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Secretaries of State for the War Department. 1854, June 10, Duke of Newcastle. 1855, Feb. 8, Right Hon. Lord Panmure. 1858, Feb. 26, Right Hon. Jonathan Peel. 1859, June 18, Right Hon. Sidney Herbert, late Lord Herbert. 1861, July 23, Right Hon. Sir George-Cornewall Lewis, bt. (Dead.) 1863, April 28, Earl De Grey and Ripon.

Military under Secretaries for the War Department. 1855, Feb. 10, Right Hon. Frederick Peel. 1857, May 1, Sir John-William Ramsden, bart. 1858, Feb. 26, Viscount Hardinge.

Sir Benjamin Hawes. 1859, Feb. Earl of Rosslyn.

June 18, Earl De Grey and Ripon. 1862,

Sir Edward Lugard. 1863, April 28, Marquess of Hartington.

Secretaries of State for the Colonies Department. 1854, June 10, Right Hon. Sir George Grey, bart. 1855, May 15, Lord John Russell.

July 21, Right Hon. Sir William Molesworth, bart.

Nov. 17, Right Hon. Henry Labouchere. 1858, Feb. 26, Right Hon. Lord Stanley.

May 31, Right Hon. Sir Edward Lytton-Bulwer, bart. 1859, June 18, Late Right Hon. Duke of Newcastle. (Resigned.) 1864, April 7, Right Hon. Edward Cardwell.

Under Secretaries of State for the Colonies Department. 1835, April 18, Sir George Grey, bart.

James Stephen, esq., now Rt. Hon. Sir James Stephen. 1839, Feb. 22, Right Hon. Henry Labouchere.

Aug. 27, Right Hon. Robert-Vernon Smith. 1841, Sept. 8, George-William Hope, esq. 1845, Jan. 9, Lord Lyttleton. 1846, July 4, Benjamin Hawes, esq. 1847. Nov. 3, Herman Merivale, esq. 1849, May 16, T. F. Elliot, esq. 1851, Nov. 1, Frederick Peel, esq. 1852, Feb. 27, Earl of Desart.

Dec. 28, Frederick Peel, esq. 1855, April 3, John Ball, esq. 1857, May 8, Chichester-Samuel Portescue, esq. 1858, Feb. 26, Earl of Carnarvon.

Herman Merivale, esq.

Thomas-Frederick Elliot, esq. 1859, June 18, Right Hon. Chichester-Samuel Fortescue. 1864, Oct. 10, Herman Merivale, esg.

The Board of Control, now Styled


1801, April 25, Viscount Lewisham, late Earl of Dartmouth.
1802, July, Viscount Castlereagh.
1806, Feb. 11, Earl of Minto.

July 15, Right Hon. Thomas Grenville.

Sept. 30, Right Hon. George Tierney. 1807, April 4, Right Hon. Robert Dundas. 1809, July 11, Earl of Harrowby.

Nov. 7, Right Hon. Robert Dundas, late Viscount Melville. 1812, April 4, Earl of Buckinghamshire. 1816, June 4, Right Hon. George Canning. 1821, Jan. 12, Right Hon. C. Bathurst. 1822, Feb. 5, Right Hon. C. W. W. Wynn. 1828, Feb. 4, Viscount Melville.

Sept. 17, Lord Ellenborough. 1830, Nov. 22, Right Hon. Charles Grant. 1834, Dec. 15, Lord Ellenborough. 1835, April 23, Right Hon. Sir John-Cam Hobhouse, bart. 1841, Sept. 4, Lord Ellenborough, now Earl of Ellenborough. 1843, May 17, Earl of Ripon. 1846, July 6, Lord Broughton. 1852, Feb. 5, Right Hon. Fox Maule.

Feb. 27, Right Hon. John-Charles Herries.

Dec. 28, Right Hon. Sir Charles Wood, bart. 1855, Feb. 28, Right Hon. Robert-Vernon Smith, now Lord Lyveden. 1858, Feb. 26, Right Hon. Earl of Ellenborough. May 31, Right Hon. Lord Stanley.

[By Act of Parliament, Session 1858.] 1858, Sept. 2, Right Hon. Lord Stanley, Secretary of State for India.

(Resigned.) 1859, June 18, Right Hon. Sir Charles Wood, bart.

1832, Dec. Thomas-Babington Macaulay, esq.

James-Alexander Stewart Mackenzie, esą.
Dec. 16, Winthrop M. Praed, esq.
1835, Jan. 6, Hon. Sidney Herbert.
April 23, Robert Gordon, esq.

Robert-Vernon Smith, esq. 1839, Sept. 24, Lord Seymour.

Sir William Clay, bart.

1841, June 21, Charles Buller, esq.
Sept. 10, James-Emerson Tennent, esq.

Hon. William-Bingbam Baring, late Lord Ashburton. 1845, Feb. 10, Viscount Jocelyn.

Aug. 6, Lord Mahon. 1846, July 4, Right Hon. George-Stevens Byng.

Thomas Wyse, esq.
1847, Nov. 4, George-Cornewall Lewis, esq.
1848, May 4, James Wilson, esq.
1849, Jan. 20, Hon. John Eliot.
1852, Feb. 27, Charles-Lennox-Cumming Bruce, esq.

Henry-James Baillie, esq.
Dec. 28, Robert Lowe, esq.

Sir Thomas N. Redington. 1855, April 3, Henry-Danby Seymour, esq. 1856, Mar. 18, Sir George-Clerk Russell.

Henry-James Baillie, esq. 1859, June 18, Thomas-George Baring, esq. (Resigned.) 1864, April 25, Lord Wodehouse. (Resigned.) 1864, Nov. 16, Lord Dufferin.

Under-Secretary of State for India.

John-Cosmo Melville, esq. 1660, Mar. 26, Herinan Merivale, esq.


WORKS, AND PUBLIC BUILDINGS. 1850, Mar, 22, Right Hon. Lord Seymour. 1852, Feb. 27, Lord John Manners.

Dec. 28, Right Hon. Sir William Molesworth, bart. 1855, July 21, Sir Benjamin Hall, bart., now Lord Llanover. 1858, Feb. 26, Right Hon. Lord John-James-Robert Manners. 1859, June 18, Right Hon. Henry Fitzroy. (Dead.) 1860, Feb. 9, Right Hon. Francis-William Cowper.



1850, Aug. 10, Hon. Charles-Alexander Gore. 1855, Mar. 16, Hon. James-Kenneth Howard.

THE LORD CHANCELLOR Keeps the Great Seal, not to judge according to the common law, as other

courts do, but to dispense with such parts as seem in some cases to oppress the subject ; and to judge according to equity, conscience, and reason. Wherefore he is said to have two powers; one absolute, the other ordinary; the meaning of which is, he must observe the form of proceeding in other courts; yet, in his absolute power, he is not limited by the written law, but in conscience and equity. He may issue writs of habeas corpus at all times. He has power to collate to all ecclesiastical benefices in the Queen's gift, rated under 201. per annum in the Queen's Books. His oath :- To do justice to all persons, poor and rich; the Queen truly to counsel, and to keep the Queen's counsel, and not to suffer the rights of the Crown to be

any ways diminished. [The Lord Chancellor and Lord Keeper are the same in power and prece

dence. Both are appointed by the Queen's delivery of the Great Seal; they differ only in this:-the Lord Chancellor has also letters patent, the Lord Keeper has none.]

1793, Jan. 28, Earl of Rosslyn.
1801, Mar. 14, Earl Eldon.
1806, Feb. 7, Lord Erskine.
1307, April 1, Earl Eldon.
1827, May 1, Lord Lyndhurst.
1830, Nov. 22, Lord Brougham.
1834, Nov, 21, Lord Lyndhurst.
1836, Jan. 19, Earl Cottenham.
1841, Sept. 2, Lord Lyndhurst.
1846, July 3, Earl Cottenham.
1850, July 13, Lord Truro.
1852, Feb. 27, Lord St. Leonard's.

Dec. 28, Right Hon. Lord Cranworth.
1857, Feb. 27, Right Hon. Lord Chelmsford.
1859, June 18, Right Hon. Lord Campbell. (Dead.)
1861, June 26, Right Hon. Lord Westbury.

Late Right Hon. Sir William Grant.

Lord Gifford. 1826, Sept. 15, Sir John-Singleton Copley, knt., late Lord Lyndhurst, 1827, April 30, Sir John Leach, knt. 1834, Sept. 29, Sir Charles-Christopher Pepys, knt. 1836, Jan. 19, Right Hon. Henry Bickersteth, late Lord Langdale. 1851, Mar. 25, Right Hon. Sir John Romilly.



1851, Oct. 8, Right Hon. Sir James-Lewis Knight-Bruce.

Right Hon. Lord Cranworth, late Lord Chancellor. 1852, Dec. 28, Right Hon. Sir George-James Turner.


1841, Oct. 28, Right Hon. Sir James-Lewis Knight-Bruce.

Right Hon. Sir James Wigram. 1850, Nov. 2, Sir Robert-Monsey Rolfe, now Lord Cranworth. 1851, April 10, Right Hon. Sir George-James Turner. Oct. 20, Sir Richard-Torio Kindersley.

Sir James Parker. 1852, Sept. 20, John Stuart, esq., now Sir John Stuart.

Dec. 28, Sir William-Page Wood.



Sir John Mitford, knt., late Lord Redesdale. 1801,

Sir Edward Law, knt., late Lord Ellenborough. 1802,

Hon. Spencer Perceval. 1806, Feb. 12, Sir Arthur Pigott, knt. 1807,

Sir Vicary Gibbs, knt. 1812, Sept. 8, Sir Thomas Plumer, knt. 1813, May 4, Sir William Garrow, knt. 1817,

Sir Samuel Shepherd, knt. 1819, July 20, Sir Robert Gifford, knt. 1824, January, Sir John-Singleton Copley, knt., late Lord Lyndhurst. 1828, Feb. Sir Charles Wetherell, knt. 1829,

Sir James Scarlett, knt., late Lord Abinger. 1830, Nov. 23, Sir Thomas Denman, knt., late Lord Denman. 1832, Nov. Sir William Horne, knt. 1834, Dec. 17, Sir Frederick Pollock, knt. 1835, April 18, Sir John Campbell, knt., late Lord Campbell. 1841, Sept. 6, Sir Frederick Pollock, knt., now Lord Chief Baron of

the Court of Exchequer. 1844, April 15, Sir William-Webb Follett. 1845, July 1, Sir Frederick Thesiger. 1846, July 7, Sir Jolin Jervis.

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