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Pole, Esq., and has issue, George-Anson, born June 30, 1818; married, August 3, 1843, Lucy-Elizabeth-Jane, daughter of the late Rev. William Wescombe. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent-George-Anson, his Lordship's son.- Creation Oct. 24, 1643. Arms--See plate 24.

+ CHARLES-HUGH CLIFFORD, Lord CLIFFORD, of Chudleigh, in the county of Devon. Born July 27, 1819. Succeeded his father, Hugh-Charles, the late Lord, Feb. 28, 1858. Married, Sept. 30, 1845, Agnes-Catherine-Louisa, daughter of Lord Petre, and has issue, LewisHenry-Hugh, born Sept. 26, 1851 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Lewis-Henry-Hugh, bis Lordship's son.- -Creation - April 22, 1672. —Arms—See plate 24.

EDMUND-ROGER-ROBERT BOYLE, Lord BOYLE, of Marston, in England; and Earl of Cork and Orrery, &c., in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of CORK, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-Sept. 10, 1711.- Arms—See plate 51.

THOMAS-ROBERT-HAY DRUMMOND, Lord HAY, of Pedwardin, in England; and Earl of Kinnoull, &c., in the Peerage of Scotland.

See Earl of KINNOULL, in the Peerage of Scotland.
Creation-Dec. 31, 1711.- Arms—See plate 44.

HENRY WILLOUGHBY, Lord MIDDLETON, and a Baronet. Born August 23, 1817. Succeeded his cousin, Digby, the late Lord, Nov. 5, 1836. Married, Aug. 3, 1843, Julia-Louisa, daughter of the late Alexander Bosville, Esq., and has issue, Digby-Wentworth-Bayard, born August 24, 1844 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Digby-Wentworth-Bayard, bis Lordship's son. Creation-Dec. 31,1711.- - Arms—See plate 24.

WILLIAM-JOHN MONSON, Lord MONSON, and a Baronet. Born Feb. 18, 1829. Succeeded his father, William-John, the late Lord, Dec. 17, 1862.

Heir-Presumptive, Debonnaire-John, his Lordship's brother. Creation- May 28, 1728.—Arms--See plate 25.

JOHN-GEORGE-BRABAZON PONSONBY, Lord PONSONBY, of Sysonby ; and Earl of Besborough, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of BESBOROUGH, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-June 12, 1749. —Arms—See plate 52.

GEORGE-JOHN-MILLES WATSON, Lord SONDES, of Lees Court, in Kent. Born Jan. 20, 1794. Succeeded his brother, LewisRichard, the late Lord, March 14, 1836. Married, July 5, 1823, Eleanor, fifth daughter of the late Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bart., and has issue, George-Watson, born Oct. 2, 1824 ; married, Jan. 25, 1859, Charlotte, daughter of Sir Henry Stracey, Bart. His Lordsbip has other children.

Heir-Apparent-George-Watson, his Lordship's son.- -CreationMay 22, 1760.-Arms-See plate 25.

GEORGE-IVES IRBY, Lord BOSTON, of Boston, in Lincolnshire, and a Baronet, Born Sept. 14, 1802. Succeeded his father, George, the late Lord, March 12, 1856. Married, first, Jan. 25, 1830, FannyElizabeth, daughter of William-Hopkins Northey, Esq., and by her (who died April 14, 1860) had issue, Florence-George-Henry, born March 9, 1837 ; married, Oct. 27, 1859, Augusta-Caroline, daughter of the Hon. St. Vincent Saumarez, and has issue, George-Florence, born Sept. 7, 1860. His Lordship married, second, July 30, 1861, CarolineAmelia, daughter of the Hon. St. Vincent Saumarez. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent - Florence-George-Henry, his Lordship's son. Creation- April 19, 1761.-Arms-See plate 25.

ALFRED-NATHANIEL-HOLDEN CURZON, Baron SCARSDALE, of Scarsdale, in the county of Derby, and a Baronet. Born July 12, 1831. Succeeded bis uncle, Nathaniel, Nov. 12, 1836. Married, July 3, 1856, Blanche, daughter of Joseph Pocklington-Senhouse, Esq., and has issue, George-Nathaniel, born Jan. 11, 1859; and other children.

Heir-Apparent--George-Nathaniel, his Lordship's son.--Creations -Baronet, Aug. 11, 1644; and Baron, June 9, 1761.--Arms--See plate 25.

GEORGE-JAMES PERCEVAL, Lord LOVELL and HOLLAND, Baron Lovell and Holland, of Enmore, in Somersetshire; also Earl of Egmont, Viscount and Baron Perceval, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of EGMONT, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-May 7, 1762.--Arms—See plate 52.

GEORGE.JOHN VERNON, Lord VERNON, Barop of Kinderton, in Cheshire. Born June 22, 1803. Succeeded his father, GeorgeCharles-Sedley, the late Baron, Nov. 18, 1835. Married, first, Oct. 30, 1824, Isabella-Caroline, daughter of Cuthbert Ellison, Esq., and by her (who is deceased) had issue, Augustus-Henry, born Feb. 1, 1829; and other children. His Lordship married, second, Dec. 14, 1859, Frances-Maria-Emma, daughter of the late Rev. Brooke Boothby.

Heir-Apparent-Augustus-Henry, his Lordship's son.-Creation May 12, 1762. — Arms-See plate 25.

JOHN-HENRY CAMPBELL, Baron SUNDRIDGE, of Coombank, in the county of Kent; and Duke of Argyll, in the Peerage of Scotland.

See Duke of ARGYLL, in the Peerage of Scotland.

Creations-Dec. 22, 1766 ; and Baron Hamilton, May 20, 1776. Arms—See plate 42.

EDWARD-WILLIAM-HARVEY HAWKE, Lord HAWKE, Baron Hawke, of Towton, in Yorkshire. Born July 15, 1799. Succeeded his father, Edward-Harvey, Nov. 29, 1824. Married, first, Aug. 2, 1821, Elizabeth, second daughter of Sir John Ramsden, Bart., and she died Aug. 26, 1824. Married, second, April 26, 1848, Frances, daughter of Walker Fetherstonhaugh, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive-Stanhope, his Lordship's brother.-CreationMay 20, 1776. -Arms-See plate 26.

THOMAS-HENRY FOLEY, Baron FOLEY, of Kidderminster, in Worcestershire, &c. Born Dec. 11, 1808. . Succeeded his father, Thomas, the late Lord, April 15, 1833. Married, July 16, 1849, Mary-Fitzalan, daughter of the Duke of Norfolk, and has issue, Henry-Thomas, born Dec. 4, 1850; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Henry-Thomas, bis Lordship's son.- -CreationMay 20, 1776. -Arms—See plate 26.

GEORGE-RICE RICE-TREVOR, Baron DYNEVOR, of Dynevor, in Carmarthenshire; Lord-Lieutenant of Carmarthenshire. Born August 5, 1795; took the surname and arms of Trevor, Nov. 1824, in compliance with the will of the late Viscount Hampden. Succeeded his father, George-Talbot, the late Lord, April 9, 1852. Married, Nov. 27, 1824, Frances, daughter of Lord Charles Fitzroy, brother to the Duke of Grafton, and has issue, daughters.

Heir-Presumptive — Francis-William, his Lordship's cousin. Creation-October 17, 1780. —Arms—See plate 26.

THOMAS DE GREY, Baron WALSINGHAM, of Walsingham, county of Norfolk. Born July 6, 1804. Succeeded his father, Thomas, the late Lord, Sept. 8, 1839. Married, first, August 6, 1842, AugustaLouisa, daughter of Sir Robert-Frankland Russell, Bart., and by her (who died April 28, 1844) had issue, Thomas, born July 29, 1843. Married, second, October 25, 1847, Emily-Elizabeth-Julia, daughter of the late Lord Rendlesham, and has issue. Heir-Apparent–Thomas, his Lordship's son.

-Creation-Oct. 17, 1780. —Arms-See plate 26.

WILLIAM BAGOT, Baron BAGOT, of Blithfield, in Staffordshire; and a Baronet. Born March 27, 1811. Succeeded his father, William, the late Lord, Feb. 12, 1856. Married, August 13, 1851, Lucia-Agar, daughter of Lady Dover, and has issue, daughters.

Heir-Presumptive-Hervey-Charles, his Lordship's brother. -Creation-Oct. 17, 1780.—Arms-See plate 26.


CHARLES FITZROY, Lord SOUTHAMPTON. Born Sept. 25, 1804. Succeeded his father, George-Ferdinand, the late Lord, June 24, 1810. Married, first, Feb. 23, 1826, Henrietta, daughter of the Hon. Henry-Fitzroy Stanhope, and niece of the late Earl of Harrington, and she died Oct. 23, 1960. Married, second, February 25, 1862, IsmaniaCatherine-Fitz-Roy, daughter of Walter Nugent, Esq.

Creation-Oct. 17, 1780. — Arms-See plate 26.

FLETCHER NORTON, Lord GRANTLEY, Baron of Markenfield, in Yorkshire. Born Oct. 1795. Succeeded his uncle, William, the late Lord, Nov. 12, 1822. Married, July 26, 1825, Charlotte-Earle, youngest daughter of Sir William Beechey, Knight.

Heir. Presumptive-George - Chapple, his Lordship's brother.-Creation—April 9, 1782.- -Arms-See plate 26.

GEORGE - BRIDGES - HARLEY-DENNET RODNEY, Baron RODNEY, of Rodney Stoke, in the county of Somerset; and a Baronet. Born Feb. 28, 1857. Succeeded his father, Robert-Dennet, the late Lord, Aug. 19, 1864. Heir-Presumptive-Robert-William-Henry, his Lordship's brother. -Creation-June 19, 1782.- -Arms—See plate 26.

WILLIAM-NOEL HILL, Lord BERWICK, of Attingham, in Shropshire, and Red Rice, near Andover. Born in 1802. Succeeded his brother, Richard-Noel, the late Lord, April 12, 1861.

Heir-Presumptive–Thomas-Henry, his Lordship's brother. -Creation-May 19, 1784.-Arms--See plate 27.

JAMES-HENRY-LEGGE DUTTON, Lord SHERBORNE, Baron Sherborne, of Sherborne, in Gloucestershire. Born May 30, 1804. Succeeded his father, John, the late Lord, Oct. 19, 1862. Married, first, June 22, 1826, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Thomas, Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, and by her (who died July 29, 1845) had issue, JohnWilliam, born Aug. 31, 1828, who died Aug. 9, 1850; Edward-Lennox, born April 23, 1831; and other children.

Heir-Apparent–Edward-Lennox, his Lordship's son. -Creation May 20, 1784.- Arms—See plate 27.

JOHN-DE-LA-POER BERESFORD, Baron TYRONE, of Haverfordwest ; and Marquess of Waterford, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Marquess of WATERFORD, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-Augu 1786.-Arms-See plate 50.

RICHARD BOYLE, Baron of CARLETON, in Yorkshire; and Earl of Shannon, &c. in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of SHANNON, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-August 8, 1786.- Arms—See plate 52.

CHARLES HARBORD, Baron SUFFIELD, of Suffield, in the county of Norfolk; and a Baronet; in the army. Born January 2, 1830. Succeeded his bro:ber, Edward-Vernon, the late Lord, August 23, 1853. Married May 4, 1854, Cecilia-Annetta, daughter of the late Henry Baring, Esq., and by her (who died Aug. 11, 1859) had issue, Charles, born June 14, 1855 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Charles, his Lordship's son.--- -Creations, Baronet, March 22, 1785; and Baron, August 8, 1786.- Arms--See plate 27.

GUY CARLETON, Lord DORCHESTER, Baron of Dorchester, in the county of Oxford. Born Oct. 25, 1811. Succeeded his cousin, Arthur-Henry, the late Lord, June 3, 1826. Married, June 12, 1837, Anne, daughter of W. J. Wauchope, Esq., and she died June 7, 1861.

Heir-Presumptive-Richard, his Lordship’s uncle, in holy orders, rector of Boughton, county of Northampton, and Nateley Skewers, county of Hants.

-Creation-August 8, 1786.-Arms—See plate 27.

LLOYD KENYON, Lord KENYON, Baron of Gredington, in the county of Flint, and a Baronet. Born April 1, 1805. Succeeded his father, George, the late Lord, February 25, 1855. Married, June 29, 1833, Georgiana De Grey, youngest daughter of Lord Walsingham, and has issue, Lloyd, born April 13, 1835; married, July 21, 1863, FannyMary-Katherine, daughter of John-Ralph Ormsby Gore, Esq. His Lordship has other children.

Heir- Apparent-Lloyd, his Lordship's son.- -Creations— Baronet, 1784; and Baron, June 9, 1788.- -Arms - See plate 27.

CHARLES-CORNWALLIS-NEVILLE GRIFFIN, Lord BRAYBROOKE, Baron of Braybrooke, in the county of Northampton. Born August 29, 1823.

Succeeded his brother, Richard-Cornwallis, the late Lord, Feb. 21, 1861. Married, Oct. 9, 1849, Florence-Priscilla-AliciaMaude, daughter of Viscount Hawarden, and has issue, Augusta, born Jan. 19, 1860.

Heir-Presumptive-Latimer, his Lordship's brother. - CreationSept. 5, 1788. -Arms—See plate 27.

GEORGE-HAMILTON CHICHESTER, Baron FISHERWICK, in the county of Stafford; and Marquess of Donegal, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Marquess of Donegal, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation—July 9, 1790.- -Arms-See plate 50.

HENRY-HALL GAGE, Lord GAGE, Baron Gage, of High Meadow; and Viscount Gage, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Viscount Gage, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation --Nov. 1, 1790. — Arms-See plate 61.

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