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DDMUND-ROGER - ROBERT BOYLE, Earl of CORK and V ORRERY, Viscount Dungarvan, &c., and Baron Boyle, of Mar. ston, in England. Born April 19, 1829. Succeeded his grandfather, Edmuud, the late Earl, June 29, 1856. Married, July 20, 1853, Emily, daughter of the Marquess of Clanricarde, and has issue, a son, Viscount Dungarvan, born November 23, 1861; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-His Lordship's son, Viscount Dungarvan. - Creations— Baron, Sept. 16, 1616; Viscount and Earl, Oct. 16, 1620; Baron, Feb. 28, 1628 ; Earl, Sept. 5, 1660; and Baron Boyle, in England, Sept. 5, 1711. — Arms—See plate 51.

WILLIAM-BASIL-PERCY FEILDING, Earl of DESMOND, Viscount Callan ; also Earl of Denbigh, Viscount Feilding, Baron Feilding, of Newnham Paddox and St. Liz, in the Peerage of England.

See Earl of Denbigh, in the Peerage of England.
Creations- Earl and Viscount, Nov. 22, 1622.- Arms—See plate 9.

WILLIAM CHAMBRE, Earl of MEATH, Lord Brabazon, and Baron Ardee ; also Baron Chaworth, of Eaton Hall, in the county of Hereford. Porn October 1803. Succeeded his father, John, the late Earl, March 15, 1851. Married, November 23, 1837, Harriet, daughter of Sir Richard Brooke, Bart., and has issue, Reginald, Viscount Brabazon, born July 29, 1841 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Reginald, Viscount Brabazon, the Earl's son. Creations— Baron, July 16, 1616; Earl, April 16, 1627; and Baron Chaworth, in England, Sept. 7,1831.- Arms—See plate 51.

PARTITUR-JAMES-JOHN PLUNKETT, Earl of FINGALL, Baron Killeen, of Killeen Castle ; and Baron Fingall, in the Peerage of England. Born March 29, 1791. Succeeded his father, Arthur-James, the late Lord, July 30, 1836. Married, Dec. 11, 1817, Louisa, only daughter of Elias Corbally, of Corbalton Hall, county of Meath, Esq., and has issue, Arthur-James, Lord Killeen, born Nov. 23, 1820; married, February 12, 1857, Elise-Mary, daughter of Monsieur A. F. Rio, and by her (who died Nov. 25, 1862) had issue, a son, born April 1, 1859. The Earl has other children.

Heir-Apparent--Arthur-James, Lord Killeen, the Earl's son. Creations-Baron Killeen, 1441; Earl, 1628 ; and Baron Fingall, in England, June 16, 1831, Arms—See plate 51.

HENRY-JOHN CHETWYND TALBOT, Earl of WEXFORD and WATERFORD, in Ireland, and Baron Talbot; also Earl of Shrewsbury in the Peerage of England.

See Earl of SHREWSBURY, in the Peerage of England.
Creation-Earl, July 13, 1446, 24 Henry VI.- Alms-See plate 9.

FREDERICK-JOHN-WILLIAM LAMBART, Earl and Baron of CAVAN, Viscount Kilcoursie and Lambart. Born December 30, 1815. Succeeded his grandfather, Richard-Ford-William, the late Earl, November 21, 1837. Married, July 24, 1838, Caroline, daughter of Lord Hatherton, and has issue, Frederick-Edward-Gould, Lord Kilcoursie, born Oct. 21, 1839; married, July 22, 1863, Mary-Sneade, daughter of the Rev. John Lawrence. The Earl has other children.

Heir-Apparent- Frederick-Edward-Gould, Lord Kilcoursie, the Earl's son.- Creations—Baron, Feb. 11, 1618; Viscount and Earl, 1647. Arms - See plate 52.

GEORGE-ARTHUR FORBES, Earl of GRANARD, Viscount Forbes; and Baron Granard, of Castle Donnington, Leicestershire, in England. Born Aug. 5, 1833. Succeeded his grandfather, George, the late Earl, June 9, 1837. Married, June 2, 1858, Jane-Colclough, daughter of H. K. Grogan Morgan, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive - William- Francis, his Lordship's brother.Creations- Baron and Viscount, Nov. 22, 1675; Earl, Dec. 30, 1684 ; Baron Grapard, of Castle Donnington, in Leicestershire, Feb. 15, 1806, -Arms—See plate 52.

WILLIAM-THOMAS-SPENCER WENTWORTH. FITZWILLIAM, Earl FITZWILLIAM, Viscount Milton, and Baron Fitzwilliam. of Lifford, in Ireland ; also Earl Fitzwilliam, Viscount Milton, Lord Fitzwilliam, and Baron of Milton, in the Peerage of England. See Earl FitZWILLIAM, in the Peerage of England. Creations—Baron, Dec. 1, 1620; Viscount and Earl, July 21, 1716.

Arins-See plate 13.

JOHN-STUART BLIGH, Earl of DARNLEY, Viscount Darnley, in Ireland, &c.; Baron Clifton, of Leighton Bromswold, in England; and Hereditary High Steward of Gravesend and Milton. Born April 16, 1827. Succeeded his father, Edward, the late Earl, Feb. 12, 1835. Married, August 31, 1850, Harriet-Mary, daughter of the Earl of Chichester, and has issue, Edward-Henry-Stuart, Lord Clifton, born Aug. 21, 1851; and other children.

Heir-Apparent–Edward-Henry-Stuart, Lord Clifton, his Lordship's son.- Creations-Baron, Sept. 14, 1721; Viscount, March 7, 1723 ; Earl, June 21, 1725; the English Barony of Clifton, July 9, 1608. Arms-See plate 52.

GEORGE-JAMES PERCEVAL, Earl of EGMONT, Viscount Perceval, of Kanturk; Lord Lovell and Holland, of Enmore, in Great Britain ; Baron Arden, of Arden, in the county of Warwick, in the Peerage of Great Britain ; Baron Arden, of Lohort Castle, in the county of Cork ; and a Baronet; a vice-admiral in the navy. Born March 15, 1794. Succeeded his father, Charles-George, the late Lord Arden, July 5, 1840; and his cousin, George-Frederick-Joseph-James, the late Earl of Egmont, Dec. 23, 1841. Married, July 24, 1819, Jane, daughter of John Hornby, of Hook House, county of Hants, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive-Charles-George, son of the Hon. and Rev. CharlesGeorge Perceval, brother of the Earl. - Creations—Baronet, Sept. 9, 1661; Baroni, April 21, 1715; Viscount, Feb. 25, 1722; and Earl, Nov. 6, 1733; Baron Arden, May 23, 1770; Baron Lovell and Holland (in England), May 7, 1762 ; and Baron Arden, in England, July 20, 1802. Arms-See plate 52.

JOHN -GEORGE - BRABAZON PONSONBY, Earl of BES. BOROUGH, Viscount Duncan pon, Baron of Besborough, in Ireland, and Lord Ponsonby, in England. Born October 4, 1809. Succeeded his father, John-William, the late Earl, May 16, 1847. Married, first, Sept. 8, 1835, fans: Sept. 8, 1835, Fanny, eldest daughter of the late Earl of Durham, and

The Earl married. second, Sept. 27, 1849, she died Dec. 18, 1835. The Earl married, second, sept. 27, 1049, Caroline-Gordon-Lennox, daughter of the Duke of Richmond. Heir-Presumptive–Frederick-George-Brabazon, the Earl's brother.

Creations-Baron, Sept. 11, 1721 ; Viscount, Feb. 22, 1723; Earl, Oct. 6, 1739; and Baron Ponsonby, in England, June 12, 1749.Arms—See plate 52.

SOMERSET-ARTHUR BUTLER, Earl of CARRICK, Viscount Ikerine, and Baron Butler. Born January 30, 1835. Succeeded his brother, Henry-Thomas, the late Earl, April 16, 1846.

Heir-Presumptive - Peirce, nephew of the Earl. - CreationsBarou, May 5, 1607; Viscount, May 12, 1629; and Earl, June 10, 1748. - Arms See plate 52.

HENRY PETTY, Earl of SHELBURNE and KERRY, Viscouut Fitzmaurice, Baron of Dunkerton, and Baron Kerry; also Marquess of Lansdowne, &c. in the Peerage of England.

See Marquess of LANSDOWNE, in the Peerage of England.

Creations-Baron Kerry, 1181; Earl of Rerry, and Viscount Clanmaurice, Jan. 17, 1722 ; Baron Dunkerton, and Viscount Fitzmaurice, Oct. 7, 1751; and Earl of Shelburne, June 26, 1753.- Arms See plate 7.

GEORGE - JOHN - DANVERS BUTLER, Earl of LANESBO. ROUGH, Viscount Lanesborough, and Baron of Newtown-Butler. Born December 1794. Succeeded his cousin, Brindsley, the late Earl, June 14, 1847. Married, first, Aug. 29, 1815, Frances-Arabella, daughter of the late Colonel Stephen Fremantle, who died Oct. 5, 1850. The Earl married, second, Nov. 14, 1851, Frederica-Emma, relict of Sir Richard Hunter, Bart.

Heir-Presumptive-George-Augustus, the Earl's brother, Creations-Baron, Oct. 21, 1715; Viscount, August 12, 1728; and Earl, July 20, 1756. Arms-See plate 52.

JAMES DUFF, Earl of FIFE, Viscount Macduff, and Baron Braco, of Kilbridge, county of Caran; and Baron Skene, of the county of Aberdeen, in the Peerage of England. Born July 6, 1814. Succeeded his uncle, James, the late Earl, March 9, 1857. Married, March 16, 1846, Agnes-Georgina, daughter of the Earl of Erroll, and has issue, Alexander-William-George, Viscount Macduff, born Nov. 10, 1849; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Alexander-William-George, Viscount Macduff, the Earl's son.- Creations-Baron, July 21, 1735; Viscount and Earl, April 26, 1759; and Baron Skene, English honour, 1857.- ArmsSee plate 52.

HENRY-WEYSFORD-CHARLES-PLANTAGENET HASTINGS, Earl of MOIRA, Baron Rawdon, of Moira ; also Marquess of Hastings, &c., in the Peerage of England.

See Marquess of Hastings, in the Peerage of England.

Creations—Baron Rawdon, of Moira, county of Down, Anril 9, 1756 ; and Earl of Moira, Dec. 15, 1761, Arms-See plate 8.

PAILIP-YORKE GORE, Earl of ARRAN, Viscount Sudley, of Castle Gore, aod Baron Saunders. Born July 23, 1802. Succeeded his uncle, Arthur-Saunders, the late Earl, January 20, 1837. Married, March 1, 1838, Elizabeth-Marianne, daughter of Colonel William-Francis-Patrick Napier, C.B., and has issue, Arthur-Saunders-William-Charles-Fox, Viscount Sudley, born Jan. 6, 1839; and other children.

Heir -Apparent - Arthur-Saunders-William-Charles-Fox, Viscount Sudley, his Lordship's son.--Creations-Viscount and Baron, Aug. 1, 1758; and Earl, March 27, 1762. — ArmsSee plate 55.

RICHARD BOYLE, Earl of SHANNON, Viscount Boyle, Barou of Castle-Martyr, in Ireland; and Baron of Carleton, in England. Born May 5, 1809. Succeeded his father, Richard, the late Earl, April 21, 1842, Married, May 28, 1832, Emily-Henrietta, youngest daughter of Lord George Seymour, and has issue, Richard, Viscount Boyle, born Nov. 23, 1533; married, July 12, 1859, Blanche, daughter of the Earl of Harewood, and she died, Dec. 26, 1863, leaving issue. The Earl has other children.

Heir-Apparent-Richard, Viscount Boyle, the Earl's eldest son. Creations - Baron, Viscount, and Earl, March 20, 1756 ; and Baron Carleton, in England, August 8, 1786. — Arms—See plate 52.

JAMES-GEORGE-HENRY STOPFORD, Earl of COURTOWN, Viscount Stopford, Baron Courtown, in Ireland ; Baron Saltersford, of Saltersford, in the county-palatine of Chester. Born May 1, 1823. Succeeded his father, James-Thomas, the late Earl, Nov. 20, 1858. Married, Sept. 10, 1846, Elizabeth-Frances-Milles, daughter of Lord Sondes, and has issue, James-Walter-Milles, Viscount Stopford, burn March 3, 1853; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-James-Walter-Milles, Viscount Stopford, his Lord. ship's son. - Creations— Baron, Sept. 12, 1758; Viscount and Earl, April 12, 1762; and Baron Saltersford, in England, May 28, 1797. Arms—See plate 56.

JOSEPH LEESON, Earl of MILLTOWN, Viscount Russborough. Born Feb. 11, 1799. Succeeded his grandfather, Brice, the late Earl, Jan. 10, 1807. Married, July 1828, Barbara, daughter of Sir Joshua. Coles Meredith, Bart., and by her has issue, Joseph-Henry, Viscount Russborough, born May 10, 1829; and other children,

Heir-Apparent-Joseph-Henry, Viscount Russborough, his Lordship's son.-Creations- Baron, May 4, 1756; Viscount, Sept. 8, 1760; and Earl, May 10, 1763.- Arms—See plate 53.

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