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Carmarthen, in the principality of Wales, April 20, 1689; Duke of Leeds, in the county of York, May 4, 1694; Baron Godolphin, of Farnham-Royal, in the county of Buckingham, May 10, 1832; and Baron Osborne, of Kiveton, in the county of York, June 23, 1838. Arms—See plate 3.

WILLIAM RUSSELL, Duke and Earl of BEDFORD, Marquess of Tavistock, Baron Russell, and Baron Howland. Born June 30, 1809. Succeeded his father, Prancis, the late Duke, May 14, 1861.

Heir-Presumptive-John, Earl Russell, uncle of the Duke. — Creations-Baron Russell, March 2, 1538; Baron Howland, June 13, 1695; Earl of Bedford, Jan. 19, 1550; Marquess of Tavistock, and Duke of Bedford, May 11, 1694.— Arms-See plate 3.

WILLIAM CAVENDISH, Duke and Earl of DEVONSHIRE, Marquess of Hartington, Baron Clifford, and Baron Cavendish ; Earl of Burlington, and Baron Cavendish, of Keighley, in the county of York. Born April 27, 1808. Succeeded his kinsman, William-George, as Duke of Devonshire, Jan. 17, 1858; and his grandfather, George-AugustusHenry, as Earl of Burlington, May 19, 1834. Married, Aug. 7, 1829, Blanche, eldest daughter of the Earl of Carlisle, and by her (who died April 27, 1840) had issue, Spencer-Compton, Marquess of Hartington, born July 22, 1833 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Spencer-Compton, Marquess of Hartington, the Duke's son. Creations- Baron Cavendish, May 4, 1605; Earl of Devonshire, August 7, 1681; Baron Cavendish, of Keighley, and Earl of Burlington, Sept. 7, 1831; Marquess of Hartington, and Duke of Devonshire, May 12, 1694. —Arms—See plate 3.

JOHN-WINSTON CHURCHILL, Duke of MARLBOROUGH, Marquess of Blandford, and Earl of Sunderland. Born June 2, 1822. Succeeded his father, George, the late Duke, July 1, 1857. Married, July 12, 1843, Frances-Anne-Emily, daughter of the Marquess of Londonderry, and has issue, George-Charles, Marquess of Blandford, born May 13, 1844 ; and other children.

His late Grace, in May 1807, by royal sign manual (in order to perpetuate in his Grace's family the surname of his illastrious ancestor, John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough) was allowed to take and use the surname of Churchill, in addition and after that of Spencer; to bear the arms of Churchill quarterly with those of Spencer ; together with a representation of the bearings of the standard of colours belonging to the Honor or Manor of Woodstock; and to bear and use the supportera borne and used by his said illustrious ancestor, John, first Duke of Marlborough.

Heir-Apparent-George-Charles, Marquess of Blandford, the Duke's son.- Creations-Baron Churchill, of Sundridge, in the county of Hertford, May 14, 1685, 1 Jac. 11. ; Baron Spencer, of Wormleighton, in the county of Warwick, July 21, 1603, 1 Jac. I. ; Earl of Marlborough, in the county of Wilts, April 9, 1689, 1 William and Mary; Earl of Sunderland, June 8, 1643, 19 Car I. ; and Marquess of Blandford, in the county of Dorset, and Duke of Marlborough, December 14, 1702, 1 Queen Anne; also Lord Spencer, Baron of Wormleighton, May 5, 1806. - Arms—See plate 3.

CHARLES-CECIL-JOHN MANNERS, Duke of RUTLAND, Marquess of Granby, &c. Born May 16, 1815. Succeeded his father, Jobp-Henry, the late Duke, January 20, 1857.

Heir-Presumptive-John-James-Robert, the Duke's brother. Creations -- Earl of Rutland, June 18, 1525; Marquess of Granby and Duke of Rutland, March 29, 1703.— ArmsSee plate 4.

WILLIAM - ALEXANDER - LOUIS - STEPHEN DOUGLASHAMILTON, Duke of BRANDON in England, Duke of Hamilton in Scotland, &c.; Keeper of Holyrood House and Linlithgow Palace. Born March 13, 1845. Succeeded his father, William-AlexanderAnthony-Archibald, the late Duke, July 15, 1863. Heir-Presumptive-Charles-George-Archibald, the Duke's brother.

-Creations-Summoned to Parliament in 1374, in the 4th of Robert II. ; created Earl of Angus, April 9, 1389; Earl of Arran, in the county of Bute, Aug. 10, 1503 ; Duke of Chattelheralt, in Poitou, in France, 1552, by Henry II. of France; Marquess of Hamilton, in the county of Lanark, April 19, 1599 ; Marquess of Douglas, June 17, 1633; Baron of Aberbrothock, June 1606; Earl of the county of Lanark, Lord Macanshire and Polmont, March 31, 1639; Duke of Hamilton, April 12, 1643; Baron Dutton, in Cheshire, and Duke of Brandon, in Suffolk, Sept. 10, 1711 ; again as Baron Dutton, November 4, 1806. - Arms—See plate 4.

WILLIAM-JOHN SCOTT-BENTINCK, Duke of PORTLAND, Marquess of Tichfield, &c. Born Sept. 18, 1800. Succeeded his father, William-Henry-Cavendish Scott-Bentinck the late Duke, March 26, 1854.

Heir-Presumptive-Henry-William, the Duke's brother. Creations-Baron of Cirencester, Viscount Woodstock, and Earl of Portland, April 9, 1689, 1 William and Mary; and Marquess of Tichfield and Duke of Portland, July 6, 1716, 2 Geo. I.- Arms—See plate 4.

WILLIAM-DROGO MONTAGUE, Duke of MANCHESTER, Viscount Mandeville, and Baron Montague, of Kimbolton, Born October 15, 1823. Succeeded his father, George, the late Duke, August 18, 1855. Married, July 22, 1852, the Comtesse Louise-Fredericke2§Â2Ò2Â2Ò2Âò§Â2Òâ2 řẦēģtiẦ2/2/2/2/2/2/2Ứ2ti2?§Â2Ò2ÂòÂ2Ò2ÂòÂ2â Ò2ÂòÂÂ2Ò2ÂòÂ2Ò2ÂòÂ?22/2/2 2 deville, born June 17, 1853 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-George-Victor-Drogo, Viscount Mandeville, the Duke's son.-- Creations—Baron Montague, of Kimbolton, in the county of Huntingdon, and Viscount Mandeville (the name of a family), December 19, 1620, 18 Jac. I. ; Earl of Manchester, in the county of Lancaster, July 5, 1625-6, 1 Car. I.; and Duke of the same place, April 30, 1719, 5 Geo. I.- Arms-See plate 4.

HENRY-PELHAM-ALEXANDER PELHAM-CLINTON, Duke of NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYNE, in the county of Stafford, and Earl of Lincoln. Born Jan. 25, 1834. Succeeded his father, HenryPelham-Fiennes, the late Duke, Oct. 18, 1864. Married, Feb. 11, 1861, Henrietta-Adela, daughter of Henry-Thomas Hope, Esq., and has issue, a son, Earl of Lincoln, born Sept. 28, 1864.

Heir-Apparent–The Eari of Lincoln, his Grace's son.-- Creations -Earl of Lincoln, May 4, 1572, 14 Elizabeth ; and Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, by patent, Nov. 13, 1756, 30 Geo. II.- ArmsSee plate 4.

ALGERNON PERCY, Duke and Earl of NORTHUMBERLAND, Earl and Baron Percy; Baron Prudhoe, of Prudhoe Castle, in the county of Northumberland ; and a Baronet. Born December 15, 1792. Succeeded his brother, Hugh, the late Duke, February 11, 1847. Married, August 25, 1842, Eleanor, daughter of the late Marquess of Westminster.

Heir-Presumptive-George Percy, Earl of Beverley.-- Creation Baronet, Aug. 2, 1660, 12 Car. II.; Baron Warkworth, of Warkworth Castle, in the county of Northumberland, and Earl Percy and Duke of Northumberland, October 18, 1766, 7 George III.; Baron Percy, March 17, 1812; and Baron Prudhoe, August 17, 1816. — Arms—See plate 4.

ARTHUR WELLESLEY, Duke of WELLINGTON, and Marquess of Douro, in Somerset; Marquess and Earl of Wellington, of Wellington; Viscount Wellington, of Talavera, and Baron Douro, in the said county of Somerset; also by the death of William-Richard-Arthur Pole, last Earl of Mornington, July 25, 1863, assumed the titles and honours of Viscount Wellesley, of Dangan Castle, and Earl and Baron Mornington, in the Peerage of Ireland. Born Feb. 3, 1807. Succeeded his father, Arthur, the late Duke, September 14, 1852. Married, April 18, 1839, Elizabeth, daughter of the Marquess of Tweeddale.

Heir-Presumptive-Henry, eldest son of the late Charles, the Duke's brother. Creations -Viscount Wellington and Baron Douro, Aug. 26, 1809; Earl of Wellington, Feb. 22, 1812 ; Marquess of Wellington, August 12, following; and Duke of Wellington and Marquess of Douro, May 3, 1814 ; English honours. Also, Baron Mornington, July 9, 1746; Viscount and Earl of Mornington, Aug. 25, 1760; Irish honours.Arms See plate 4.

RICHARD-PLANTAGENET-CAMPBELL-CHANDOS-TEMPLE GRENVILLE, Duke of BUCKINGHAM and CHANDOS, Marquess of Chandos, Marquess of Buckingham, Earl Temple, &c. Born Sept. 10, 1823. Succeeded his father, Richard-Plantagenet-Brydges-ChandosTemple, the late Duke, July 29, 1861. Married, Oct. 2, 1851, Caroline, daughter of Robert Harvey, of Langley Park, Esq., and has issue, three daughters.


Creations— Viscount and Baron Cobham, May 23, 1718; Earl Temple, Oct. 18, 1749; Earl Nugent, of the kingdom of Ireland, July 21, 1776; Marquess of the town of Buckingham, in the county of Buckingham, November 30, 1784; Marquess of Chandos, and Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, Feb. 4, 1822. - Arms—See plate 4.

GEORGE-GRANVILLE-WILLIAM GOWER, Duke of SUTHERLAND, Marquess of Stafford, Earl of Sutherland, and Baron Strathnaver; Earl Gower, Viscount Trentham, Baron Gower, of Sittenbam. county of York; a Baronet; and Hereditary High Sheriff of Sutherlandshire. Born Dec. 19, 1828. Succeeded his father, George. Granville-Leveson, the late Duke, Feb. 28, 1861. Married June 20, 1849, Anne, only daughter of John-Hay Mackenzie, of Cromartie, Esq.. and had issue, George-Granville, Earl Gower, born July 27, 1850. who died July 4, 1858 ; Cromarty, Marquess of Stafford, born July 20, 1851; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Cromarty, Marquess of Stafford, the Duke's son. - Creations-Baron Gower, of Sittenham, in Yorkshire, March 16, 1703; Viscount Trentham, in the county of Stafford, and Earl Gower, July 8, 1746; Earl of Sutherland, in the Peerage of Scotland, 1061; Marquess of Stafford, Feb. 28, 1786 ; and Duke of Sutherland, Jan. 15, 1833. ---Arms—See plate 4.

HARRY-GEORGE, Duke of CLEVELAND, Earl of Darlington, and Viscount and Baron Barnard, of Barnard Castle, in the Bishopric of Durham. Born April 19, 1803. Succeeded his brother, WilliamJohn-Frederick, the late Duke, Sept. 6, 1864. Married, Aug. 2, 1854, Catherine-Lucy-Walhelmine, widow of Lord Dalmeny, and daughter of Earl Stanhope.

Heir-Presumptive--Morgan Vane, Esq. to the Barony of Barnard only.— Creations- Baron Barnard, July 9, 1699; Viscount Barvard and Earl of Darlington, April 3, 1754 ; Marquess of Cleveland, Sept. 17, 1827; and Duke of Cleveland, Jan, 15, 1833.- Arms-See plate 5.

CECILIA-LETITIA UNDERWOOD, Duchess of INVERNESS, so created March 30, 1840. Her Grace is daughter of Arthur-Saunders, second Earl of Arran, and married, May 14, 1815, Sir George Buggin, who died April 2, 1825. Her Grace assumed the name and arms of Underwood, by royal licence March 2, 1834. Heir-ApparentCreation - March 30, 1840.--Arms See plate 38.

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