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The illustrious HOUSE of BRUNSWICK traces its origin to a very remote antiquity, in the several lines of Este, of the Guelpbs, of Billing, and Whitekind the Great; all of which became united in the person of Henry Leo.

The descent of the BRITISH LINE, both through Henry I. and James I., ascends higher than almost any line in Europe, as it may be traced back to about 560.

John, the second son of Henry II., was crowned in 1199, and died in 1216; he was succeeded by his son Henry III., who died in 1272, and was succeeded by his son Edward I., who died in 1307. At his death Edward II. ascended the throne, and was succeeded by Edward III., whose eldest son Edward the Black Prince, dying before his father, in 1376, he was succeeded in 1377, by his grandson, Richard II., who was deposed in 1999, and succeeded by his cousin Henry IV., who died in 1412, when his son, Henry V., ascended the throne, and died in 1422. That monarch was succeeded by his son, Henry VI., who was deposed in 1461, when Edward IV. (descended from the third son of Edward III.) mounted the throne, and died in 1483. The short usurpation of Richard III. was followed by the accession of Henry VII., descended from John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, fourth son of Edward III. On his marriage with Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV., the family was again united. Henry VII. dying in 1509, left three children, a son and two daughters, the youngest of whom married James IV. King of Scotland, who was, in 1513, succeeded in that kingdom by his son James V., whose daughter, Mary, was mother of James VI. of Scotland, and the first of that name in England; his daughter, Sophia, married Frederick, King of Bohemia, by whom she had a daughter, Elizabeth, married to Ernestus, Elector of Hanover, Representative of the Houses of Brunswick, Hanover, Lunenburg, Wolfenbuttel, Zell, &c., by whom she had a son, George, who, according to the provisions made by Parliamient, for the succession of the Crown in the Protestant line, on the death of Queen Anne, August 1, 1714, ascended the throne of Great Britain.

His Majesty married, Nov. 21, 1682, Sophia-Dorothy, only child of his uncle, George-William, Duke of Zell; by whom he had issue George-Augustus, his successor; and

Sophia-Dorothy, who married, Nov. 28, 1706, Frederick. William, afterwards King of Prussia. His Majesty died at Osnaburg, June 11, 1727, on his journey to his German dominions, in the 68th year of his age, and the 13th of his British reign.

age, and to his sy died

GEORGE II., born Oct. 30, 1683; ascended the throne on the death of his father; was crowned Oct. 11, 1727; and died at his palace at Kensington, Oct. 25, 1760, in the 77th year of his age, and the thirty-fourth of his reign.

His Majesty married, Aug. 2, 1705, Wilhelmina-Carolina, eldest daughter of John-Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburgh-Anspach, by his second wife, Eleanor-Erdmuth Louisa, daughter of John-George, Duke of Saxe-Eisnach. She was born March 1, 1683, and died at St. James's Palace, Nov. 20, 1737.

The issue of their Majesties, King George II. and Queen Wilhelmina-Carolina, were

1. Frederick-Lewis, Prince of Wales.

2. Anne, born Oct. 22, 1709, and died Jan. 12, 1759; having married, March 14, 1734, William-Charles-Henry, Prince of Nassau and Orange.

3. Amelia-Sophia-Eleanora, born May 20, 1711; died, unmarried, Oct. 31, 1786.

4. Elizabeth-Caroline, born May 30, 1713; died, unmarried, Dec. 28, 1757.

5. George-William, born Nov. 2, 1717; died at three months old.

6. William-Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, born April 15, 1721; died, unmarried, Oct. 31, 1765.

7. Mary, born Feb. 22, 1723; died June 14, 1771 ; having married, May 8, 1740, the Prince of Hesse Cassel; by whom she had issue, three sons; the two eldest, William and Charles, married their cousins, two Princesses of Denmark, sisters to the King of Denmark, and had issue, Maria-Sophia-Frederica, a daughter of Charles, the second son; married, July 12, 1790, to Frederick VI. King of Denmark, and died November 27, 1794, leaving issue, a son and two daughters.

8. Louisa, born Dec. 7, 1724, and died Dec. 8, 1751; having married, Nov. 30, 1743, Frederick V. King of Denmark, by whom she had the late King of Denmark, and three daughters; the eldest of whom was married to Gus. tavus King of Sweden, by whom she had issue, GustavusAdolphus IV., the late King of Sweden born Nov. 1, 1778.

FREDERICK-LEWIS, Prince of Wales, born Jan. 20, 1707; married, April 27, 1736, Augusta, daughter of Frederick II., Duke of Saxe-Gotha; by whom (who died Feb. 8, 1772) he had the following issue; and he died March 20, 1751, during the lifetime of his father.

1. Augusta, born July 31, 1737, and died March 23, 1813; having married the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Jan. 17, 1767, by whom she had issue, three sons and three daughters.

2. George-William-Frederick III., whose issue, &c., are shewn hereafter.

3. Edward-Augustus Duke of York; born March 14, 1739; died, unmarried, September 17, 1767.

4. Elizabeth-Caroline, born Dec. 30, 1740; died, unmarried, Dec. 4, 1759.

5. William-Henry Duke of Gloucester, died August 25, 1805, leaving issue.

6. Henry-Frederick, Duke of Cumberland, born Nov. 7, 1745; created Duke of Cumberland, &c., Oct. 18, 1766; married, Oct. 2, 1771, Lady Anne Luttrell, eldest daughter of Simon, Earl of Carhampton, in Ireland, and relict of Christopher Horton, of Catton Hall, in Derbyshire, Esq., who died without issue, Sept. 18, 1790.

7. Louisa-Anne, born March 8, 1749; died, unmarried, May 13, 1768.

8. Frederick-William, born May 30, 1750; died Dec. 29, 1765.

9. Caroline-Matilda, born after the death of her father. July 11, 1751, and died May 10, 1775; her Royal Highness, Oct. 1, 1766, was married by proxy, at St. James s Palace, to Christian VII., King of Denmark, and died at Zell, May 10, 1775; by whom he had issue, Frederick VI., King of Denmark, born Jan. 28, 1768.

GEORGE-WILLIAM-FREDERICK III., born May 24, 0.S., and baptized June 21, 1738, at Norfolk House. Succeeded his father in the titles of Prince of Great Britain, Electoral Prince of Brunswick-Lunenburg, &c., &c., but the Duchy of Cornwall was merged in the Crown. He was, by letters patent, on the 20th of April, 1751, created Prince of Wales; and, on the death of his royal grandfather, George II., the crown of Great Britain devolved on his Royal Highness, Oct. 25, 1760, and lie was proclaimed the next day with the usual solenınities. His Majesty married, Sept. 8, 1761, Sophia-Charlotte, Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz; and their Majesties were crowned the 22nd of the same month. His Majesty died Jan. 29, 1820, in the sixtieth year of his reign-the longest in the annals of England.

By his royal consort, who was born May 19, 1744, and died November 17, 1818, their Majesties had issue:

1. GEORGE-AUGUSTUS-FREDERICK, our late most gracious Sovereign.

2. FREDERICK, DUKE OP YORK, in England, Duke of ALBANY, in Scotland, and Earl of ULSTER, in Ireland, Bishop of Osnaburg, &c. Born Aug. 16, 1763. Married, September 29, 1791, Frederica-Charlotte-Ulrica-Catherina, Princess Royal of Prussia (born May 7, 1767), eldest daughter of the late King of Prussia. Her Royal Highness died Aug. 6, 1820; and His Royal Highness died Jan. 5, 1827, without issue male, and the title is extinct.

3. WILLIAM-HENRY, our late most gracious Sovereign.

4. CHARLOTTE-AUGUSTA-MATILDA. Born Sept. 29, 1766 ; Lady of the Russian Imperial Order of St. Catherine. Married, May 18, 1797, Frederick-William, late King of Wirtemberg, brother to the Empress of Russia, and relict of the eldest daughter of the Duke of Brunswick, by Augusta, His Majesty George the Third's eldest sister, but by him (who died Oct. 30, 1826) had no issue. The Queen died Oct. 6, 1828.

5. EDWARD DUKE OF Kent and STRATHERN. Born Nov. 2, 1767. Married at Coburg, May 29, 1818; re married at Kew Palace, July 13, 1818, Her Serene Highness Princess Dowager Maria-Louisa-Victoria, sister to His Majesty Leopold-George-Frederick, King of the Belgians, K.Ğ., G.C.B., &c., and widow of His Serene Highness, Charles-Louis, Prince of Leinengen, and by her (who died Mar. 16, 1861) had issue, ALEXANDRINA VICTORIA, born May 24, 1819, who ascended the Throne June 20, 1837. His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent died Jan. 23, 1820, without issue male, and the title is extinct.

6. AUGUSTA-SOPHIA, born Nov. 8, 1768, and died at St. James's Palace, Sept. 22, 1840.

7. ELIZABETH, born May 22, 1770; married, April 7, 1818, His Serene Highness Joseph-Louis-Charles-Augustus-Frederick, Landgrave of Hesse Homburg, who died April 2, 1829; and the Princess died Jan. 10, 1840.

8. ERNEST-AUGUSTUS, DUKE OF CUMBERLAND and Tiviot DALE, &c., late King of Hanover, &c., who died November 18, 1851.

9. FREDERICK-AUGUSTUS, DUKE OF Sussex, K.G., &c. Born Jan. 27, 1773; and died April 21, 1843.

10. ADOLPHUS-FREDERICK, DUKEOF CAMBRIDGE,K.G., &c. Born Feb. 24, 1774 ; and died July 8, 1850.

11. Mary, born April 25, 1776. Married, July 22, 1816, her first cousin, Prince William-Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, and he died, Nov. 30, 1834, without issue. Her Royal Highness died April 30, 1857.

12. Sophia, born Nov. 3, 1777; died May 26, 1848. 13. OCTAVIUS, born Feb. 23, 1779; died May 3, 1783.

14. ALFRED, born Sept. 22, 1780; and died August 20, 1782.

15. Amelia, born Aug. 7, 1783; and died Nov. 2, 1810.

GEORGE - AUGUSTUS - FREDERICK IV., born Aug. 12, 1762. Succeeded to the throne on the death of his father, George III., Jan. 29, 1820; and crowned at Westminster, July 19, 1821. Married, April 8, 1795, Caroline-Amelia-Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Duke of Brunswick (born May 17, 1768); and by his Royal Consort (who died August 7, 1821) had issue, Charlotte-Caroline-Augusta, born Jan. 7, 1796; married, May 2, 1816, His Royal Highness Leopold-George-Frederick, Prince of Coburg, K.G., G.C.B., &c., now King of the Belgians, born Dec. 16, 1790. Her Royal Highness died Nov. 6, 1817, in child-bed, of a still-born male child. His Majesty the King of the Belgians married, Aug. 9, 1832, Her Royal Highness Louise-Marie-Therèse-Caroline-Isabelle, Princess of Orleans, younger daughter of the late LouisPhilippe, Ex-King of the French, and by her (who died Oct. 11, 1850) had issue, Louis-Philippe-Leopold, born July 24, 1833, who died May 17, 1834; Leopold-Louis-PhilippeMarie-Victor, Duke of Brabant, born April 10, 1835; Philippe-Eugène-Ferdinand - Marie-Clement-Bedouin-Leopold-George, Count of Flanders, born March 24, 1836; and Charlotte, born June 7, 1840.

WILLIAM-HENRY IV., born Aug. 21, 1765. Succeeded to the throne June 26, 1830, and was crowned at Westminster, Sept. 8, 1831. Married, July 13, 1818, Her Serene Highness Princess Adelaide-Amelia-Louisa-TheresaCaroline, eldest daughter of George, late Duke of Saxe Meinengen, and by her (who died Dec. 2, 1849) had issue, a daughter, Charlotte-Augusta-Louisa, born March 27, 1819, who died the same day; and Elizabeth-Georgiana-Adelaide, Porn Dec. 10, 1820, who died March 4, 1821.

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