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TUGH SOMERVILLE, Lord SOMERVILLE. Born Oct. 11, II 1839. Succeeded his father, Kenelm, the late Lord, Oct. 11, 1864.

Heir-Presumptive–Frederick-Noel, his Lordship's brother.- Creation—1424.— Arms-See plate 47.

WALTER FORBES, Lord FORBES. Born May 29, 1798. Succeeded his father, James-Ochancar, the late Lord, May 4, 1843. Married, first, Jan. 31, 1825, Horatia, daughter of Sir John-Gregory Stair, Bart., and by her (who died Dec. 24, 1862) had issue, JonathanBarrington, born Jan. 4, 1828, who died December 24, 1846 ; HoraceCourtenay, born February 24, 1829; and other children. His Lordship married, second, April 4, 1864, Louisa, daughter of the late James Ormond, Esq.

Heir-Apparent-Horace-Courtenay, his Lordship's son.--Creation–1440. Arms-See plate 47.

ALAN-FREDERICK CATHCART, Lord CATHCART, in Scotland; also Earl Cathcart, in the Peerage of England.

See Earl CATHCART, in the Peerage of England.
Creation—1447.--Arms—See plate 17.

ALEXANDER FRASER, Lord SALTOUN and ABERNETHY; in the army. Born March 5, 1820. Succeeded his uncle, Alexander. George, the late Lord, August 18, 1853. Married, April 25, 1849, Charlotte, daughter of Thomas-Browne Evans, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive-David-McDowall, his Lordship's brother,-Creation-1445.---Arms—See plate 47.

JOHN GRAY, Lord GRAY. Born May 12, 1798. Succeeded his father, Francis, the late Lord, August 20, 1842. Married, July 23, 1833, Mary-Anne, daughter of Lieut.-Colonel C. P. Ainslie.

Heir-Presumptive-Madelina, his Lordship's sister. - Creation1437. Arms See plate 47.

JAMES SINCLAIR, Lord SINCLAIR. Born July 3, 1803. Succeeded his father, Charles, the late Lord, September 30, 1863. Married, Sept. 14, 1830, Jane, eldest daughter of Archibald Little, Esq., and has issue, Charles-William, born Sept. 8, 1831 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Charles-William, bis Lordship's son.— Creation1489. — Arms-See plate 47.

MARIA-JANET SEMPILL, Baroness SEMPILL, in the county of Renfrew. Born in 1792. Succeeded her brother, Selkirk, the late Lord, May 1835. Married, June 14, 1836, Edward Candler, of Morton Pinkuey, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive - Sarah, her Ladyship's sister. - Creation1489.- Arms--See plate 49.

ROBERT SANDILANDS, Lord TORPICHEN, in West Lothian. Born August 3, 1807. Succeeded his father, James, the late Lord, March 22, 1862.

Heir-Presumptive-John, bis Lordship's brother.- Creation 1563-4. —Arms-See plate 47.

WILLIAM-CONSTABLE MAXWELL, Lord HERRIES, of Terregles, who established his claim to the Barony, 1858. Born Aug. 25, 1804. Married, Nov. 12, 1835, Maria, daughter of Sir Edward. Marmaduke Vavasour, Bart., and has issue, Marmaduke, born Oct. 14, 1837 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Marmaduke, bis Lordship's son. - Creation1566.- Arms-See plate 47.

CHARLES STEWART, Lord BLANTYRE, in the county of Lanark. Born Dec. 21, 1818. Succeeded his father, Robert-Walter, the late Lord, who was killed at Brussels, Sept. 27, 1830. Married, October 4, 1843, Evelyn, daughter of the late Duke of Sutherland, and has issue, Walter, born July 17, 1851 ; and other children.

Heir- Apparent-Walter, his Lordship's son. - Creation-1606. — Arms—See plate 47.

CHARLES-JOHN COLVILLE, Lord COLVILLE, of Culross, Born Nov. 23, 1818. Succeeded his uncle, John, December 22, 1849. Married, June 6, 1855, Cecilia-Katherine-Mary, daughter of Lord Carrington, and has issue, Charles-Robert, born April 26, 1854; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Charles-Robert, his Lordship's son.-- Creation1609. — Arms--See plate 47.

JAMES-EDWARD CRANSTOUN, Lord CRANSTOUN, of Edin. burgh. Born Aug. 12, 1809. Succeeded his father, James-Edward, the lale Lord, Sept. 5, 1818.

Heil-Presumptive-Charles-Frederick, his Lordship's brother. Creatiun—1609. - Arms--See plate 47.

FRANCIS NAPIER, Lord NAPIER, of Merchistoun. Born Sept, 15, 1819. Succeeded bis father, William-John, the late Lord, Sept. 27, 1834. Married, Sept. 2, 1845, Anne-Jane-Charlotte, daughter of RobertManners Lockwood, Esq., and has issue, William-John-George, born Sept. 22, 1846 ; and other children.

Heir-dpparent-William-John-George, his Lordship's son. Creation—May 4, 1627. — Arms-See plate 48.

CHARLES-SNOWDEN FAIRFAX, Lord FAIRFAX, of Cameron. Born in 1830. Succeeded his grandfather, Thomas, the late Lord, April 21, 1846.

Creation-October 18, 1627. Arms—See plate 48.

ERIC MACKAY, Lord REAY, in the county of Caithness; and a Baronet. Born in 1813. Succeeded his father, Alexander, the late Lord, Feb. 18, 1863.

Creation-June 20, 1628. — Arms-See plate 48.

JAMES-WALTER GRIMSTON, Baron FORRESTER, of Corstorphine, in Mid-Lothian ; also, Earl Verulam, in England; and Viscount Grimston, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl VERULAM, in the Peerage of England.
Creation—1633.— Arms—See plate 17.

ALEXANDER MURRAY, Lord E LIBANK, and a Baronet. Born May 25, 1804. Succeeded his father, Alexander, the late Lord, May 9, 1830. Married, Aug. 6, 1838, Emily-Maria, daughter of Archibald Montgomery, of whim, Esq., and has issue, Montolieu-Foy, born April 27, 1840; and other children.

Heir-Apparent_Montolieu-Foy, his Lordsbip's son. — Creation1643. - Arms-See plate 48.

ROBERT-MONTGOMERY HAMILTON, Lord BELHAVEN and STENTON, in Scotland; and Baron Hamilton, in the Peerage of England. Born in 1793. Succeeded his father, William, the late Lord Belhaven, Oct. 29, 1814, who succeeded to that title in 1799, by a decree of the House of Lords. Married, Dec. 1815, Hamilton, daughter of Walter Campbell, of Shawfield, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive-Peter-Douglas, his Lordship's brother, tothe Scotch honours only.-- Creations- Baron Belhaven, 1647; and Baron Hamilton, Sept. 7, 1831,- Arms-See plate 48.

GEORGE SUTHERLAND, Baron DUFFUS, and a Baronet. Born Jall. 6, 1799. Succeeded his father, Benjamin, the late Lord, February 4, 1843.

James, the cousin of the late Lord Duffus, was restored to the title by Act of Parliament, which received the royal assent, May 26, 1826, having been forfeited by Kenneth, third 'Lord, who joined the rebellion of 1715.

Heir-Presumptive -Robert, bis Lordship's brother. CreationDec. 8, 1650.- Arms—See plate 48.

JOHN-ROGERSON ROLLO, Lord ROLLO, of Duncrub, county of Perth. Born October 23, 1835. Succeeded his father, William, the lale Lord, October 8, 1852. Married, October 1857, Agnes-Bruce, daughter of Captain Trotter.

Heir-Presumptive—Jobn, his Lordship's uncle. — Creation-1651. - Arms—See plate 48.

WALTER-JAMES RUTHVEN, Baron RUTHVEN, of Freeland, in the county of Perth. Succeeded his grandmother, Mary-ElizabethThornton, Baroness Ruthven, Feb. 13, 1864.

Heir-Presumptive-Charles-Stewart, his Lordship's brother. Creation—1651. - Arms-See plate 48.

GEORGE-WILLIAM-FOX KINNAIRD, Lord KINNAIRD, of Insture, in the county of Perth; and Baron Rossie, in the Peerage of England. Born April 14, 1807. Succeeded his father, Charles, the late Lord, Dec. 11, 1835. Married, Dec. 14, 1837, Frances-Anne-Georgiana, daughter of Lord De Mauly, and had issue, Victor-Alexander, boro May 13, 1840 (who died Oct. 19, 1851); Charles-Fox, born June 5, 1841, who died March 1860 ; and other children.

Heir-Presumptive-His brother, Arthur-Fitzgerald. — CreationsBaron Kinnaird, 1682; Baron Rossie, June 16, 1831; and Baron Kiūnaird, in the Peerage of England, Aug. 4, 1860.- Arms-See plate 48.

HENRY-FRANCIS-HEPBURN SCOTT, Baron POLWARTH. Born Aug. 1, 1796. Succeeded his father, Hugh, the late Lord, Dec. 28, 1841. Married, November 11, 1895, Georgiana, daughter of George Baillie, of Jerviswoode, Esq., and by her (who died April 2, 1859) had issue, Walter-Hugh, born Nov. 30, 1838; married, Jan. 30, 1863, Mary, daughter of the Earl of Aberdeen. His Lordship has other children.

Hugh, the late Lord, was the lineal descendant of Hugh, third Earl of Marchmont, Viscount Blasson berrie, and Baron Polwarth, as such obtained the title of Baron Polwarth, under the patent of 1690, and his claim was allowed by the House of Lords, in June 1835,

Heir-Apparent-Walter-Hugh, his Lordship's son.- Creation1690. ---Arms-See plate 48.




PRINCE ALBERT-EDWARD, Prince of WALES, Earl of Chester, and Duke of Cornwall, in England; and Earl of DUBLIN, in Ireland. See the Peerage of England. - Arms—See plate 1.



A Marquess and Earl of Kildare, and Viscount Leinster of 'Taplow, in Great Britain ; Premier Peer, and Marquess and Earl of Ireland, and Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Kildare. Born Aug. 21, 1791. Succeeded his father, William-Robert, the late Duke, Oct. 20, 180+. Married, June 16, 1818, Charlotte-Augusta, youngest daughter of the late Earl of Harrington, and by ber (who died Feb. 15, 1859) bad issue, Charles-William, Marquess of Kildare, born March 30, 1819; married, October 13, 1847, Caroline-Leveson, daughter of the late Duke of Sutherland, and has issue, Gerald, Earl of Ophaley, born Aug. 16, 1851; and other children. His Grace bas other children.

Heir-Apparent-Charles-William, Marquess of Kildare, the Duke's eldest son. — Creations--Baron of Ophaley, in the county of Kildare, originally by tenure; Earl of the town of Kildare, May 14, 1316; Viscount Leinster, Feb. 23, 1746 ; Marquess of Kildare, and Earl of Ophaley, March 8, 1761; Duke of Leinster, Nov. 16, 1700; and Viscount Leinster, of England, Feb. 21, 1747. - Arms-See plate 50.


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