Highways and Byways in Shakespeare's Country

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Page 379 - We cannot but add, that of this lordly palace, where princes feasted and heroes fought, now in the bloody earnest of storm and siege, and now in the games of chivalry, where beauty dealt the prize which valour won, all is now desolate.
Page 196 - There was the shattered stock of the very matchlock with which Shakspeare shot the deer, on his poaching exploits. There, too, was his tobacco-box; which proves that he was a rival smoker of Sir Walter Raleigh : the sword also with which he played Hamlet; and the identical lantern with which Friar Laurence discovered Romeo and Juliet at the tomb!
Page 159 - Thou soft-flowing Avon, by thy silver stream Of things more than mortal sweet Shakespeare would dream ; The fairies by moonlight dance round his green bed, For hallow'd the turf is which pillow'd his head.
Page 12 - After which, he was slain by a blow with a halbert on the hinder part of his head, receiving at the same time another deep wound in his face.
Page 184 - Witty above her sexe, but that's not all, Wise to Salvation was good Mistris Hall, Something of Shakespeare was in that, but this Wholy of him with whom she's now in blisse. Then, Passenger, ha'st ne're a teare To weepe with her that wept with all ? That wept, yet set herselfe to chere Them up with comforts cordiall.
Page 343 - What doth the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love mercy, to be in charity with your neighbours, to reverence your holy Redeemer, and to walk humbly with your God?
Page 182 - Olympus habet. Stay passenger, why goest thou by so fast? Read, if thou canst, whom envious death hath plast Within this monument: Shakespeare with whome Quick nature dide; whose name doth deck ys tombe Far more than cost; sith all yt he hath writt Leaves living art but page to serve his witt.
Page 231 - Piping Pebworth, Dancing Marston, Haunted Hillborough, Hungry Grafton, Dodging Exhall, Papist Wixford, Beggarly Broom, and Drunken Bidford.
Page 195 - The house is shown by a garrulous old lady, in a frosty red face, lighted up by a cold blue anxious eye, and garnished with artificial locks of flaxen hair, curling from under an exceedingly dirty cap. She was peculiarly assiduous in exhibiting the relics with which this, like all other celebrated shrines, abounds.
Page 401 - Her walls in good repair, her ports so bravely built, Her halls in good estate, her cross so richly gilt, As scorning all the Towns that stand within her view," Coventry has abated no whit of her pride in these long centuries, and still the " pyramides

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