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HECTOR TOLER, Earl of NORBURY, in the county of Tipperary, and Viscount Glandine, of Glandine, in the King's county; also Baron Norwood, of Knock Alton Castle, in the county of Tipperary. Born Sept. 17, 1810. Succeeded his father, Hector-John-Graham, the late Earl, January 2, 1839. Married, November 4, 1848, Stewart-Lindsay, daughter of Major-General Sir Henry Bethune, Bart. and has issue, a son, Viscount Glandine, born July 2, 1862.

Heir-Apparent--Viscount Glandine, the Earl's son.- -CreationsBaron Norwood, November 7, 1797; Baron Norbury, December 24, 1800; Viscount Glandine, and Earl of Norbury, June 25, 1827.- ArmsSee plate 58.

THOMAS-GRANVILLE-HENRY-STUART KNOX, Earl of RANFURLY, of Dungannon, in the county of Tyrone; Viscount Northland, Baron Welles, of Dungannon ; also a Peer of the United Kingdom, as Baron Ranfurly, of Ramphorlie, county of Renfrew. Born July 28, 1849. Succeeded his father, Thomas, the late Earl, May 19, 1858.

Heir-Presu tive— Uchter-John-Mark, the Earl's brotherCreations— Baron, January 6, 1781; Viscount, July 5, 1791; and Earl of Ranfurly, Sept. 7, 1831, Irish hunours; and Baron Ranfurly, June 15, 1826. -Arms—See plate 58.


+EDWARD-ANTHONY-JOHN PRESTON, Viscount GORMANSTON. Born June 16, 1796. Succeeded his father, Jenicho, the late Viscount, February 10, 1860. Married, July 19, 1836, Lucretia, eldest daughter of the late William Jerningham, Esq., and has issue, JenichoWilliam-Joseph, born June 1, 183?; married, January 8, 1860, Ismay, daughter of Lord Bellew. The Viscount has other children.

Heir-Apparent-Jenicho-William-Joseph, the Viscount's son. — Creation-1478.-Arms -See plate 60.

HENRY-EDMUND BUTLER, Viscount MOUNTGARRETT. Born Feb. 20, 1816. Succeeded his uncle, Edmund, the late Earl of Kilkenny, July 16, 1846. Married, Feb. 11, 1844, Frances-Penelope, daughter of Thomas Rawson, Esq., and has issue, Henry-Edmund, born Dec. 18, 1844; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Henry-Edmund, the Viscount's son. — CreationViscount, Oct. 13, 1550. — Arms-See plate 60.

VICTOR-ALBERT-GEORGE VILLIERS, Viscount GRANDISON, in Ireland; also Earl of Jersey, Viscount Villiers, of Dartford, and Baron of Hoo, in the Peerage of England.

See Earl of JERSEY, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-1620.-Arms—See plate 11.

ARTHUR ANNESLEY, Viscount VALENTIA, Baron Mountnorris ; and a Baronet. Born Aug. 23, 1843. Succeeded his grandfather, Arthur, the late Viscount, Dec. 30, 1863.


Creations— Baronet, 1620; Baron, 1628; and Viscount, 1621.Arms.-See plate 62.

CHARLES-HENRY-DILLON LEE, Viscount DILLON, of Costello Gallan, county of Sligo. Born April 20, 1810. Succeeded his father, Henry-Augustus, the late Viscount, July 24, 1832. Married, Feb. 1, 1833, Sophia, daughter of P. L. Storey, of Tusmore House, Esq., in the county of Oxford, and has issue, Ethelred-Florence, born January 1838 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Ethelred-Florence, his Lordship's son. -Creation -1621. -Arms-See plate 60.

RICHARD-GEORGE LUMLEY, Viscount LUMLEY, of Waterford, in Ireland ; also Earl of Scarborough, Viscount and Baron Lumley, of Lumley Castle, in the Peerage of England.

See Earl of SCARBOROUGH, in the Peerage of England.
Creation- July 12, 1628.- -Arms—See plate 11.

PERCY-ELLEN-FREDERICK-WILLIAM SMYTHE, Viscount STRANGFORD, in the county of Down, &c.; also Baron Penshurst, of Penshurst, in the Peerage of England. Born Nov. 26, 1825. Succeeded his brother, George - Augustus - Frederick-Percy - Sydney, the late Viscount, Nov. 23, 1857. Married, Feb. 6, 1862, Emily-Ann, daughter of the late Sir Francis Beaufort.


Creations-Viscount, 1628; and an English Baron, Jan. 22, 1825.Arms-See plate 60.

+PRANCIS TAAFFE, Viscount TAAFFE, of Coran, and Baron of Ballymote. Born May 2, 1789. Succeeded his father, Rodolphus, the late Viscount, June 7, 1830. Married, April 11, 1811, Antonia, daughter of Count Amadée von Varkony, of Hungary. Heir-Presumptive-Louis, his Lordship's brother.- -Creation-1628. -Arms—See plate 60.

THOMAS-HERON JONES, Viscount RANELAGH, and Baron Jones, &c. Born Jan. 10, 1812. Succeeded his father, Thomas, the late Viscount, July 4, 1820.

Heir-Presumptive-Alexander-Montgomery Jones, Esq., the Viscount's cousin. Creations-Viscount and Baron, 1628.- -Arms-See plate 60.

CLOTWORTHY-JOHN FOSTER, Viscount MASSEREENE and FERRARD; Baron Oriel, of Collon, in the county of Meath, and Baron of Loughneath, county of Antrim. Born Oct. 10, 1842. Suceeeded his father, John-Skeffington, the late Lord, April 28, 1863.

Heir-Presumptive-Hungerford-Henry-Skeffington, the Viscount's brother. - Creations- Baron Oriel, June 5, 1790 ; Viscount Ferrard, Nov. 7, 1797 ; Baron of Loughneath, and Viscount Massereene, Nov. 20, 1660; and Baron Oriel, in the Peerage of England, July 9, 1821.

-Arms-See plate 60.

GEORGE - JAMES - HORATIO CHOLMONDELEY, Viscoun CHOLMONDELEY, of Kells; Baron Cholmondeley, of Newburgh, in the kingdom of Ireland; Marquess of Cholmondeley, Earl of RockSavage, Earl Cholmondeley, Viscount Malpas, and Baronet, in the Peerage of England.

See Marquess of CHOLMONDELEY, in the Peerage of England.
Creation—March 20, 1661.-Arms-See plate 8.

HUGH-RICHARD DAWNEY, Viscount DOWNE, of the county of Downe. Born July 20, 1844. Succeeded his father, William-Henry, the late Viscount, January 26, 1857.

Heir-Presumptive-Lewis-Payne, the Viscount's brother.-Creation-Viscount, Feb. 19, 1680. -Arms—See plate 60.

JAMES HAMILTON, Viscount and Baron STRABANE, and Baron Mountcastle, in Ireland: Earl and Baron Abercorn, and Baron of Paisley, Baron Hamilton and Kirkpatrick, in Scotland, and a Baronet ; also Marquess of Abercorn, and Viscount Hamilton, of Hamilton, in the county of Leicester, in the Peerage of England.

See Marquess of ABERCORN, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-Dec. 2, 1701. -Arms—See plate 7.

RICHARD-PIGOT MOLESWORTH, Viscount MOLESWORTH, and Baron of Philipstown. Born Aug. 17, 1786. Succeeded his firstcousin, William-Thomas, the late Viscount, May 30, 1815.

Heir-Presumptive-Samuel, the Viscount's nephew.-Creation1716.-Arms-See plate 60.

RICHARD-WALTER CHETWYND, Viscount CHETWYND, and Baron of Rathdowne. Born Dec. 14, 1800. Succeeded his father, Richard, the late Viscount, Feb. 27, 1821. Married, first, August 28, 1822, Mary, only surviving daughter of the late Robert Moss, Esq., and by her (who died Dec. 5, 1857) had issue, Richard-Walter, born July 26, 1823; married, March 16, 1858, Harriet-Joanna, daughter of the late Walter Campbell, Esq. His Lordship married, second, Sept. 24, 1861, Mary, daughter of the lat John Hussey, esq.

Heir- Apparent-Richard-Walter, the Viscount's son. ---Creation June 29, 1717. -Arms—See plate 61.

WILLIAM-JOHN BRODRICK, Viscount MIDLETON, Baron Brodrick, in Ireland; and Baron Brodrick, of Pepper-Harrow, in Eng. land. Born July 1798. Succeeded his brother, George-Allan, the late Viscount, Dec. 2, 1863. Married, first, March 16, 1821, ElizabethAnne, daughter of the Earl of Cardigan, and she died Nov. 21, 1824. The Viscount married, second, March 31, 1829, Harriet, daughter of Viscount Midleton, and has issue, William, born Jan. 6, 1830; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-William, his Lordship's son. -Creations -Baron, April 13, 1715 ; Viscount, Aug. 15, 1717 ; Baron Brodrick, in England, May 28, 1796. —Arms—See plate 61.

GUSTAVUS-FREDERICK HAMILTON-RUSSELL, Viscount BOYNE, and Baron Hamilton. Born May 11, 1797. Succeeded his father, Gustavus-Hamilton, the late Viscount, March 30, 1855. Married, Sept. 29, 1828, Emma-Maria, daughter of the late Matthew Russell, Esq. and has issue, Gustavus-Russell, born March 28, 1830 ; married, Sept. 18, 1858, Katherine-Frances, daughter of the late Earl of Eldon.

Heir-Apparent-Gustavus-Russell, the Viscount's son- -Creations -Baron, Oct. 1715; and Viscount, Aug. 1717.-Arms--See plate 61.

JAMES-WALTER GRIMSTON, Viscount GRIMSTON, Baron of Dunboyne, in Ireland ; also Baron Verulam, of Gorhambury, Viscount Grimston and Earl Verulam, in the Peerage of England; also Baron Forrester, in the Peerage of Scotland; and a Baronet.

See Earl VERULAM, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-June 3, 1719.-Arms—See plate 17.

WILLIAM-KEPPEL BARRINGTON, Viscount BARRINGTON, of Ardglass, county of Down; and Baron Barrington, of Newcastle, county of Dublin; in holy orders. Born Oct. 1, 1793. Succeeded his father, George, the late Viscount, March 5, 1829. Married, April 21, 1823, Jane-Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Ravensworth, and has issue, George-William, born Feb. 14, 1824; married, Feb. 26, 1846, IsabelElizabeth, daughter of the late John Morritt, Esq., and has issue. The Viscount has other children.

Heir-Apparent-George-William, the Viscount's son.- -CreationJune 11, 1720.-Arms—See plate 61.

HENRY-HALL GAGE, Viscount GAGE, Baron of Castle-Bar, in Ireland; and Baron Gage of High Meadow, in England. Born Dec. 14, 1791. Succeeded his father, Henry, the late Viscount, Feb. 2, 1808. Married, March 8, 1813, Elizabeth-Maria, eldest daughter of the late Hon. Thomas Foley, and by her (who died June 13, 1857) had issue, Henry-Richard-Hall, born January 9, 1814; married, August 31, 1840, Sophia-Selina, daughter of Sir Charles Knightley, Bart., and has issue. The Viscount has other children. Heir-Apparent-Henry-Richard-Hall, the Viscount's son.

Creations-Viscount, Sept. 14, 1720; Baron Gage, in England, Nov, 1, 1790.

-Arms-See plate 61.

HENRY-JOHN TEMPLE, Viscount PALMERSTON, and Baron Temple, &c. Born Oct. 20, 1784. Succeeded his father, Henry, the late Viscount, April 17, 1802. Married, December 16, 1839, Emily-Mary, Dowager-Countess Cowper.

Creation-1722. Arms--See plate 61.

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