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SIR THOMAS-FRANCIS FREMANTLE, Baronet, of SWANBOURNE, county of Bucks; created a Baronet, with remainder, on failure of issue male, to the heirs male of his late father, Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas-Francis Fremantle, G.C.B.; also a Baron of Austria. Born March 11, 1798. Married, Nov. 24, 1824, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir George Nugent, Baronet, and has issue, Thomas-Francis, born January 30, 1830; married, Sept. 8, 1859, Augusta-Henrietta, sister of the Earl of Eldon, and has issue, a son, born Feb. 5, 1862. Sir Thomas has other children.

Sir Thomas was permitted to assume and use the title of a Baron of Austria, conferred on his father, the late Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas-Francis Fremantle, by royal sigo manual, January 22, 1822.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Thomas-Francis.- Creation—July 27, 1821.- Arms—See plate 30.

SIR FRANCIS-DUGDALE ASTLEY, Baronet, of EVERLEIGH HOUSE, county of Wilts. Born Nov. 4, 1805. Succeeded his father, Sir John-Dugdale, Jan. 19, 1842. Married, Nov. 18, 1826, Emma-Dorothea, fourth daughter of Sir ThomasBuckler Lethbridge, Bart., and has issue, Jolin Dugdale, born Feb. 13, 1828 ; married, May 22, 1858, Eleanor-Blanche, daughter of Thomas Corbett, Esq. and has issue, a son, born Feb. 6, 1859. Sir Francis has other children.

Heir-Apparent — His son, John-Dugdale.- Creation - July 27, 1821. - Arms See plate 30.

SIR ROBERT SHAW, Baronet, of BUSHY PARK, county of Dublin. Born Sept. 28, 1796. Succeeded his father, Sír Robert, March 10, 1849.

Heir-Presumptive-His brother, Frederick- Creation--July 27, 1821. - Arms—See plate 30.

SIR GEORGE-EDWARD POCOCK, Baronet, of HART, county of Durham, and of TWICKENHAM, county of Middlesex. Born April 2, 1792. Succeeded his father, Sir George, July 19, 1840. Married, March 1, 1830, Augusta-Elinor, eldest daughter of the Hon. Thomas-William Coventry, and has issue, George-Francis-Coventry, born in 1831; married, Oct. 9, 1836,

Honoria-Harriette-Alicia, daughter of the late E. H. Ravenhill, Esq. Sir George has other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, George-Francis-Coventry. Creation, July 21, 1821. - Arms—See plate 30.

SIR WILLIAM-GEORGE-HYLTON JOLLIFFE, Baronet, of MERTHAM, county of Surrey; created a Baronet. Born Dec. 7, 1801. Married, October 8, 1825, Eleanor, daughter of the Hon. Berkeley Paget, and by her (who died July 23, 1862) had issue, Hedworth-Hylton, born June 23, 1829; married, Dec. 28, 1858, Agnes-Mary-Georgiana, daughter of the Earl of Strafford, and has issue, a son, born Nov. 10, 1862. Sir William has other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Hedworth-Hylton. - Creation—July 27, 1821. - Arms-See plate 30.

SIR WALTER-MINTO-TOWNSHEND FARQUHAR, Baronet. Born October 26, 1809. Succeeded his father, Sir Robert-Townshend, March 16, 1830. Married, August 12, 1835, Erica-Catherine, daughter of Lord Reay, and has issue, EricRobert, born July 14, 1836; and other children.

Heir-Apparent–His son, Eric-Robert.- Creation—July 27, 1821.- Arms—See plate 30.

SIR THOMAS-TRAYTON-FULLER-ELLIOT DRAKE, Baronet, of NUTWELL COURT, BUCKLAND ABBEY, or MONACHORUM, SHERFORD, and SHEAFHAYNE HOUSE, Yarcombe, county of Devon; created a Baronet, with remainder, in default of issue male, to his brothers, WilliamStephen Fuller, and Rose-Henry Fuller, Esqrs. Upon his suc. ceeding to the property of his uncle, the late Lord Heathfield, the King granted him a patent to take the names of Elliot and Drake, after the family name of Fuller, with permission to bear their arms. Born Feb. 8, 1785. Married, Aug. 5, 1819, Eleanor, the only daughter of James Halford, of Piccadilly, and Lalebam, county of Middlesex, Esq., and by her (who died Sept. 18, 1841) had no issue.

Heir-Presumptive-Francis-George-Augustus Fuller, Esq. Creation-July 27, 1821.- Arms See plate 30.

SIR JOHN-EARDLEY EARDLEY-WILMOT, Baronet, of BERKSWELL HALL, county of Warwick. Boro Nov. 16, 1810. Succeeded his father, Sir John-Eardley, Feb. 3, 1847. Married, April 27, 1839, Eliza-Martha, sister of Sir Richard-Bulkeley Williams-Bulkeley, Bart., and has issue, William-Assheton, born May 16, 1841; and other children.

Heir-Apparent – His son, William-Assheton. - CreationJuly 27, 1821. - Arms--See plate 30.

SIR DAVID DUNDAS, Baronet, of BEECHWOOD, county of Mid-Lothian. Born August 28, 1803. Succeeded his father, Sir Robert, Dec. 28, 1835. Married, Nov. 22, 1841, CatherineMargaret, daughter of John Whyte, of Melville, Esq., and has issue, Robert, born March 27, 1844; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Robert.- Creation—July 27, 1821. - Arms-See plate 30.

SIR THOMAS ERSKINE, Baronet, of CAMBO, county of Fife. Born July 23, 1824. Succeeded his father, Sir David, October 22, 1837. Married, July 15, 1847, Zaida-Mary, daughter of J. Ffolliott, Esq., and has issue, Ffolliott-Williams, born Oct. 28, 1850 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent–His son, Ffolliott-Williams.- Creation-July 27, 1821. - Arms-See plate 30.

SIR JAMES-ROBERT CARMICHAEL-SMYTH, Baronet, of NUTWOOD, county of Surrey. Born June 11, 1817. Succeeded his father, Sir James Carmichael, March 4, 1838. Married, Feb. 18, 1841, Louisa-Charlotte, daughter of Sir Thomas, Butler, Bart., and has issue, James-Morse, born July 19, 1844 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, James-Morse.—Creation, July 27, 1821. - Arms—See plate 30.

SIR JOHN YOUNG, Baronet, of BAILLIEBOROUGH CASTLE, county of Cavan, and of the CITY OF LONDON. Born July 31, 1807. Succeeded his father, Sir William, March 10, 1848. Married, April 8, 1835, Adelaide-Annabella, daughter of the late Marchioness of Headfort.

Heir-Presumptive–His brother, Thomas.27, 1821.- Arms—See plate 31.

Creation, July

SIR ASTLEY-PASTON COOPER, Baronet, of GADESBRIDGE, County of Hertford. Born Jan. 13, 1798. Succeeded his uncle, Sir Astley-Paston, Feb. 12, 1841. Married, Nov. 29, 1821, Harriet, only child of Williain Rickford, Esq., and has issue, Astley-Paston, born Feb, 23, 1824; married, Nov. 7, 1855, Etheldreda-Julia, daughter of the late George Newton, Esq., and has issue, a son, born Jan. 25, 1861. Sir Astley has other children.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Astley-Paston.- Creation- July 27, 1821.- Arms-See plate 31.

SIR THOMAS PHILLIPPS, Baronet, of MIDDLE HILL, county of Worcester; created a Baronet. Born in 1792. Married, first, Feb. 7, 1819, Harriet, natural daughter of Major-General Thomas Molyneux, and by her (who died March 23, 1832) had issue, three daughters. Married, second, June 1, 1842, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev. W. J. Mansel.

Creation—July 27, 1821. - Arms—See plate 31.

SIR JOHN-DEAN PAUL, Baronet, of RODBOROUGH, county of Gloucester, and of the STRAND, county of Middlesex, Born May 27, 1802. Succeeded his father, Sir John-Dean, January 16, 1852. Married, first, Oct. 10, 1826, Georgiana. Georgina, third daughter of Charles-George Beauclerk, of St. Leonard's Lodge, Sussex, Esq., and by her (who died Dec. 25,

1847) had issue, Aubrey-John-Dean, who married, January 14, • 1851, Laura, daughter of Sir John-Lister Kaye, Bart. Sir John married, second, Jan. 17, 1849, Susan, daughter of the late John Ewens, Esq.

Heir-Apparent-His son, Aubrey-John-Dean. CreationJuly 27, 1821. - Arms-See plate 31.

SIR COUTTS LINDSAY, Baronet, of WESTVILLE, county of Lincoln ; in the army. Born February 2, 1824. Succeeded his grandfather, Sir Coutts Trotter, September 1, 1837. Married, June 30, 1864, Caroline-Blanche, daughter of the late Right Hon. Henry Fitzroy.

Heir-Presumptive—His brother, Robert.1821.- Arms—See plate 31.

Creation—July 27,

SIR CLAUDE-EDWARD SCOTT, Baronet, of LYTCHET MINSTER, county of Dorset. Born April 15, 1804. Succeeded his father, Sir Samuel, Sept. 30, 1849. Married, May 31, 1838, Mary, daughter of Theophilus-Russell Buck worth, Esq., and by her (who died Dec. 30, 1844) had issue, Claude-Edward, born July 14, 1840; married, July 20, 1861, Maria-Selena, daughter of H. C. Burney, Esq. Sir Claude has other children.

Heir-Apparent–His son, Claude-Edward. Creation—July 27, 1821. - Arms—See plate 31.

SIR GEORGE HARNAGE, Baronet, of HARLEY STREET, county of Middlesex, and of BELLES WARDINE, county of Salop. Born July 19, 1792. Succeeded his father, Sir George, Nov. 19, 1836. Married, Jan. 26, 1826, Caroline-Helena, daughter and co-heiress of Bartlett Goodrick, of Saling Grove, Essex, Esq., and by her (who died March 2, 1855) had issue, Henry-George, born June 24, 1827.

Heir-Apparent-Hisson, Henry-George.- Creation—July 27, 1821.— Arms—See plate 31.

SIR JAMES-WALKER KING, Baronet, of CORRARD, county of Fermanagh, and of BLOOMSBURY, county of Dublin; in holy orders. Born May 12, 1796. Succeeded his father, Sir Abrabam-Bradley, February 27, 1838. Married, June 11, 1834, Anna-Sophia-Smyth, daughter of Hulton-Sınyth King, Esq., and has issue, Charles-Smyth, born Dec. 8, 1840 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent—His son, Charles-Smyth.- Creation--Aug. 17, 1821.- Arms—See plate 31.

SIR EDWARD FITZGERALD, Baronet, of NEWMARKETON-FERGUS, in the county of Clare. Born in 1806, Succeeded his uncle, Sir Williain, in 1847. Married, December 10, 1856, Julia-A.-Rose, daughter of the late Edmund O'Grady, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive — His brother, Augustine.- CreationDecember 18, 1821.— Arms--See plate 31.

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