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WILLIAM-THOMAS GRAVES, Lord GRAVES, Baron of Gravesend, county of Londonderry. Born April 18, 1804. Succeeded his father, Thomas-North, the late Lord, Feb. 7, 1830.

Heir-Presumptive-George-Augustus- Frederick-Clarence, his Lordship's brother. - Creation-Aug. 12, 1794.--Arms-See plate 68.

SAMUEL HOOD, Baron BRIDPORT, in Ireland. Born Dec. 7, 1788. Succeeded his great-uncle, Alexander, Viscount Bridport (in the Peerage of England), in the Irish Barony only. Married, July 3, 1810, Charlotte-Mary, only daughter of William, late Earl Nelson, and has issue, Alexander-Nelson, born Dec. 23, 1814 ; married, Aug. 2, 1838, Mary-Penelope, daughter of the Marquess of Downshire, aud has issue, Arthur-Wellington-Alexander-Nelson, born Dec. 15, 1839; and other children. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent-Alexander-Nelson, his Lordship's son, Creation Aug. 12, 1794.- Arms—See plate 68.

CHARLES-ANDREW VAN-NECK, Baron HUNTINGFIELD, of Heveningham Hall, Suffolk, and a Baronet. Born Jan. 12, 1818. Succeeded his father, Joshua, the late Lord, Aug. 10, 1844. Married, July 6, 1839, Louisa, daughter of Andrew Arcedeckne, Esq., and has issue, Joshua-Charles, born August 27, 1842; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Joshua-Charles, his Lordship's son.- CreationsBaronet, Dec. 14, 1751 ; and Baron, June 16, 1796.— Arms—See plate 68.

ROBERT-JOHN CARRINGTON, Baron CARRINGTON, of Bulcot Lodge; and Baron Carrington, of Upton, in the county of Nottingham, in the Peerage of England.

See Lord CARRINGTON, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-Baron, July 16, 1796.- -Arms—See plate 28.

HENRY-CAIRNS WESTENRA, Baron ROSSMORE, county of Monaghan ; and Baron Rossmore, in the Peerage of England.

See Baron RossMORE, in the Peerage of England.
Creation--Oct. 19, 1796.- Arms-See plate 68.

BEAUMONT HOTHAM, Baron HOTHAM, of South Dalton, and a Baronet; a major-generalin the army. Born Aug. 9, 1794. Succeeded his grandfather, Beaumont, the late Lord, March 4, 1814.

Heir-Presumptive-Charles, his Lordship's nephew.- Creation March 7, 1797. Arms—See plate 68.

RICHARD-THOMAS DAWSON, Lord CREMORNE, of Castle Dawson, Monaghan; also a Peer of the United Kingdom as Baron Dartrey, of Dartrey, in the county of Monaghan. Born Sept. 7, 1817. Succeeded his father, Richard-Thomas, the late Lord, March 21, 1827.

Married, July 12, 1841, Angusta, daughter of Edward Stanley, Esq., and has issue, Vesey, born April 22, 1842; and other children.

Heir-Apparent_Vesey, his Lordship's son.- Creations- Baron, Nov. 7, 1797, Irish honour; and Baron Dartrey, in the Peerage of England, Aug. 28, 1847.- Arms--See plate 68.

CHARLES-ALLANSON WINN, Lord HEADLEY, Baron Allan. son and Winn; and a Baronet. Born June 25, 1810. Succeeded his uncle, Charles-Allanson, the late Lord, April 9, 1840. Married, June 28, 1841, Maria-Margaret, daughter of the late Major D'Arbley, and has issue, Charles-Mark-Allanson, born Dec. 4, 1845; and other children.

Heir- Apparent-Charles-Mark-Allanson, his Lordship's son. Creation-Nov. 7, 1797. - Arms-See plate 69.

CHARLES-JOHN SHORE, Baron TEIGNMOUTH, of Teignmouth, and a Baronet. Born Jan. 13, 1796. Succeeded his father, Jobn, the late Lord, February 14, 1834. Married, Dec. 8, 1838, Caroline, daughter of William Browne, Esq., and has issue, Charles-John, born Jan. 5, 1840; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Charles-John, bis Lordship's son. — Creation-Nov. 7, 1797. - Arms-See plate 69.

EDWARD CROFTON, Baron CROPTON, of Mote, in Roscommon; and a Baronet. Born August 1, 1806. Succeeded his grand. mother, Anne, the late Baroness, Aug. 12, 1817. Married, Oct. 19, 1833, Georgina, daughter of the Marquess of Anglesey, and had issue, Edward-Henry-Churchill, born Oct. 21, 1834, who was killed at the Battle of Alma, Sept. 20, 1854; Charles St. George, born Feb. 1, 1836; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Charles St. George, his Lordship's son.- Creation -Dec. 1, 1797. Arms--See plate 69.

+THOMAS FFRENCH, Baron FFRENCH. Born in 1810. Suc. ceeded his father, Charles, the late Lord, Sept. 25, 1860. Married, Oct. 18, 1851, Mary-Anne, daughter of Richard Thompson, Esq.

Heir. Presumptive- John, his Lordship's brother.- Creation-Feb. 14, 1798.--Arms See plate 69.

ANTHONY-HENLEY EDEN, Lord HENLEY. Born April 12, 1825. Succeeded his father, Robert-Henley, the late Lord, Feb. 3, 1841. Married, July 30, 1846, Julia- Emily-Augusta, daughter of the Dean of Worcester, and by her (wbo died Feb. 15, 1862) had issue, Frederick, born April 17, 1849; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Frederick, his Lordship's son.- Creation-- November 9, 1799,- Arms—See plate 69.

HERCULES-EDWARD ROWLEY, Baron LANGFORD, of Somerhill, county of Meath. Born June 1, 1848. Succeeded his father, Clotworthy-Wellington-William-Robert, the late Lord, July 19, 1854.

Heir-Presumptive-William-Chambrè, his Lordship's brother.Creation- July 30, 1800.- Arms-See plate 69.

JOHN DE BLAQUIERE, Baron DE BLAQUIERE, of Ard. kill, county of Londonderry; and a Baronet. Born July 2, 1812. Succeeded his father, William, the late Lord, Nov. 12, 1851. Married, first, July 28, 1849, Anna, daughter of the late John Christie, Esq., and she died Feb. 19, 1851. His Lordship married, second, Nov. 25, 1852, Eleanor-Amelia, daughter of Sir George-Hylton Jolliffe, Bart.

Heir-Presumptive --- William - Barnard, his Lordship's brother. -Creation- July 30, 1800.--Arms-See plate 69.

JOHN HENNIKER-MAJOR, Baron HENNIKER, of Stratfordupon-Slaney, county of Wicklow; and a Baronet. Born Feb. 3, 1801. Succeeded his father, John-Minet-Henniker, the late Lord, July 22, 1832. Married, Jan. 5, 1837, Anne, daughter of Sir Edward Kerrison, Bart., and has issue, John-Major, born Nov. 7, 1842; married, Jan. 14, 1863, Alice, daughter of the Earl of Desart. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent-John-Major, his Lordship's son.- Creations-Baronet, July 8, 1765; and Baron, July 30, 1800,- Arms—See plate 69.

FREDERICK-TEMPLE BLACKWOOD, Baron of DUFFERIN and CLANEBOYE, of Ballyliedy and Killyleagh; a Peer of the United Kingdom; and a Baronet. Born in June 1826. Succeeded his father, William, the late Lord, July 21, 1841. Married, October 23, 1862, Harriet, daughter of the late Archibald Hamilton, esq., and has issue, a son, born July 28, 1863.

Heir- Apparent-His Lordsbip's son.— Creations—July 30, 1800; and Baron Dufferin and Clapeboye, in the Peerage of England, January 10, i 850.- Arms-See plate 70.

THOMAS-TOWNSEND-AREMBERG DE MOLEYNS, Baron VENTRY, of Ventry, in the county of Kerry; and a Baronet. Born Jan. 1786. Succeeded his uncle, William-Townsend, the late Lord, Oct. 7, 1827. Married, Aug. 28, 1821, Eliza, eldest daughter of Sir John Blake, Bart., of Menlo Castle, county of Galway, and has issue, Dayrolles-Blakeney, born Jan. 22, 1828 ; married, Sept. 12, 1860, Harriet-Elizabeth-Frances, daughter of Andrew Wauchope, Esq. and has issue, a son, born Dec. 11, 1861. His Lordship has other children.

Heir- Apparent-Dayrolles-Blakeney, his Lordship's son. - Creation - July 30, 1800.- ArmsSee plate 70.

ERROLL-AUGUSTUS BLAKE, Lord WALLSCOURT, Baron of Ardfrey. Boru Aug. 22, 1841. Succeeded his father, Joseph, the late Lord, May 27, 1849.

Heir-Presumptive-Henry-James, his Lordship's uncle. — Creation-1800. — Arms-See plate 70.

HENRY PRITTIE, Lord DUNALLEY, and Baron of Kilboy, in the county of Tipperary. Born January 1807. Succeeded his uncle, Henry, the late Lord, Oct. 19, 1854. Married, May 10, 1841, Anna-Maria

Louisa, daughter of Viscount Lismore, and has issue, Henry-O'Callaghan, born March 1851.

Heir-Apparent-Henry-O'Callaghan, his Lordship's son. - Creation-July 30, 1800. — Arms-See plate 70.

JOHN-CHARLES-ROBERT BINGHAM, Lord CLANMORRIS, and Baron Clanmorris, of Newbrook, county of Mayo. Born Nov. 28, 1826. Succeeded his father, Denis-Arthur, the late Lord, Feb. 28, 1847.

Heir-Presumptive-Denis-Arthur, bis Lordship's brother.- Creation -July 50, 1800. — Arms—See plate 70.

GRANVILLE-AUGUSTUS-WILLIAM WALDEGRAVE, Baron RADSTOCK, of Castletown, Queen's county. Born April 10, 1833. Succeeded his father, Granville-George, the late Lord, May 11, 1857. Married, July 16, 1858, Susan-Charlotte, daughter of John-Hales Calcraft, Esq., and has issue, Granville-George, born Sept. 1, 1859; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Granville-George, his Lordship's son. - Creation - Dec. 27, 1800.- Arms—See plate 70.

ALAN-LEGGE GARDNER, Baron GARDNER, of Uttoxeter; and Baron Gardner in the Peerage of England.

See Lord GARDNER, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-Dec. 27, 1800,- Arms See plate 29.

FREDERICK-MASON TRENCH, Baron ASHTOWN, of Moate, county of Galway. Born Dec. 25, 1804. Succeeded his uncle, Frederick, the late Lord, May 1, 1840. Married, first, Aug. 29, 1831, Henrietta, daughter of Thomas-Philipps Cosby, Esq., and by her (who died Feb. 25, 1845) had issue, Frederick-Sidney-Charles, born April 18, 1839; and other children. His Lordship married, second, Feb. 10, 1852, Elizabeth, daughter of P. O. Gascoigne, Esq.

Heir-Apparent-Frederick-Sidney-Charles, his Lordship's son. Creation-Dec. 27, 1800.- Arms-See plate 71.

EYRE MASSEY, Lord CLARINA, of Elm Park, in Limerick. Born May 6, 1798. Succeeded his father, Nathaniel-William, the late Lord, Jan. 1810. Married, Sept. 9, 1828, Susan-Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Hugh Barton, of Battle Abbey, Sussex, Esq., and has issue, Eyre-Chaloner-Henry, born April 29, 1830 ; and other children,

Heir-Apparent-Eyre-Chaloner-Henry, his Lordship's son.— Creation-Dec. 27, 1800.- Arms-See plate 71.

FREDERICK-WILLIAM-BROOK THELLUSSON, Baron REN. DLESHAM, of Rendlesham, in Suffolk. Born Feb. 9, 1840. Succeeded his father, Frederick, the late Lord, April 6, 1852. Married, July 4, 1861, Egidia, daughter of the Earl of Eglinton and Winton.

Heir-Presumptive-Arthur-John, his Lordship's cousin. - Creation -Feb. 6, 1806.- Arms-See plate 71.

WILLIAM-ROBERT-JOHN BERESFORD, Lord DECIES, of Decies, in the county of Waterford. Born June 1811. Succeeded his father, John-de-la-Poer. Horsley, the late Lord, March 1, 1855. Mar. ried, July 31, 1860, Catherine-Anne, daughter of William-Dent Dent,

Heir-Presumptive-William, bis Lordship's cousin.--CreationDec. 24, 1812. — Arms—See plate 71.


RICHARD HANDCOCK, Baron CASTLEMAINE, in the county of Westmeath. Born Nov. 17, 1791. Succeeded his father, Richard, the late Lord, April 18, 1840. Married, April 17, 1822, Margaret, daughter of Richard Harris, Esq., and has issue, Richard, born July 25, 1826; married, Feb. 10, 1857, Louisa-Matilda, sister of Lord Harris. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent-Richard, his Lordship's son. — Creation-Dec. 24, 1812.-Arms—See plate 64.

CHARLES - HENRY-SPENCER - GEORGE CANNING, Baron GARVAGH, of Garvagh, in the county of Londonderry. Born March 21, 1826. Succeeded his father, George, the late Lord, Aug. 22, 1840, Married, June 10, 1851, Cecilia-Susan, daughter of John-Ruggles Brise, Esq., and has issue, Charles-John-Spencer-George, born June 2, 1852; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Charles-John-Spencer-George, bis Lordship's son. - Creation-Oct. 28, 1818. — Arms-See plate 71.

JOHN-HOBART CARADOC, Baron HOWDEN, of Grimston and Spaldington, in the county of Cork, and Cradockstown, in the county of Kildare; and Baron Howden, in the Peerage of England.

See Baron Howden, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-Oct. 19, 1819.- Arms—See plate 31.

JOHN-ARTHUR-DOUGLAS BLOOMFIELD, Baron BLOOMFIELD, of Oakhampton and Redwood, county of Tipperary. Born November 12, 1802. Succeeded bis father, Benjamin, the late Lord, August 15, 1846. Married, Sept. 4, 1845, Georgiana, daughter of Lord Ravensworth.

Creation-May 14, 1825. - Arms-See plate 71.

RICHARD-WOGAN TALBOT, Baron TALBOT DE MALAHIDE, and Baron Malahide, of Malabide, in the county of Dublin ; also Baron Talbot de Malahide, in the Peerage of England. Boru

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