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VICTORIA THE FIRST, OUR PRESENT MOST GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN, By the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the Colonies and Dependencies thereof in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Australia, QUEEN, Defender of the Faith; Duchess of Lancaster and Cornwall, Duchess of Rothsay, in Scotland, Sovereign Protector of the United States of the Ionian Islands; Sovereign of the Orders of the Garter, Thistle, Bath, St. Patrick, St. Michael's, and St. George of the Ionian Isles. Born May 24, 1819. Succeeded to the throne on the demise of her Uncle, King William IV., June 20, 1837, and was proclaimed on the following day with the usual solemnities. Married, at St. James's Palace, Feb. 10, 1840, His Royal Highness Francis-Albert-Augustus-Charles-Emanuel, Duke of Saxony, Prince of Saxe Coburg-Gotha, K.G., G.C.B., (who died December 14, 1861) leaving issue,

1. VICTORIA-ADELAIDE-MARY-LOUISA, the Princess Royal, born Nov. 21, 1840. Married, Jan. 25, 1858, His Royal Highness Frederick - William - Nicholas-Charles, Crown Prince of Prussia, K.G., only son of William V. King of Prussia, and has issue, Frederick-William-VictorAlbert, born January 27, 1859; Victoria-Elizabeth-AugustaCharlotte, born July 25, 1860; Albert-William-Henry, born August 14, 1862 ; and Francis-Frederick-Sigismund, born Sept. 15, 1864.

2. ALBERT-EDWARD, THE DUKE OF CORNWALL, born Nov. 9, 1841; created December 7 following, Duke of Saxony, Duke of Rothsay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, Great Steward of Scotland, PRINCE OF WALES, and Earl of Chester; Sept. 10, 1849, His Royal Highness was created Earl of Dublin ; a Knight of the Garter, Nov. 9, 1858 ; and a General in the army, Nov. 9, 1862. His Royal Highness married, March 10, 1863, at Windsor Castle, Her Royal Highness the Princess Alexandra - Caroline - Maria - Charlotte-Louisa-Julia, eldest daughter of Christian IX., King of Denmark, and has issue, Albert-Victor, born Jan. 8, 1864.

3. ALICE-MAUD-MARY, born April 25, 1843. Married, July 1, 1862, His Royal Highness Prince Louis-Frederick

William-Charles, eldest son of the Grand Duke Charles, of
Hesse, born September 12, 1837, and has issue, Victoria-
Alberta-Elizabeth-Mathilda-Mary, born April 5, 1863; and
a daughter, born Nov. 1, 1864.

4. ALFRED-ERNEST-ALBERT, born August 6, 1844.
5. HELENA-AUGUSTA-VICTORIA, born May 25, 1846.
6. LOUISA-CAROLINE-ALBERTA, born March 18, 1848.


8. LEOPOLD-GEORGE-DUNCAN-ALBERT, born April 7, 1853.

9. Beatrice-MARY-VICTORIA-FEODORE, born April 14, 1857.

Her Majesty is only daughter of His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, by Her Serene Highness Princess Dowager Maria-Louisa-Victoria, Widow of his Serene Highness Charles-Louis, Prince of Leinengen, and Sister to His Majesty the King of the Belgians.

Óeir-Apparent — ALBERT-EDWARD, THE PRINCE OP WALES.--Arms—See plate 1.

DUKE OF THE BLOOD ROYAL. PRINCE GEORGE - WILLIAM - FREDERICK. CHARLES, Duke of CAMBRIDGE, K.G., G.C.B., K.P., G.C.M.G., a Field Marshal in the Army; Colonel of. the Grenadier Guards ; and General Commanding-in-Chief the Forces; Ranger of St. James's and Hyde Parks. Born March 26, 1819. Succeeded his father, Prince Adolphus-Frederick, the late Duke, July 8, 1850.

Creation-November 27, 1801.--Arms—See plate 2.

... The title of Royal Highness was, by special warrant, in 1816, conferred on the late Duke of Gloucester ; and, April 6, 1818, on Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg, now King of the Belgians, and uncle of Her Most Gracious Majesty. The like title was conferred on Albert, the late Prince of Saxe Coburg-Gotha, February 6, 1840.

Edward the Black Prince was the first Duke of Cornwall, created in 1337, in perpetuity to his heirs ; by virtue of which the eldest son of the King of England is Duke of Cornwall as soon as born.

The Earldom of Chester is by creation by letters patent, ever since 31 Henry III. in 1247.

The title of Prince of Wales was first conferred on the infant son of Edward I., 1284, and has never been bestowed but on the heirs of the throne.

The title of Hereditary Steward of Scotland, &c., were titles annexed by Robert III., 1339, to the eldest Prince of Scotland as soon as born; and have continued so ever since.


Roman Catholics marked t.



11 and Hereditary Marshal of England; Earl of Arundel, Surrey, and Norfolk, &c. ; Premier Duke, Earl, and Baron of England. Born December 27, 1847. Succeeded his father, Henry-Granville-FitzAlan, the late Duke, November 25, 1860.

Heir-Presumptive-Edmund-Bernard, the Duke's brother.— Creations_Baron Howard, by writ of summons to Parliament, Oct. 15, 1470, 10 Edward'IV.; also Aug. 19, 1472, created Earl Marshal, Earl of Surrey; and Duke of Norfolk, June 28, 1483, 1 Richard III.; confirmed Earl of Surrey, Nov. 3, 1492, 8 Henry VII.; and again May 18, 1509, 1 Henry VIII.; again Earl of Surrey and Duke of Norfolk, Feb. 1, 1513, 5 Henry VIII.; Earl of Arundel, in the county of Sussex, a feudal honour, of local dignity, the only one in the Kingdom, as adjudged in Parliament, July 8, 1433, 11 Henry VI., by inheritance and possession of the castle of Arundel only, without any other creation; also by suminons to Parliament, Jan. 16, 1580,23 Elizabeth; by descent originally, as well before as after the Conquest, by King Henry I. ; confirmed by King Henry II.; and also June 27, 1189, I Richard I.; created Earl of Norfolk, June 6, 1644,20 Car. I.; Baron Howard, of Castle Rising, in the county of Norfolk, March 27, 1669, 21 Car. II.; Hereditary Earl Marshal, Oct. 19, 1672, 24 Car. II.; Duke of Norfolk, by Act of Parliament, with an entail opon the heirs male, and divers limitations, May 8, 1661, 13 Car. II. ; Baron Mal Travers, 1627; Baron Mowbray, March 6, 1678, 30 Car. II., and likewise March 21, 1639, 15 Car. I.; by descent originally, June 8, 1294, 22 Edward I.- Arms-See plate 3.

EDWARD-ADOLPHUS SEYMOUR, Duke of SOMERSET, Baron Seymour, and a Baronet; also Earl St Maur, of Berry Pomeray, in the county of Devon. Born December 20, 1804. Succeeded his father, Edward-Adolphus, the late Duke, August 14, 1855. Married, June 6, 1830, Miss Sheridan, grand-daughter of the late Right Hon. Richard-Brinsley Sheridan, and has issue, Edward-Adolphus-Ferdinand, Earl St. Maur, born July 17, 1835; and other children.

Heir-Apparent_Edward-Adolphus-Ferdinand, Earl St. Maur, the Duke's eldest son.- Creations-Baron Seymour, by letters patent, Feb. 15, 1546, 1 Edward VI.; Duke of Somerset the day following ; and Baronet, June 29, 1611; also Earl St. Maur, June 17, 1863. Arms-See plate 3.

CHARLES-HENRY GORDON-LENNOX, Duke of RICH. MOND, Earl of March and Darnley, and Baron Settrington, in England, &c. Born Feb. 27, 1818. Succeeded his father, Charles, the late Duke, Oct. 21, 1860. Married, Nov. 28, 1843, Margaret, daughter of Algernon Greville, Esq., and has issue, Charles-Henry, Earl of March, born Dec. 27, 1845; and other children.

His Grace is Duke of Aubigny, in France, which was confirmed and registered by the Parliament of that country in 1177, and confirmed again, March 18, 1816, by Louis XVIII., by cansing the estate of Aubigny to be assigned to the late Duke.

The late Duke of Richmood, by royal sign manual, August 11, 1836, took the surname of Gordon, in addition to his own family surname of Lennox.

Heir-Apparent-Charles-Henry, Earl of March, the Duke's son. ---Creations--Baron of Settrington, in the county of York, Earl of March (a title derived from the Marches, in South Wales), and Duke of Richmond, in the county of York (English honours), Aug. 9, 1675, the 27th of King Charles II. As also at the same time created Baron of Methuen, Earl of Darnley, and Duke of Lennox (Scotch honours). French Dukedom, Jan. 1683-4. Arms—See plate 3.

WILLIAM-HENRY FITZROY, Duke of GRAFTON, Earl of Euston and Arlington, Viscount Thetford and Ipswich, &c. Born August 4, 1819. Succeeded his father, Henry, the late Duke, March 26, 1863. Married, Feb. 10, 1858, Louisa, daughter of the Hon. Francis-Bingham Baring.

Heir-Presumptive-Augustus-Charles-Lennox, the Duke's brother. - Creations- Baron of Sudbury, Viscount Ipswich, and Earl of Euston, all in the county of Suffolk, Aug. 16, 1672, 24 Car. II. ; and Duke of Grafton, in the county of Northampton, Sept, 11, 1675, the 27th of that reign. - Arms-See plate 3.

HENRY SOMERSET, Duke of BEAUFORT, Marquess of Worcester, &c., and Baron de Bottetourt. Born Pebruary 1, 1824. Succeeded his father, Henry, the late Duke, November 17, 1853. Married, July 3, 1845, Georgiana, daughter of Earl Howe, and has issue, Henry. Adelbert-Wellington-Fitzroy, Marquess of Worcester, born May 19, 1847; and other children.

Heir.Apparent - Henry-Adelbert-Wellington-Fitzroy, Marquess of Worcester, the Duke's son.- Creations-Baron, jure uxoris, and by letters patent, Nov. 26, 1506, 22 Henry VII.; Baron de Bottetourt, 1505, originally by descent and writ of summons to Parliament, July 26, 1461, 1 Edward IV.; Earl, Feb. 22, 1514, 5 Henry VII.; Marquess, Nov. 2, 1642, 13 Car I. ; and Duke of Beaufort, Dec. 2, 1682, 34 Car. II.- Arms--See plate 3.

WILLIAM - AMELIUS - AUBREY-DE-VERE BEAUCLERK, Duke of ST. ALBANS, Earl of Burford, &c.; Hereditary Grand Falconer of England, and Hereditary Registrar of the Court of Chancery. Born April 15, 1840. Succeeded his father, William-Aubrey-DeVere, the late Duke, May 26, 1849.

Heir-Presumptive - Frederick-Charles-Peter, his Lordship's uncle. -Creations-Paron Heddington, of Heddington, and Earl of Burford, both in the county of Oxford, Dec. 27, 1676, 28 Car. II. ; and Duke of St. Albans, in the county of Hertford, Jan, 20, 1684, 35 Car. II. ; Baron Vere, of Hanworth, in Middlesex, March 28, 1750. - ArinsSee plate 3.

GEORGE-GODOLPHIN OSBORNE, Duke of LEEDS, Marquess of Carmarthen, and Baron Godolphin. Born July 16, 1802. Succeeded his father, Francis-Godolphin, as Baron Godolphin, Feb. 15, 1850; and his cousin, Francis-Godolphin-D'Arcy, as Duke of Leeds, May 4, 1859. Married, Oct. 21, 1824, Miss Stewart, and by her (who died Oct. 28, 1852,) had issue, George Godolphin, Marquess of Carmarthen, born Aug. 11, 1828 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-George-Godolphin, Marquess of Carmarthen, the Duke's son. - Creations- Baronet, July 13,1620,18 James I.; Viscount Dumblane, in Scotland, July 19, 1673, 25 Car. II.; Baron Osborne, of Kiveton, in the county of York, and Viscount Latimer, Aug. 15, 1673; Earl of Danby, in the county of York, June 27, 1674 ; Marquess of

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