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TOHN DE-LA-POER BERESFORD, Marquess of WATERJ FORD, Earl of Tyrone, Viscount Tyrone, Baron de la Poer, originally by tenure, and writ of summons; Baron Beresford, of Beresford, in Ireland; Baron Tyrone, of Haverfordwest, in Great Britain. Born April 27, 1814. Succeeded his brother, Henry, the late Marquess, March 29, 1859. Married, Feb. 20, 1843, Christiana, daughter of the late Colonel Leslie, and has issue, John-Henry, Earl of Tyrone, born May 21, 1844; and other children.

Heir-Presumptive-John-Henry, Earl of Tyrone, son of the Mar. quess.- Creations- Baron Beresford, and Viscount of the county of Tyrone, Nov. 4, 1720 ; Earl of the same county, July 18, 1746 ; Marquess of Waterford, August 1789; and Barop Tyrone, in England, Aug. 8, 1786.— Arms--See plate 50.

ARTHUR-WILLS-BLUNDELL-SANDYS-TRUMBULL HILL, Marquess of DOWNSHIRE, Earl of Hillsborough, &c.; Earl of Hillsborough, Viscount Fairford, Baron Harwich, in England, &c. Born August 6, 1812. Succeeded his father, Arthur-Blundell-Sandys-Trum. bull, the late Marquess, April 11, 1845. Married, August 23, 1837, Caroline-Frances-Stapleton, eldest daughter of Viscount Combermere, and has issue, Arthur-Wills-Blundell-'Trumbull-Sand ys-Roden, Earl of Hillsborough, born June 12, 1841 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Artbur-Wills-Blundell - Trumbull - Sandys - Roden, Earl of Hillsborough, son of the Marquess. — Creations-Baron of Kilwarling, and Earl of Hillsborough, Aug. 21, 1717; Viscount Kilwarling, and Earl of Hillsborough, in Ireland, Oct. 3, 1751 ; a Peer of Great Britain, as Baron Harwich, 1756 ; Viscount Fairford, and Earl of Hillsborough, Aug. 12, 1772 ; and Marquess of Downshire, in Ireland, August 19, 1789. — Arms--See plate 50.

GEORGE-HAMILTON CHICHESTER, Marquess and Earl of DONEGALL, Earl of Belfast, Viscount Chichester, and Baron of Belfast, in Ireland ; Baron Fisherwick, of Fisherwick, in England; created, August 11, 1841, during the lifetime of his father, Baron Ennishowen. Born February 10, 1797. Succeeded his father, George-Augustus, the late Marquess, Oct. 5, 1844. Married, first, Dec. 8, 1822, Harriet, sister of the Earl of Glengall, and by her (who died Sept. 14, 1860) bad issue, Frederick-Richard, Earl of Belfast, born Nov. 25, 1827 (who died February 11, 1853); and one daughter. Married, second, Feb. 26, 1862, Harriet, widow of Lieut.-General Sir Frederick Ashworth.

Heir-Presumptive-Edward, brother of the Marquess.- Creations -Lord Chichester, Baron of Belfast, in the county of Antrim; Viscount Chichester, April 1, 1625; Earl of Donegall, March 30, 1647; Marquess of Donegall, and Earl of Belfast, in Ireland, 1791; Baron Fisherwick, in England, July 9, 1790; and Baron Ennishowen, Aug. 11, 1841. — Arms—See plate 50.

THOMAS TAYLOR, Marquess of HEADFORT, Earl of Bective, of Bective Castle, Viscount Headfort, and Baron Headfort ; Lord-Lieutenant of the county of Cavan; also Baron Kendis, of Kells, county of Meath. Born May 4, 1787. Succeeded his father, Thomas, the late Marquess, Oct. 23, 1829. Married, first, Jan. 29,1822, Olivia, relict of the late Edward-Tuite Dalton, Esq., and daughter of Sir John Stevenson, and by her (who died July 21, 1834) had issue, Thomas, Earl of Bective, born Nov. 1, 1892; married, July 20, 1842, Amelia, daughter of Wil. liam 'Thompson, Esq., and by her (who died Dec. 4, 1864) had issue, Thomas, Lord Kenlis, born Feb. 11, 1844 ; and other children. The Marquess has other children. The Marquess married, second, Feb. 5, 1853, Frances, widow of Sir William-Henry Macnaghten, Bart.

Heir-Apparent-Thomas, Earl of Bective, the Marquess's son. Creations-Baron, Sept. 6, 1760; Viscount, April 12, 1762; Marquess, Dec. 29, 1800 ; and Baron Kenlis, in England, Sept. 7, 1831. - Arms -See plate 50.

HENRY-FRANCIS-SEYMOUR MOORE, Marquess of DROG. HEDA, Earl of Drogheda, Viscount Moore, Baron of Mellefont, in Ireland ; and Baron Moore, of Moore Place, in England, Born Aug. 14, 1825. Succeeded his uncle, Charles, the late Marquess, Feb, 6, 1837. Married, August 25, 1847, Mary-Caroline, daughter of Lord Wharncliffe.

Heir-Presumptive - The Rev. Henry, the Marquess's cousin.Creations-Lord Moore, Baron of Mellefont, July 21, 1616; Viscount Moore, Feb. 7, 1621; Earl of Drogheda, June 14, 1661 ; Marquess, June 27, 1791; and Baron Moore, in England, Jan. 13, 1801. Arms-See plate 50.

GEORGE-JOHN BROWNE, Marquess of SLIGO, Earl of Altamont, Viscount Westport, Baron Mont-Eagle; also Baron Mont-Eagle, of Westport, in the United Kingdom. Born January 31, 1820. Succeeded his father, Howe-Peter, the late Marquess, January 28, 1845. Married, first, May 3, 1847, Ellen-Sydney, daughter of Viscount Strangford, and by her (who died Nov. 23, 1852) had issue, a daughter, who died March 25, 1864. The Marquess married, second, July 20, 1858, Julia C. daughter of Anthony Nugent, Esq., and she died June 26, 1859.

Heir-Presumptive-John-Thomas, brother of the Marquess.Creations— Baron, Sept. 19, 1760; Viscount, in 1768; Earl, December 4, 1771; Marquess of Sligo, Dec. 29, 1800; and the English Barony of Mont-Eagle, Feb. 20, 1806.- Arms-See plate 50.

JOHN-HENRY-WELLINGTON-GRAHAM LOFTUS, Marquess of ELY, Earl of Ely, Viscount Loftus, Baron Loftus, of Loftus Hall, and Barou Loftus, of Long Loftus, in Yorkshire, Born November 22, 1849. Succeeded his father, John-Henry, the late Marquess, July 15, 1857.

Heir-Presumptive-George-William, uncle to the Marquess.--Creations- Baron, June 28, 1785; Viscount, Dec. 1789; Marquess, Dec. 29, 1800; and Baron Loftus, in England, Jan, 19, 1813.Arms-See plate 51.

FREDERICK STEWART, Marquess of LONDONDERRY, county of Londonderry ; Earl of Londonderry, Viscount Castlereagh, Baron of Londonderry; and Baron Stewart, of Stewart's Court, and of Ballylawn, in the county of Donegal, in the Peerage of England. Boru July 7, 1805. Succeeded his father, Charles-William, the late Marquess, March 6, 1854. Married, May 2, 1846, the Viscountess Powerscourt.

Heir-Presumptive–The Marquess's half-brother, Earl Vane. Creations-Baron, Nov. 18, 1789; Viscount, Oct. 6, 1795; Earl, Aug. 10, 1796 ; and Marquess, Jan. 22, 1816, Irish honours; and Baron Stewart, in the Peerage of England, June 18, 1814.- Arms-See plate 51.

FRANCIS-NATHANIEL CONYNGHAM, Marquess of CONYNGHAM, Earl Mount-Charles, county of Donegal ; Viscount Slane, county of Meath ; Earl Conyngham; Viscount Mount-Charles, &c., also a Peer of the United Kingdom, as Baron Minster, of Minster Abbey, county of Kent, K.P. Born June 11, 1797. Succeeded his father, Henry-Burton, the late Marquess, December 27, 1832. Married, April 24, 1824, Jane, second daughter of the Marquess of Anglesey, and has issue, GeorgeHenry, Earl Mount-Charles, born Feb. 3, 1825; married, June 17,

1854, Jane St. Maur, daughter of the late Earl of Harrington, and has issue, Henry-Francis, Viscount Slane, born Oct. 1, 1857; and other children. The Marquess has other children.

Heir- Apparent-George-Henry, Earl Mount-Charles, the Marquess's son. - Creations- Barou, Dec. 19, 1780; Viscount, Dec. 6, 1789; Earl, Nov. 5, 1797; Viscount, Earl, and Marquess, Jan. 22, 1816; English Baron, July 9, 1821.- Arms—See plate 51.

GEORGE-THOMAS-JOHN NUGENT, Marquess and Earl of WESTMEATH, Baron Delvin ; and Lord- Lieutenant of the county of Westmeath. Born July 17, 1785. Succeeded his father, GeorgeFrederick, the late Earl, Dec. 30, 1814. Married, first, May 29, 1812, Emily-Anne-Bennet-Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Marquess of Salisbury, and by her (who died Jan. 21, 1858) had issue, William. Henry-Wellington-Brydges, Lord Delvin, born Nov. 25, 1818, who died Nov. 16, 1819; and a daughter, Rosa. The Marquess married, second, July 12, 1864, Elizabeth-Charlotte, daughter of the late David Verner, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive-Thomas-Hugh, the Marquess's brother, to the Earldom and Barony only.- Creations- Baron Delviu, a Barony in ē2/2\\2\2Ò2Â?Â2âÒ2§\§ÂÂÂ62\/2/2/2/2ņēmēģ22 /2?Â2Ò2 Â2Ò2§§Â2 –2–2– See plate 51.

JAMES-EDWARD-WILLIAM-THEOBALD BUTLER, Marquess of ORMONDE, in the county of Tipperary, Earl of Ormonde, Ossory, and Carrick, Viscount Thurles, and Baron Arklow; Hereditary Chief Butler of Ireland ; also a Peer of the United Kingdom, as Baron Ormonde, of Llanthony, county of Monmouth. Born October 5, 1844. Succeeded his father, John, the late Marquess, Sep. 27, 1854.

Heir-Presumptive-James-Hubert-Henry-Thomas, brother to the Marquess. -Creations- Earl, 1327; Marquess, October 8, 1825; English Baron, July 9, 1821.- Arms—See plate 51.

ULIC-JOHN DE BURGH, Marquess and Earl of CLANRICARDE, and Baron of Dunkellin, in Ireland ; Lord-Lieutenant of the county of Galway; also Baron Somerbill, of Somerhill, Kent, K.P. Born Dec. 20, 1802. Succeeded his father, John-Thomas, the late Earl, July 27, 1808. Married, April 8, 1825, Harriet, only daughter of the late Right Hon. George Canning, and has issue, Ulic-Canning, Lord Dunkellin, born July 11, 1827; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Ulic-Canning, Lord Dunkellin, the Marquess's son. - Creations - Baron and Earl, July 1,1543; again, Dec. 29, 1800, with remainder to the issue female ; Marquess, Oct. 8, 1825, Trish hunours ; Baron Somerhill, in England, June 15, 1826. — Arms-See plate 31.

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