Rose, and has issue, Hugh-Talbot, born July 19, 1833; married, Aug. 25, 1864, Evelyn Laura, daughter of Sir Baldwin-Wake Walker, Bart. Sir John has other children.

Heir-Apparent- His son, Hugh-Talbot. - Creation Feb. 9, 1856. — ArnisSee plate 40.

SIR WILLIAM-FENWICK WILLIAMS, Baronet, of KARS; K.C.B. ; a major-general in the army; a Knight; created a Baronet for his distinguished bravery, and gallant defence of Kars. Born Dec. 4, 1800.

Creation—May 16, 1856. Arms-See plate 40.

SIR BALDWIN-WAKE WALKER, Baronet, of OAKLEY HOUSE, in the county of Suffolk, K.C.B. ; created a Baronet. Born in 1803. Married, Sept. 9, 1834, Mary-Catherine, daughter of the late Captain Worth, R.N., and has issue, Baldwin-Wake, born Sept. 24, 1846; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Baldwin-Wake. - Creation June 23, 1856. - Arms See plate 40.

SIR CHARLES LOCOCK, Baronet, of SPELDHURST, in the county of Kent, and of HERTFORD STREET, MAYFAIR; created a Baronet. Born April 21, 1799. Married, Aug. 5, 1826, Amelia, daughter of John Lewis, Esq. and has issue, CharlesBrodie, born July 21, 1827; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Charles-Brodie.- Creation-April 14, 1857. Arms—See plate 41.

SIR JAMSETJEE JEJEEBHOY, Baronet. Born October 9, 1811. Succeeded his father, Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, April 12, 1859. Married, first, in 1830, Deenbaee, daughter of Dinshaw Cooverjee, and she died in 1833. Married, second, in 1835, Ruttonbaee Curtsetjee, and by her has issue, Manockjee-Cursetjee, born in 1851; and other children.

August 25, 1860, by virtue of Act 20, of 1860, of the Legislative Council of India, the present Baronet, Sir Cursetjee Jamsetjee, has assumed the name, and will henceforward be known as Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, Bart,

Heir-Apparent–His son, Manockjee-Cursetjee.- CreationsKnight, 1842; Baronet, May 16, 1857.- Arms—See plate 41.

SIR ARCHDALE WILSON, of the CITY OF DELHI, in the East Indies, of the Bengal artillery, and for his distinguished bravery, promoted to be a major-general in the army; K.C.B.; created a Baronet. Born in 1803.

Heir-Presumptive–His nephew, William-Knyvet.- Creation -Nov, 26, 1857.- Arins–See plate 41.

SIR HENRY-MARSHMAN HAVELOCK, of the CITY OF LUCKNOW, in the East Indies. Born August 6, 1830. Succeeded his father, Sir Henry, Nov. 24, 1857.

Heir-Presuinptive-His brother, Joshua.- Creation-Jan. 22, 1858. Arms-See plate 41.

SIR RICHARD-JOHN GRIFFITH, Baronet, of MUNSTER GRILLAGH, in the county of Londonderry; created a Baronet. Born Sept. 20, 1784. Married, Sept, 21, 1812, MariaJane, daughter of George Waldie, Esq. and bas issue, GeorgeRichard, born Jan. 31, 1820; married, April 14, 1849, Eliza, daughter of Nicholas P. Leader, Esq. and has issue, Richard-Jobn, born April 24, 1850; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, George-Richard. - Creation February 26, 1858.- Arms—See plate 41.

SIR WILLIAM-GOODENOUGH HAYTER, Baronet, of SOUTH-HILL PARK, in the county of Berks; created a Baronet. Born Jan. 28, 1792. Married, Aug. 18, 1832, Ann, daughter of William Pulsford, Esq., and has issue, Arthur-Divett, born Aug. 19, 1835; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Arthur-Divett. — Creation-April 19, 1858. - Arms See plate 41.

SIR HENRY. WALDEMAR LAWRENCE, Baronet. Succeeded his brother, Alexander-Hutchinson, Aug. 27, 1864.

Creation July 16, 1858.— Arms See plate 41.

SIR JOHN-LAIRD-MAIR LAWRENCE, Baronet, G.C.B.; so created for his distinguished services in India. Born March 4, 1811. Married, Aug. 26, 1841, Harriette-Katherine, daughter of the late Rev. R. Hamilton, and has issue, John-Hamilton, born Oct. 1, 1846; and other children.

Heir-Apparent–His son, John-Hamilton.— Creation-August 6, 1858. Arms—See plate 41.

SIR FRANCIS-BOYD OUTRAM, Baronet. Born Sept. 23, 1836. Succeeded bis father, Sir James, March 11, 1863. Married, October 20, 1860, Jane-Anne, daughter of Patrick Davidson, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive-His cousin, Edmund.- Creation-Oct. 9, 1858. Arms-See plate 41.

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